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     😔She will wait for him, even if its forever😭

Highschool romance 



 After staying with him for a while, she decided to go home
   She had never slept overnight in anyone's place not even at Gabriele's 

    But he insisted that he should sleep over 
    He wanted to be with someone, he promised not to touch her but deep down Gabrielle had been outside his house monitoring when Ariana will get out but she never got out.

She still wanted to trust her friend but would she? 

   She turned to go when a car pulled up infront of the gate 
    "Good evening "she greeted the man and woman who came out of the car
   "Hey? Are you David's friend? "The woman spoke up and she nodded nervously 
  She wanted to add more like she being his girlfriend but she stopped at what she just said
    There was no point saying at afterall
   "Is he in? "She asked Relle again and she nodded her head but was confused on whom they were until she looked sternly at their faces, she recognized them 

    David's parents! 

  She frowned, what are they doing here? Why will they surface after four years? To come and say what to David?

She shifted back 
  "I'm... I mean we're his parents "she explained.

   "I know, you're his parents "she snapped dissapearing into the house to go tell David about his parents presence in the house.

Ariana had just put David to bed and was going out when she met face to face with Gabriele by the door way
   Gabrielle forced a smile for her
   "Thanks for helping me out, hw realy needed that "she complimented even though deep inside her she was churning with jealousy

    Ariana knew what she did wasn't right, she won't allow anyone get close Chloe and here she's taking her friend's boyfriend away from her

   "Its not... "She made to explain but she cut her out
   "His parents are here"she announced 

 David who wasn't sleeping but enjoying Ariana's cuddles on him sprang up when he heard Gabrielle say that 
    "What did you just say? "He asked her so she would repeat her exact words but she wasn't done when they pulled into the room so that his parents presence will be allowed too into the room 

   "What are you doing here? "He half yelled and Ariana knew that her and her friend had to give them sometime to fix themselves together.

So the two friends left the room for them 
   Silence reigned between them as they trudged home
  Alot were on Gabriele's head likewise Ariana 
   "Is he still calling you? "She asked her friend trying to start up a conversation and she nodded her head
   "No, "she replied with her mood going down
  Gabrielle panicked, the only chance she had with David is if Ariana and Chloe are still together else she would lose David to her soon

   "Why? I can talk to him"she tried being a good friend to her friend 
   Ariana sighed 
  "Maybe he's having a hard time, no matter what happens... I have no choice but to wait for him"

She felt relieved a bit
   "You still love him? "
 She nodded 
  "I still do so much, maybe cuz I haven't seen him for a while... That made me love him the more
   I just wait to see him again"

    She broke down again in tears, she always cried like that whenever Chloe is involved 
  She'd complain on how much she missed him and how she wanted to see him

    Gabrielle is always there for comfort, 
   "Its okay Ariana, someday you will see him again and you will be happy again when you see him"

   "Will I really see him again? "



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