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    😔She will wait for him, even if its forever😭

Highschool romance 




Ariana didn't leave all day, she was with David consoling him.

   This time, they were out on the balcony listening to the cool breeze which fanned their faces

   Ariana wanted to speak to him but didn't know what exactly to tell him
  She felt like he needed more time to think out things on his own.

  Something which made him not to attend his graduation which he had been planning real big on must be really great .

  How parents really hurt him a great deal

  What would she do to comfort him now? She didn't know maybe rubbing his back will do.

   She brought her hand to his back and then carressed his back gently.

🎶I'm looking for love and not a friend

🎶 somebody who can be there when I need someone to talk to

🎶I'm looking for someone who won't pretend

🎶Someone not afraid to say the way they feel about you 

🎶and am looking for someone who understand how I feel... 

    She stood up from where she sat and back hugged him caressing his hair 
   "Its okay Dave"
"Take a deep breath and shout out to that wind so that it will take all your worries away.

Take a deep breath and smile "she said, but David did none of that .

  The pains in his heart isn't about smiling or anything .

   "Dave... You have to forgive your parents now, you're lonely, you want to be loved... "

  "And that's why I need you to love me Ariana.
  You're the only one I have left and now you want to leave me too"he sobered to the extent that she couldn't help it.

She felt bitter
  He held her hand
  "I understand, you don't love me"he smirked 
  "At least be by my side each time I need you
   Promise me that huh"

"I promise to be running to you each time you need me"she vowed
  That's the only thing she can do for him since she can't love him
   "On a condition "she raised one of her fingers up
  "Which is? "

      "Get together with your parents, Joanna wants that wherever she is, "

He thought for a while 
    "Should I really do that? "
She nodded her head
   "Having and a dad around you will make you much happier "she reasoned 
   "I will only do that for you"

She smiled shoving his blonde hair
   "Sure do it for me"



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