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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance


     "Hey Ariana its morning already! "Her mom announced beating her on her leg to wake up

She grumbled a bit before hopping out of the bed
    She yawned repeatedly and then went into the bathroom to brush her teeth 

    She came back minutes later to notice that her cell phone had been ringing all these while
  She checked the caller 


  📲Hey David

📲Hey Ariana, how was your night 

📲It was cool and romantic 
She stressed the word romantic remembering how pleasant her night was with Chloe

  David understood cuz he saw them in that lovely mood yesterday 
📲wow, really
He asked 

📲Yeah, how is Gabrielle? 
She asked out of track and these put him off balance 
  Though he took her out last night, it wasn't fun for him, he wished she were Ariana 

     📲She's good
He replied 

She scratched her hair 

📲The party is tonight, still want to go with me? 

She gulped, what is she going to tell Chloe when she already promised him that they would hang out on a date tonight 

   📲Only the both of us or the four of us? 

📲The two of us 
He cleared her and an unknown fear crept into her.

Will he lie to Chloe so she would go out with David? She can't say no to David likewise Chloe too

She bit her lower lips repeatedly, David prayed deep within him for her to say yes and not a no and it worked out for him

📲Yes I will love to

He smiled 
📲Thanks Ariana I will come and pick you up by seven then 

She replied uncomfortably before hanging up, this is not right, she will end up making them fight again 

   She had hardly dropped her phone so she would go get some food for breakfast when a text pulled into her phone 

💬Sweetie 💖
From Chloe 

Her heart fluttered and felt guilty at the same time
  She sat down on the bed again so she would reply his message 

💬Hey Chloe
He saw it immediately and replied 

💬Just arrived school 
He sent a picture of himself 

She smiled, he had become sincere to her now, he wasn't keeping secrets away from her again 

   💬You look handsome

💬😏I'm handsome even if you don't say it

💬Tch! You're so full of yourself 

💬💖, here look at this 
He sent another picture of a beautiful background of a place downtown 
She haven't seen that place before tho

A message was attached to the bottom 
💬We will go there this evening if you want, I miss you 

Her heart missed a bit, she was about to lie to him in a way he won't take lightly 

💬Can we go tomorrow? 


💬i have things to do for my mom
A lie.

💬I can help you out with that 

💬No I don't want to bother you 

💬But I miss you😢

She dropped her cellphone not replying his messages again as she went to her wardrobe to change into some nice dress to wear 

    Chloe frowned when she didn't reply him for almost fifteen minutes 
   He sighed putting back into his phone into his pocket 
   Maybe she got angry at him for being selfish a little 

    Soon, another message beeped and he scurried for his phone 

💬Come to the school gate, I'm there waiting for you




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