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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE fOrTy-OnE

        David and Chloe had been inside that dark room earlier bringing up their differences of three years ago and apportioning blames on each other when David sensed a fight so he left

   He saw Ariana and her friend standing and talking fiercely at each other 
   He was shocked at Gabrielle's revelation of loving him

    He never knew that Joanna's friend was in love with him, he listened keenly again at them probably to know Ariana's reaction and he was shocked when he learnt it

   He gulped hard with clenched fist, he wanted to confront her that instant but stopped himself from doing so 

   Gabrielle herself was surprised to see that kind reaction from her friend 
    She felt guilty a bit, she had been judging her friend wrongly all along

     "I can't lose you Gabrielle, you love David? "She asked her friend and she nodded without words still baffled at her friend's reaction 

   She was expecting her to get angry, yell and even end their friendship immediately but Ariana isn't like that

   Her first ever friend, someone who helped her out when she needed friends the most 

   She can't forget the day she broke up with her boyfriend just because of her and she too is ready to let go of anything she felt that her friend loved

   Even if it was Chloe, she will endure
   She nodded her head at Ariana's question and she smiled

   "I will make him love you too okay? That's not why you will hate me huh! You love me now? "She asked her friend who nodded and fell into her arms as fresh tears gathered around her eyes 

   She had neglected this her nerd friend so much... She was clueless on how kind and lovely this her friend was

    David was still standing rooted at the spot he was, he had just heard the worst of it all
  Making her love him after all she confessed she had done to her fellow friend 

   His heart melted the more to Ariana cuz of her kind heart 
  He had never seen a girl who had a kind and forgiving heart like her
     "You're late today Ariana "her mother complained 
  She was dead worried that her daughter was still not home when the clock speaks half past 08:00pm

    Her husband has already nagged her head off and gone to bed, she was relieved that her daughter was back at last

    "Were you that worried mom? "She asked her mother seeing those visible worry expression on her face

   "I was! What were you doing in school upto this time? "She yelled even before she could check her voice 

   Ariana realized how much anger her mother was for her sake
    She didn't say where she went to or try defending herself 

   She made a baby face pouting her lips as she went into her mom's arms hugging her

   "Mom I'm sorry"she apologized melting her mom's heart who didn't know when she sighed patting her back gently 

   "I love you mom"she said 

"I love you too "she replied and then disengaged from her daughter 
   "Where is your glasses? "She asked when she didn't see it on her

  Omg! She left it with Chloe! She bit hard shrugging hard for her mom without words
     "Hey hurry up, a friend is here to see you"her mom shouted from downstairs to her room so she could hear her

   A friend? Oh Gabrielle! She hurried her dressing packed up her hair and rushed downstairs 

   But her steps halted when she caught a handsome figure sitting down on the dining table with her mom and dad 

   The more she advanced to wards the dining room the more it became so obvious on whom was in the house

  She nearly ran back to her room when she knew that it was Chloe but he turned his head when she felt her presence behind him... 



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