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    👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance

 EPiSoDe FoRtY-sIx

 They walked hand in hand into the cinema with their tickets
    They sat down next to each other on the seats clinging to each other and Chloe brought out the pop corn they bought earlier before coming 

    She smiled watching him toss some into her mouth.
   "Thanks"she said calmly allowing the pop corn melt in her mouth without chewing 

    She leaned on his shoulder as they both enjoyed the romantic movie which was going on in the cinema

    He rubbed her hair from time to time until the movie was done playing 
   He whispered to her
   "I want to be like that guy to you"
She chuckled slightly as they came out of the cinema 

    "I want to take you somewhere else"he suggested holding her hand as they ran out of the big large hall

    They went to the karaoke, it was filled with couples like them who came to sing to the tune of music

      "Whoa! "Ariana mouthed looking around the whole place, he led to a seat and they both sat down 
    "I will sing for you after that person is done"he promised in whisper 

      She chuckled nodding her head, she will love him to sing for her 
    Soon, the person holding the mic was done and his girlfriend was cheering for him even though his voice was so bad

     Immediately he stood up to go sing, side talks started 

🗣Oh my gee! Is that the girl's boyfriend? 

🗣Omg! This is hilarious 

🗣How can someone be this cute 

🗣Jeez! Look at him honey?.. Isn't he cute?... *Yes he is but that girl with him over there don't look bad either*

🗣What the handsome! 

       He wasn't finding it funny anymore and he couldn't tell them to shut up too, someone who has the right to say all that to him is Ariana and not some other people

   Ariana didn't look worried about the murmurs, she was full of admiration for her boyfriend whom they're praising so hard

   She cheered him on to take the mic and he did with his stares only on her and not some other people in the room with them

   He was nervous at first maybe he would make a mistake, maybe he would yet, Ariana's eyes on him got him going 

   He lowered his head down thinking for a romantic song to sing for her but couldn't find one so he settled for any which came to his head 

    Yes, he settled for All of me by john legend 
   He smiled clearing his throat again

🎵What will I do without your smart mouth
   Drawing me in and you kicking me out

🎵It got my head spinning, no kidding that I can't pin you down
What's going on in that beautiful mind? 

🎵I'm on your magical mystery ride and am so dizzy don't know what hit me but I will be alright 

 🎵My head's under water but am breathing fine, you're crazy and am out of my mind

   🗣He had such a good voice 

🗣His girlfriend is so lucky

🗣Oh my gosh so romantic! He sings that song as if he's the owner of it

    Ariana couldn't stop smiling watching him sing for him then that question she used to ask herself popped into her head

  Will there have been another way they'd been together if not for that pad? 
   It was all pad's fault that they are together 

    She likes him so much now watching him sing so well for her alone
    Soon, he finished and everyone cheered for him but he didn't value it

  He was waiting for Ariana to clap for her but she didn't clap making Chloe wonder why she didn't 
   Instead, she stood up and walked over to his side
   She stood infront of him, stood on her toes so her hand will be able to reach his head, she streched out her hand to his hair so she started ruffling it and started smiling at him

    "Why are you so handsome to the extent of making my heart flutter so much Chloe"

All he wanted to hear was this 
    She brought down his chin and then kissed him in the face of everyone 

   She wanted to show them that he was her boyfriend and they should keep off him
   She wanted to tell them that this Mr. Handsome with a good voice is her boyfriend 

   Chloe was surprised at first when her lips touched his, he never knew she would kiss him yet, he was happy that she did so

    She stopped kissing him and stares did the rest between them coupled by mumurs around them

    She wanted to say what she hadn't said to him 
   "Chloe "she called softly with her two palms on his cheeks

    He smiled at her
  "I didnt know you had such a good voice "she admired making him blush so hard

    "Really? I thought I didn't sing well"he pouted and she giggled 
   "You're a good singer and I love you so much for that"she said 

   His heartbeat increased to the highest point that he didn't know when he hugged her



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