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Highschool romance 

  EpIsOdE fOrTy-SeVeN

That same time, David went over to Ariana's place to see her but she wasn't there
   Her mom said to him that she went out with her boyfriend 

  She invited him inside and even tended to him but he wasn't happy again that he didn't get to meet Ariana again
  He wanted to tell her how he felt about her and not lying about it all the time

   Now, he couldn't meet her 
Her mom helped matters by telling him to wait that she will come back sooner
    He didn't want to intrude in Ariana's affair with her boyfriend but he liked her

  Even before Chloe did, if only he had made move first, he waited patiently when Ariana busted into the house with Chloe by her side

   She was shocked at first to see him but then she wore a pleasant smile going over to him
  Chloe who planned on going home after taking her home safely changed his mind immediately he saw David 

  He didn't like his stay in Ariana's house
   David loved that look on Chloe's face when he gave him a glare

    "David! "She called softly going into a hug with him that almost made Chloe choke for breath 
 He almost said don't hug boys like that Ariana 
He almost said but held it in when he saw Ariana's mother coming into the living room

   "You guys are back?"she asked and Ariana ran to her mom
   "Mom had he been waiting here for long? "She asked her mom in a low voice gesturing to David and she shook her head in the negative 

    "No he haven't, "she looked at the two guys before continuing in her speech
   "Did you have fun? "She asked her and she smiled shyly backing out immediately 

  Her mom knew that feeling when you're in love so she concluded on her own that she had fun

  She turned to the two guys, 
  "You guys will have to stay over for dinner"she suggested and David was the first to concur with her followed by Chloe who didn't want him any closer to his girlfriend 

   "Yes mom we will eat dinner"he answered for the both of them to the surprise of Ariana
   We?? Where did we come from? 

They never get along so why the we? 
   She didn't want trouble with any of them in her father's house so she asked them:

    "Are you guys okay with it? "She asked the both of them and David nodded with a smile which made Chloe to go overboard a little

     He came close to her and pecked her on her forehead before muttering a yes to her
  She beamed making David want to stop Chloe from breathing so he could date her

    Her mother came back to the room to announce that she needed help in the kitchen so that the food would be done 

   David volunteered to the surprise of Ariana and her mother 
  Chloe followed suit 
"We will help in the kitchen work, I'm a good cook"

   David knew that so well, Chloe is a good cook likewise him too
    "Huh? Are you sure you guys can do it? I mean without fighting? "Ariana asked a bit scared that they might fight  again 

     They nodded each eyeing the other with a wicked look in there eyes
   Her mother chuckled, they were both in love with her daughter 

   She pointed to the kitchen and they both scrambled for it
  "Mom you can't allow them to cook, just like that"she grumbled but her mom hushed her 

    "Watch them cook inside the kitchen if you're afraid they will fight"her mom snapped and sat down on the sofa waiting for the food to be done 

  Ariana had no choice but to go to the kitchen and monitor them carefully
    David was chopping the veggies while Chloe was already busy lighting a fire on the gas and putting ontop of it

    "Ariana, the ingredients?? "Chloe asked making David perk his brow
   She smiled before answering 

"What are you guys cooking? "She asked and it was now time for them to argue again 
   "Uhm... Oats, fried potatoes with some erm... "David was saying when Chloe interrupted

   "No we can't cook your favorite here but Ariana's favorite "

Her eyes lit up at what Chloe said but she concealed enjoying the fun of seeing them arguing 

    "No Chloe "he refused

"Well, Ariana must have a final say then"
They both turned to Ariana to say something and settle the dispute between them

   She wanted to say that she was in support of Chloe's choice to cook her favorite but then David, he will feel bad and unwanted 

  So she smiled and said

   "Let's cook some oysters, beef stew and rice "she said ignoring their earlier misunderstanding and it didn't settle the both of them 

   Chloe frowned cuz that food was another favorite food of David 
   David was happy and he didn't even try to hide it on his face 

   "Yes let's cook it"

"That's his favorite Ariana"Chloe complained bitterly but a peck from her settled it all... 



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