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    😔She will wait for him, even if its forever 😭

Highschool romance 



      "Can we hang out today after am done with my shoots? "Gabrielle requested of David who just nodded his head 
  Anything she said, he never objects even if he liked it or not

   She beamed giving him a peck on the cheek 
    "Thanks then, I will come pick you up and give you a treat"
   He smiled kissing her more not wanting to let her lips go away 
   "Stop?! "She giggled shaking him off her
   "Don't say you will pick me up, am the guy here remember? "He reminded and she didn't help it but to blush so hard at that comment he made

   He was worth the wait, she knew it had been so hard but she endured so much 
  She was driven the edge of jealousy to the extent that she sometimes kept her friend at arms length away from her

  She felt cheated back then and she struggled so hard to keep up with the track of love and here David was, already hers 

    She was the happiest girl ever, he beamed wondering why she will stare at him like that
    "Am I that handsome? "he teased her making her shower him with praises about his beauty 

    He felt flattered and for a moment he wondered why he couldn't love this woman lying next to him on the bed

    He played with her hair gently curling them up which made her bloom with shyness as she hugged him closer to her body.

   Chloe watched his own woman sleep like a baby on the bed with her shoulders bare and the rest of her body covered by a duvet

  He smiled like a king caressing her smooth shoulders 
   He kissed her on her forehead which made her eyes to flutter open 
   "Hey"she cooed before his lips caught up into hers giving her a hot deep kiss that she didn't bargain for this early 

  He left her lips with taste and hunger for more which made to lick her lips repeatedly before kissing him a little brief too

     "You look sweet this morning.

"He complimented her and she smiled 
   "Thanks honey"she replied and all the hairs on his skin stood, his body burned and his head started swinging with pride while his heart sang a beautiful rhythm of love
   "What did I hear you call me? "He asked her in utmost surprise 

She was so unsure why he was acting like that 
   So she repeated what she said
   "I said thanks honey "goose pimples showered down his spine 

  "You called me honey huh! Call me that one more time please "he pleaded but she didn't utter anymore word to him

He pleaded and pleaded but was greeted with a peck on his forehead which got him into mad thinking again 

     "Come here!!"



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