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     😔She will wait for him, even if its forever😭

Highschool romance



Many years ago, 

 David, Joanna,their mom and dad sat at the dining table to eat breakfast 
   "Mom Joanna's sickness came back yesternight "David said to his mother who was busy with her phone 
   His mom didn't seem to hear him, she was so busy with her phone that she didn't even notice anymore that she was eating.

David tapped her twice 
  "Mom! Joanna is sick! "He squealed again but her mom shoved his arm away 
   "Leave me alone stubborn boy! "She nagged and he got scared.

    Joanna was really sick and was barely eating, she was picking at her food

   David turned to his dad who was busy with his laptop and wasn't even eating the poorly made food which was made in a hurry by his wife.

"Dad! Joanna... "He didn't finish before Joanna slumped to the floor 
    That was when their mind came to the two kids of theirs 

   "Oh my Joanna! "They rushed to her, her father carried her on his shoulder rushing to the car 

    The mother turned to little David 
   "Why didn't you say she's sick and you know how she is! "She nagged and he tried to explain to her how he had tried to tell them it they shut him out but she cut him up by walking out on the little him.

He was left out in the whole thing
   He was always left out in everything tho, having  ever busy mom and a busy dad.

  Growing up was pretty hard for him and Joanna who made them feel like they were unwanted kids .

   They're unwanted in their own home 
    Travels and trips were made everyday by them, they never cared if they were dead or alive, they had never gone out for one day, stayed late came back home again and got scolded for such an act .

   That's why David loved Chloe so much cux of his caring parents before his dad left them .

   His mom is always nagging and yelling at him for any little he did, Chloe felt like his mom hated him not knowing that David envied him so much that's why the first time his mom raised her hand and smacked him on his birthday for smashing her phone to the ground .

   He was happy, that was the first time his mother raised her hand on him, she had nagged on end to him but he didn't feel sad, it made him feel better and happy.

He felt like it was a good day for him.

   Joanna hated her parents so much especially her mom for being so indifferent about them.

   She didn't want to see them, to her David was her mom and dad who is always there for her, she cried on his shoulder, laughed when needed, ate with him, went to school together they acted like twins even though she was older than him.

   He was always playing the senior to her, protecting her and never made her cry .

  So she never knew what those two were doing in her family anyway.

They had lived like that till they grew up.

  Their parents went on a trip after Joanna turned 19, she didn't care on the list as far as David was still on her side.

   Two months gone into their trip, she fell sick and was rushed to the hospital,
   David wasn't there for her, it was only her friend that was there for her.

   She didn't want to give up without her brother by her side but she couldn't help it.

  She wished he was there not knowing David was sorting out his feelings somewhere .

  That's where everything went wrong in his life he thought .

  His passion of hatred for his family increased, if only they were more careful with the both of them, Joanna won't have died.
   A lively girl of 19 just died all of a sudden  .

  She was beautiful, charming and a smiley.

  Her boyfriend changed locations to China cuz of her death, he couldn't bear her death and then their parents surface from somewhere after four years and even calling him! 

Tears brewed around his eyes 
   "What's wrong Dave? "She asked him when he suddenly let his head land on her shoulder as he started weeping 

  Gabrielle was about opening the door of his boyfriend's house but she peeped in to see Ariana and David in that position
   Maybe she didn't feel okay but she just turned back and ran home 



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