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      👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 


    David's voice when he heard Chloe's voice followed by Ariana's too
   He knew this was bound to happen, he suspected this

  He didn't know when he forced the door open to find Ariana on Chloe's body, she was hugging him

  His fears was half relieved when he didn't see any violence or something which showed that he slept with her. 
  Gabrielle was thrilled a bit and frowned when she saw David running to Ariana and pulling her away from Chloe

   "Are you okay? "He asked Ariana turning her around 
   She almost choked on her breath, she wasn't praying for this to happen at all

    She therefore feigned cheerful for having found a lost friend 
   "Ariana I was dead worried"she said hugging her and grinning her teeth when she saw that no one could see her face as they were hugging 

   "I'm fine"she said smiling on seeing how worried her friend was for her
   Chloe glared at David giving a silent smirk 

    David glared back at him with gazes like *hope you didn't touch her? *
  *Hope you didn't do anything stupid with her? *

Those were his glares 

   Ariana smiled on seeing David seeming to have forgotten all about her girlfriend for the moment 
    "You were looking for me? "She asked him and he didn't want to say no so he said yes

   She chuckled, stood on her toes so her head could reach upto his head, she streched out her hand and then started ruffling his hair

   "That's my boy, "she giggled saying so taking David's breath away again, coupled with her new facial look 
  He smiled back casting all his suspicion to the air

    Chloe's fist tightened, he was highly jealous likewise Gabrielle who announced her leave before everyone 
  She was angry, it was written all over her face

  She couldn't hide it anymore from anyone, she wanted to be loved for once and seeing her friend, not only her friend but a nerd hurt her alot
   Ariana noticed that and ran after her friend to know what her problem was leaving the two former friends alone

   She caught her by her arms and she pushed her away, she was crying profusely this time
    This hurt Ariana so much, why would she cry... She kept asking herself 

    "Relle"she called softly 

"What! "She yelled angrily and Ariana was surprised, she had never seen her friend be this angry at anyone especially not to her but today after seeing her, she turned angry 

     She was confused at what will make her friend angry
   "What Ariana? That David and Chloe like only you? What about me? "She half yelled and Ariana was dazed

  These news was new to her, David likes her? That's impossible and what's her friend's take in it? 
  What's her grudge about it all? 

   "I don't understand Relle"

"I was the one who locked you up in there because I hate you!! "She announced and Ariana's heart shattered

  She hates her? And she locked her up? Why? Cuz she hates her... What did she do to her? 
   Tears gathered around her eyes 

Gabrielle didn't care now about how her friend will feel about the whole news, she had just bared her heart to her friend 

   "I hate you!! "She repeated 

"Why? "

"Cuz David likes you instead of me! Do you know how much I love him? Do you have a clue? Do you know how much I care about him? Do you know when I knew him? "

   "Why didn't you tell me? Even if you feel like David likes me? "She asked coldly crying 

   Gabrielle knew she had gone far, she didn't care!!
    "Cuz... "She was saying when Ariana hugged her

    "I don't like David even if you feel like he likes me too
   I don't but I am just fond of him, so please stop hating me cuz I love you so much!! "

David was shocked to hear that from Ariana, they were unaware of his presence behind them
   His heart rumbled threatening to fly out as he heard that...



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