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Highschool romance

Episode Thirty-Seven

   She smiled mischievously to her self as she finally closed the door 
   She was happy that she was in there 

    She walked to her class deliberately humming and praising to herself having done a good job

    Chloe wrapped his arm around her back with the other arm on her hair 

   He had missed her so much, he came in here to cry for being a coward not to defend himself and allowed himself to be toyed with 

He prayed and hoped that Ariana never find out when he suddenly felt someone's appearance in the room

And it ended up being her 
She suddenly disengaged from the hug staring at his face
  She wondered what he was doing in here, in such a dark place without light at all

    "Why are you here alone? "She finally asked him and he smiled kissing her forehead 

   "Well that's... I was looking for something "he lied and he cursed himself for lying that way

   She beamed and didn't ask further questions, she flashed her phone torchlight probably looking for where to sit down till the door is opened again for them 

   "Here let's sit down"she pointed at a flat reactangular wooden chair which could contain the both of them 

  He saw it, they sat there together with their bodies gumming to each other 

He was tensed a bit having the one he loves by his side, he kept himself in check and tried to be as polite as possible to her

   "Do you remember the first day we met? "She suddenly asked him and he shyly nodded

He was a nuisance to her back then,
He nodded his head and she giggled 

   "You stole my pad then... "

"I didn't steal it, I only took it "he defended with a baby face which made his face look a lot more cuter than before 

   "You took it and called yelled at me, do you know how scared I was back then? "She asked and he couldn't explain how he felt at that moment the question was thrown at him

    "Are you angry with me? "He asked her gazing into her eyes maybe trying to find fault with it

  She shook her head and nudged him on his shoulder
  "Why would I be when you love me already, its just that I feel like... "

   "Like what? "He cut in getting curious, he was suspicious of her being here and he had been wondering what she might be doing here 

  He didn't ask tho but he felt maybe she had caught her already having s3x with a teacher 

    "Like we were brought together because of a sanitary pad"she said with a slight chuckle and he breathed down, she hadn't found out yet

   But then, he reasoned with her over what she said
  He wouldn't have met her, liked her and even being around her 

  It was a pad that brought them together 
  He beamed tucking her hair at the back of her ear and then held her closer to his chest before muttering 

   "I love you"into her ear

She smiled.... 


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