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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 


     He re-read over and over again to be sure if it really came from Ariana and it was really from her 

He ran all the way to meet her, 
Ariana waved at him when she spotted him looking for her among the crowd of girls which walked past him

   He too sighted Ariana and he ran to her side rushing into her arms 
    "I missed you like crazy yesterday Ariana "

He mumbled holding her tighter to himself before he released her and they walked hand in hand to God knows where 

     They were far away from the school when Chloe stopped walking making Ariana to stop walking too

    "What is it? "She asked him and he lowered his head and kissed her
    "Do you know Ariana that a new school teacher pulled up in our class today and then asked me to be her boyfriend and guess what my answer was? "

  She kept mute listening with rapt attention.

He didn't know or realize that he was turning into a talkative 
  "I said no to her! I even added that I have a girlfriend "

She giggled
    "Yeah Ariana, I said that she's beautiful and nice too "
 "You said all these to him? "She asked really can't believe that Chloe will say all that to a teacher 

     "Yes I did... "
He nodded with confidence when Ariana's phone which she was holding in her hand rang 

   It was a notification of message which just popped into the phone 

Chloe peeped in to know whom it was and was visibly shocked when he read the message

📲Dont disappoint me about the party tonight 

  Party?? Rang in Chloe's head, was that why she turned their date tonight down? And even lied to him? 

   He stared boiling in anger

Ariana was terrified, she didn't know he would read that message 
   "Whats the meaning of that Ariana? "He asked in the calmest voice which he could muster

She still kept mute, not even saying a word
   It got Chloe more pissed off that he had no other choice but to walk out on her.... 



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