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     👦 A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

FiFtY -nInE

     When Chloe saw that message from Ariana, he was highly elated. He ran to go and prepare so he would be in her house to see her

  He had missed her so much already 
 Soon, he was standing at their gate before he called her

   Ariana dropped her phone noisily on the bed, she didn't even tell her mom that she was leaving 

  She just jumped into her foot wear running out of the room to go and meet Chloe whom she already miss so much.

"Ariana "he called when she saw her running to him
   "Chloe! "She called too rushing into his arms forcefully that they both landed on the ground with her ontop of him

   That same scene which made Chloe love her was repeating itself again 
   Her hair came loosely again just like before, the only difference was that she wasn't wearing glasses or school uniform 

    He stared on at the beauty he missed so much already 
   "I missed you Chloe"

 He was surprised that she missed him even after what he did to her
   "I'm sorry Ariana but I don't have one girlfriend and that teacher... "He was prepared to tell her everything but she interrupted him

    "I know, I don't care either as long as your heart beat for only me Chloe"she snapped and he was too honored, he felt like that.

He pulled her head closer to his face kissing her gently on her lips
  Oh my! He missed this so much too! 

      He rolled his tongue against hers exploring her mouth as it were a machine
  A soft moan which came from her made him pull away 

  He didn't want to do something nasty to her, he liked her so much to even think of hurting her again

     "I love you so much Ariana and I will make sure my heart beats for only you"he promise making Ariana's face flush into a smile 

  She was happy, that's all she wanted and not running away from her like a leper
  She never cared anymore if she was on a suspension or not 

   "I was given a two weeks suspension "she told him and he sat up from the ground with her sitting down on his laps

    "Really, then am not going to school for two weeks "

She smacked him on his shoulder
   "Why? Remember you're a head boy "
  ".... And you're my nerd, how can I go to school without my nerd? I will be bored in school"
He said pouting his lips and Ariana smiled 

    "You're going to school big baby, nothing will make you not to go school else am breaking up with you"she threatened and the sharp look he gave her made her chuckle

    "Break up? Don't even think of it you nerd! "
   She smiled touching his cheeks watching him break into a smile for him

  Daniel turned back heading for home after he saw them together, he wanted to keep Ariana a company by going to her house but after he met them in that state

  He couldn't go any further, that would be intruding 
   He will tell her later where they would meet for the party but now, he have to go and spoil his annoying girlfriend a bit... 



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  1. Am glad you are tryna make up or put up with Gab u two will be cute u know
    Jist try and allow this two love birds



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