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     👦A head boy and a nerd 😎

Highschool romance

Episode Thirty -six

    Ariana turned on her chair to see her friend smiling rather painfully at her

  She quickly dismissed David to be with her friend
  It was time for action for Gabriele, she can't stand and wait for Ariana to snatch what was already hers 

    She will have to remind her that she's still the nerd the whole school hated

   She grinned at that thought and smiled again seeing her friend standing before her 

     "Hey Ariana, I was looking for you"she said in a way of showing concern when actually her gaze was on David who had his eyes on Ariana 

  He smiled without words staring at how that pitiful nerd had improved so much 

   He can't believe that she was the same nerd he helped out two months ago when she was still a fresher in school

   How time flies and now he likes her too

   Gabrielle read meaning into every look he gave her and she almost choked herself to death or rather Ariana's 

   She hated her with passion to the extent that her little camouflage which she thought she was doing to hide her hatred began to show on her face 

    "Are you okay? "She asked her friend seeing the discomfort on her face
  They had neared the door to their class when she asked her this

   "Yes am fine"she put immediately as they walked into the class
    Chloe wore his clothes hurriedly after a brief s3x with the young teacher though he felt guilty for cheating on Ariana 

   How would he explain this to her? That he's having an affair with a teacher and her? 

   He gave an angry glare to the teacher who winked at him cautiously bading him goodbye out of her office.

He went to the cafeteria and he didn't find the both of them 

He groaned to himself, it was all his fault
  All the time he spent inside her office was enough for her to get tired of waiting 

  Break time came, Gabrielle have already devised a plan on how to deal with her friend 
   To lock her up inside the darkest room in the school
  She would do it and leave her for the rest of today 

   She won't survive being alone in there... She chuckled at that thought as she went over to her friends desk to invite her for a walk

    Ariana agreed to go with her and they went 
   They chatted discussed about their family, made jokes till she was sure they were at the place 

    She excused herself to go and get some ice cream for them and asked Ariana to go in and wait for her in there 

    Ariana nodded and didn't waste time going in to wait for her friend though the room was dark but she didn't bother since the door was open 

   She heard a little noise farther away from her and she wandered who was in here with her 

  She couldn't picture the person because of the so called darkness
  She was even too scared to speak but the noise continued with footsteps stomping on the floor

   She made a move to find the person in with her when the door suddenly slammed close making her shiver and scream in fear

    "Who's there? "She heard a familia voice behind her and her fear worsened.

The footstep came closer making her more terrified, she wondered who was in here with her 

   And who closed the door behind her, how Gabriele will worry when she can't find her
  She almost broke down in tears when she felt a breath fan her neck

She turned swiftly yet, couldn't picture the person through the darkness 

But thanks to her phone, she flashed her torchlight and beamed at whom she saw 

  It was Chloe 

"Chloe, where have you been? "She asked suddenly missing him, she went quietly into his arms... 



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