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     😔She will wait for him, even if its forever 😭

Highschool romance



    Chloe pushed her to the wall devouring her lips
  He had missed her so much, everything about her was just waking up a feeling which he had buried deeply inside him few years ago

   He yearned for her just like she yearned for him too 
    He kissed her more roughly wishing he was in a room and near a bed so he won't waste this feeling away just like that

    She gasped for breath before breaking off from him so she take a breath, he jammed his forehead with hers glaring into her eyes as their breath fanned each other's face

     "I missed you"he said almost in a whisper and it was then she loosened up apportioning blames on him for not calling or even reply her texts and calls for years 

     She felt bitter, she had missed him like crazy
     Gabrielle was right, he would come back to her someday and here he is

  She was happy seeing him, angry with him for taking so long to find her, naggy for making her worry too much and even miss him too much 

     He didn't speak, she allowed her vent her anger on him, he deserved it else why didn't he call her for once or replied her texts? 

  He thought that would distract him and make him not to concentrate faster so he could be with him but he was wrong 

   He hurt her a great deal, left her insecure with herself alone battling with her own inner feelings
   But she smiled too, atleast she had seen him again, her joy new no bounds.

He hugged her passionately for almost twenty minutes he still held her closer to her body before she suddenly remembered that she had a work with her boss this night

   Her eyes widened almost immediately and she pushed Chloe off her skin
   "What's wrong? Are you still angry with me? 
   I'm sorry, very sorry Ariana for making you wait for that long..."

    "That's not it... Erm... "
 "Your period right? It started today? "
Her eyes flared up disgust and embarassment 
   How did he know about her periodical dates? 

  He took out a pad from his brown coat which he was wearing 
  She was surprised 
  "Here take "he handed it to her 

"How did you know about it? "
She asked him really can't belive that he knows about her periods.

He smirked 
"I knew it right from the day I met you at the school gate coming into the school, when I fell in love with you, 
   I always dated back to that day which I embarrassed you so much in school so to make up for my foolishness... I counted your menstrual days and they're a part of me now"he explained and she was in a daze 

  She was lost for words and she decided not to go back to workshop today afterall
  Maybe tomorrow she will do some explanation cuz right now, she wants to be with her boyfriend which she had not seen in a long long time

     "And you even knew when I heard it... I mean you still counted it while abroad? "She asked a question which sounded silly to Chloe cuz it made him laugh

    He nodded his head
  "Yes, I did every month till now and I always bought pads each month to remember that day by"he sighed 

   She don't see a reason why she would love this guy less, she just have a strong love and passion for him and that's it! 

   She hugged him with a new passion building up inside her 
  He hugged back petting her closely before he took her to his home to spend a night with him... 



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