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     👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance

 EpIsOdE tHiRtY-nInE

       Ariana welcomed his lips into hers, excitement that she couldn't tell where it came from enveloped her
   The more the kiss grew the more it thrilled her the more

    What was that feeling? She wanted to understand where it came from all she knew was that her self became greedy, greedy for more

    So she felt her arms holding tightly onto Chloe's waist 
  Chloe knew that at this point he will have to break away, he don't want to hurt her

   She's so precious to him that he don't want to hurt her without her permission 
   So he pulled out his lips from hers leaving her eyes closed, she still felt like his lips were still on hers until he tapped her resisting the urge not to laugh

   She opened her eyes and felt slightly embarassed by the way he was staring at her
   "You look cute when you close your eyes"he admired and she blushed real bad

  It was written boldly on her face she blushed real hard, she couldn't control it and Chloe was happy to see her cheeks turn red for him 

    Everything about her seem to thrill him now, she's beautiful, a nerd and someone whom he loves too

    He touched her hair again bringing her head to his shoulder so she would lean on him
   She closed her eyes immediately her head landed on his shoulder 

  A new feeling surged into her, feeling of comfort and security. She forgot about getting out og this damned dark room 

  Deep inside her, she congratulated the person who locked the door for them, a time to spend with her boyfriend 

A mystery boyfriend who once picked on her, she chuckled at that thought alerting Nicc's attention to look at her face to know what was amusing 

    "Nothing Chloe, I just feel like staying like this with you forever "she said and he beamed strongly 

   He laid his head on top of Ariana's head before replying 
  "Promise me you will never leave me no matter what"he said referring to his past lives especially his escapade with that young teacher who will never leave him alone 

 That was what he was thinking about this past two minutes, he felt like someday she will leave when she knows about that, 

  He recalled what transpired between him and David, he will never let Ariana know about else she will leave 

   He don't know if he will be able to live without her when that time comes 
  So he will do his best to keep her to him especially now that David loves her too and wants to date her

     He got jealous that minute and that's why he asked her that question 
   She opened her mouth to answer him that she will never leave him no matter what but she couldn't say it because someone from outside was shouting her name

   At first her and Chloe were startled, who could be in school by this time of the night?... They thought 
   Ariana was scared already, to her, she thought it was a ghost so she hugged Chloe tightly burying her face deeply into his chest 

  He smiled, she's scared and had run to her boyfriend for shelter... He thought smiling harder 
   But his concern went back to the person calling Ariana's name like that 

     "Ariana!! "Another call came and the voice unmistakable
   David's voice!! 

   He smirked getting jealous that he didn't know when he shouted out to him too
  "Get us out! We're locked up in here"

   "Get us out"Ariana followed suit... 



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