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Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE fOrTy-FiVe

       They both glared at each other before she backed away with Chloe glaring to her direction watching her leave 

  He went too far, 
    "Are you okay Chloe? "Nuella asked him when she got close chuckling deep within her about the whole drama

    David glanced at her, she was the genesis of this problem, in as much as he wanted to date Ariana, it doesnt mean anyone will come and make her cry or sad

    "Nuella let's talk immediately "he ordered leaving as Nuella followed suit

    "Are you really not going to talk to me Ariana? I'm sorry"Chloe apologized following her from behind as she headed home

   She still kept quiet trudging the path slowly
   Chloe still followed her 
"I'm sorry Ariana, I didn't mean to... "

    "You didn't mean to what! "She cut in sharply with her voice half raised, the students passing by threw her a gaze which signaled her to talk to him with respect 

   She calmed down a bit, checking herself and speech before uttering them 
   "Think what Chloe! She's your ex, isn't she? "She asked him with her voice so soft and understandable 

    He nodded getting close to her
    He didn't mean to make her that tense, he likes her so much and nothing can change that 
    "I didn't mean to make you jealous.... "
   "I'm not jealous "she interrupted feeling shy to be caught that she was jealous to see any other girl around her Chloe

    "We were jealous Ariana"he said holding on to her waist and kissing her lightly on her cheeks
  It turned red immediately and she almost forgot that he was angry with him all these while 

    "Forgive me Ariana, I will never do such again to you and I will never keep secrets "he apologized this time, she was already in his arms 

  She softened and melted at his words, she felt guilty for treating him cruelly earlier too 
   "I'm sorry Chloe, promise never to get mad at you that way"she apologized too

    "Let's go to the cinema in the evening "he suggested and she nodded before he kissed her forehead 
   They smiled at each other making David who was at a corner beside them to turn red with jealousy

   He recalled what passed between him and Nuella when they left together 
  *Leave to wherever you came from once again*
  *why would I leave... She asked me*
  *I scoffed... "No one want you again*

   *well I can still get Chloe trip for me, I heard I'm your first love?, is that true*

*I was taken off balance by the question... "Why will I after the part you played between I and Chloe*

*Buh... I thought... *
*You thought what! Don't think anything and leave Chloe alone!... I cut in at her*
*and if I don't?? *

*Just don't make that girl cry whenever you're with Chloe.. Else... I strained my voice a bit*
*Else what?.. She lingered to hear more*

*you will hate me.. I said sharply brushing past her *

  He sighed after remembering all that wanting to leave when someone hugged him from behind
   He was curious at first until the person spoke up, he recognized the voice to be Gabrielle's

    He gulped hard, he didn't want to push her away cuz of Ariana instead he asked her a question 
   "Ariana put you to this right? "He asked her and she nodded 

  She was as nervous as ever even though the hug gave her a sweet comfort which she never had in a while now

    "She did "she said and David freed himself in a calm way
   "Look Gabrielle I don't like you "

   "I know you don't and I'm happy with it"

   "Relle, I'm sorry okay? I like Ariana and not you! "He voiced out to her hearing incase something was blocking her ears 



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