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Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE fOrTy-EiGhT

 He beamed at the kiss and this made David jealous
   "What about mine,"he teased her but he meant it.
   She giggled at the question almost giving him a peck too when Chloe shouted 

   "Don't do that!! "He was looking fierce which made him look funny
   "He's my friend "she defended and he shook his head giving David a hard glare

   "If you peck him, we won't cook his favorite "
She smiled a bit, he was only being jealous

   She pecked David whose cheeks turned red and hot immediately 
   He froze at that little 

    Chloe was red with jealousy 
 "I told you not to peck him"he said angrily and she smiled watching that funny look on his face 

   He pulled off his apron giving up cooking, he's angry, he will just go home and sleep 
  "Are you leaving? "She asked him and he forced himself to ignore her walking past her to the door when she announced 

   "The person who cooks best gets Ten pecks from me"

Ten pecks!! That hit Chloe like a thunder bolt, he darted his eyes to David and saw the unusual smirk on the corner of his lips

   Is she doing this on a purpose, he ignored it making to walk out again when she added:
   "Since my boyfriend dropped out, I will give you David ten pecks... "

    "Hey! Sheehs! I didn't say I dropped out"he ran back to the gas, wore his apron and signaling a game on to David with his eyes 

  They both set to work on different kind of foods 
  Chloe will give her to taste from the big spoon at any slightest ingredient he added and David always did same 

   She collected from Chloe and from David, they were kinda feeding her until they finished cooking 

   She ran to her mom to announce that food was ready, 
   "Okay, set the table"she ordered her and she went back to the kitchen to be greeted with a stern look on the guy's faces

    She sensed a fight 
"What's going on "she asked before they start punching one another and they turned to her

   "Who cooked best? "They asked chorusely together 
  She gulped hard almost choking 

  She can't say David leaving her boyfriend out and she can't say its Chloe leaving her sweet friend 
  "You both cooked well"she replied and they didn't seem satisfied with the answer

   "Whom are you giving  the ten pecks? "Chloe asked her, he was more concerned about the peck that he put in his all for the peck alone

    She chuckled 
"I said you both cooked well  that means I will peck you guys equally "

   His eyes widened in surprise, peck who?! David.. No never.. He spat in his mind
   "Forget it "he resigned taking his glare to David 

  David too, wasnt happy that she didn't peck like she promised but he understood, she won't have done that in her boyfriend's face so he didn't argue on it 

  He will let it slide, he wore on a smile to Ariana 
   "Your boyfriend is so jealous "he said immediately Chloe left and she smiled

    "So jealous... But"she remembered something "I'm sorry I cried on you like that "she apologized and he hissed pushing that aside

   "Its nothing. Aren't I your friend anymore? "He asked and she smiled remembering another thing 
  "Why do you guys hate each other and fight all the time? "She took David with that question 

    He kept quiet gathering all the foods they cooked into a large tray and walked out heading to the dining table 

  He dropped them on the table and started dressing it properly in a way it would be eaten

   Chloe sighted him and his jealous trippled for no reason, adding to that, Ariana walked out following him about 
  He perked up his brow standing up abruptly from the sofa and walking to their direction

   Ariana pressured him the more to tell him but he refused to open up, the only reasonable thing he said was that they were best of friends

   She added more pressure to him and he began recalling all the past he was trying to throw away, he was getting angry without knowing of it until he shouted 

    "Because of him, my sister died!! "
   She was dazed to hear that, she couldn't speak 
   Chloe stopped in his tracks towards them immediately he heard that from David.... 


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