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     👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EPiSoDe ThIrTy-FiVe

    He picked up the call putting the phone across his ear
  "What? "

"Come to my office now!! "She half yelled at me over the phone and hung up immediately too

  Why the anger at me? I asked hissing 
    🗣Oh no, this nerd is such a flirt 
 I thought she and Chloe are dating? 

🗣sheesh! I wonder how she became Chloe's girlfriend 

🗣Maybe Chloe is using her like he used my sister and dumped her

🗣I can't wait for the day, they will break up

👤psst! She's flirting in the cafeteria with David!! 

👤Chloe must hear this

    Student in the cafeteria murmured around them
   Dave noticed it but Ariana didn't 

   She was all smiles for her friend David as she ate heartily
   "Eat up David, I want to tell you something later"

  "Something like what? "

"After you're done eating "she replied and he digged into his food.

Chloe found his way into the young teacher's office

  She was fuming badly, she can't believe what she heard from the students that Chloe had another girlfriend 

  She felt his presence in her office and heaven was let loose
  "You're cheating on me Chloe! "She yelled loudly on top of her voice

   Chloe didn't know what to say
"I.. I'm sorry but I don't think I want you anymore that's why"

  "That's why what! You jilted me! Because am not as young? Or because am not a teenager? Answer me quickly Chloe before I hurt her! "

At the mention of *Hurt you* he looked up at her
   He didn't want Ariana to get hurt no matter what it is

He will make sure she never gets hurt
    "Look I'm sorry okay but don't hurt her"

  "Then break up with her"she snapped and my whole body shook terribly

   "I can't break up with her "

"Because you love her"she chipped in and i managed a nod of my head 

  I like her so much.

"What can I do to appease you?" I asked her and she beamed immediately signaling me to come closer

   "Let's make love now"she said kissing my neck and trailing her fingers up and down my chest 

   "I wonder why Chloe isn't here yet David "she said sounding worried after they were done eating 

   "Why? "

"Well... He's my boyfriend that's what I wanted to tell you"

He feigned surprise 
  "Really? You like him? "He asked waiting to hear the worst from her

  She nodded slowly and then a giggle came from her, she was shy to even say it that she liked her boyfriend.

He smiled weakly 
  "Well its good"
He said and she smiled

   "Do you know that I and Chloe were once friends? "
He asked and she shook her head

    Gabriele who was looking for her friend, she had not seen her in the morning saw the both of them in the cafeteria and her mood changed immediately 

    She grinned badly, her heart was aching terribly 
   Why is it always this nerd? 

She hated it always that a nerd won the heart of her crush

  "Ariana! "



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