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    😔She will wait for him, even if its forever 😭

Highschool romance 



    Chloe finished cooking and served the food into a plate, he kept the food in the dining table before proceeding to call Ariana to come and have some food but he met her already sleeping on the couch 
   He smiled getting closer to where she was relaxed sleeping 

   Her lips was parted a bit as she slept 
   He smiled again, he had never seen or watched her sleep 
   He touched the loose ends of her hair 
  She's beautiful while sleeping, he watched her carefully 

    He played with her hair watching her beautiful eyes closed up together into a warm deep sleep 
   How much he had missed her, how much she had missed her smile and her lips

    He brought his lips closer to her forehead until he pecked her right there.

He carried her in his arms heading towards his room, he climbed the stairs gently till he reached his room, he opened the door with one of his arm and then entered 

   He lay her gently on the bed before covering her up with a duvet and dressing her hair which came to her face
   She slept like a queen, he kissed her on her lips before leaving for downstairs to eat up what he cooked so it won't waste away

Ariana woke up yawning and wondering where she is, she can't get why she's in a beautiful bedroom while she wasn't in here last night until Chloe came into the room
   "Hey! "He cooed and her eyes widened
  She just slept in Chloe's room! She checked herself and she wasn't naked, she heaved a sigh but Chloe understood that feeling in her

    "I can't touch you while you're still on that... "He shrugged off the rest of the words
   "Good morning "she greeted tugging at her hair and he sat down beside her giving her a deep forehead kiss and then kissing her slowly and steady on her lips 

    She smiled blushing 
   "You look beautiful even after waking up in the morning"he compliment touching her cheeks and she smiled again 

    "I love you Chloe"she said hugging his chest and he smirked 
   "I love you more Ariana, but you got a call from someone called boss"

She shifted from Chloe, got down from the bed when she heard Chloe talk about her boss calling her.

"What's wrong? "He asked and she almost panicked 
  "What did she say?"she asked him and he smirked 
   "He said you're fired! "
  "Not a he but a she Chloe"she expressed her fears
   "Don't worry, I will get you a new job bigger than that one "
  "Am an intern, don't you get it! "She complained and Chloe smirked again

  It didn't seem to bother him the way it bothered her so much 
  She gave him a kiss before running out of the house even before he could stop her 



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