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      😔She will wait for him, even if its forever😭

Highschool romance



    How did their love start? He saw her at the gate coming into the school premises with her sanitary pad in hand 
  Misunderstanding and quarrels started and then a love life emerged afterwards with pain, patience, heartbreak and waiting followed after 

   It was really a long journey for the both of them and they ended it peacefully 
  If someone ever told the both of them that they will end up getting married they wouldn't have believed cuz relationships nowadays goes as far as years but no marriage 

  What if someone ever told David that he would get over Ariana for good if he gave that a chance, would he have believed that too?

    It was a long long long journey which lasted for many years with love lapping from one stage to another... 
    "That's the end of my story son"Chloe finished the story he had been telling his son all these while 
   "Whoa! You missed out something "he detected still clinging to his dad's laps
  "No, its already time to sleep Dee, C'mon tomorrow I will finish the story for you"

He won't accept that, he shook his body grumbling, 
    "No, I won't, just tell me this last one, about the wedding "
  He sighed, 
"One last time right? "

   He nodded 
"Okay... "
  Ariana was nervous as ever, she clutched to her wedding gown cat walking nervously to the aisle with the audience cheering her on
  Today was really her day of all expected days 

  She was happy, staring at Chloe at the edge who was busy smiling at her with David standing beside him as his best man thrilled her the more 

  Everything was fine and back to normal 
  She can't wait to be joined with Chloe and say the vows to everyone's hearing about how much she loved Chloe.... 
"Hey! Aren't you going to sleep, its late Dee"Ariana came into the room with her heavy pregnancy which stood in front of her

  Chloe looked up to her giving her slight wink whivh made Dee frown 
  "I'm not sleeping till, daddy finish my story"
  She sighed going over to Dee and sitting beside him

  "Look Dee, the unimaginary couple in your dad's story is me and him"

Dee's eyes widened 
   "Really? "
"Yes, "she nodded kissing his hair and tucking him into the duvet 
   "So the story is happily ever after mom? "

   "Exactly dear "she kissed his forehead whispering good night into his ears 

Chloe held her and they walked into their own room after they might have turned off the lights in Dee's room and shut his door close 

     They sighed lying down on the bed
     "What next Chloe? "She asked staring at him
   "I guess nothing "he shrugged as they both started laughing into the night.... 

THE END.....


  1. Nice one. I love this story. You can never force love

  2. Interesting and happy ending, and somehow boring dats while I have to skip some episodes

  3. Wow what a happy ending its really interesting

  4. Wow what a happy ending its really interesting

  5. That was this from the beginning to the end
    Am rating five 🌟

  6. Wow,a real happy ending indeed 🤗💕💕
    More greece to your elbow author.



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