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    👦A head boy and a nerd😎

Highschool romance 

EpIsOdE tHiRtY-fOuR

   "Everyone to the assembly! I have an announcement to make for the whole school! "

  Everyone rushed to the assembly ground to hear Chloe's announcement 

    After everyone gathered, he cleared his throat
  "Good morning "he greeted everyone, the students murmured a morning to him too so eager to hear what he wanted to say

    "Uhm... "He cleared his throat
 "Well... I want to announce that i have a girlfriend and she's Ariana 
No one should dare tamper with her else... "He said and left

   🗣The nerd! She's his girlfriend! 

🗣Oh my gosh she's so lucky! Where is she... 

  Ariana woke up late and was so tired to even go to school
   But remembering Chloe was waiting for her in school, she braced up and dressed up for school

  She was eating her breakfast when Chloe sent her a text message
💬Where are you? 

She beamed at the message
She texted back
💬I'm still at home

💬Home!! I'm damn worried
Is everything okay? Are you sick? Need a kiss? A piggyback

  The message forced her to laugh loudly
  Her mother eyed her 

She comported herself before replying
💬Uhm... I'm coming to school now

💬You better do because I'm not going to enter my class until I see you


💬Cuz i miss you.

She giggled, she ate up hurriedly and pecked her mom's cheeks

  "See ya mom, love you! "

She didn't wait up to hear her mom's *love you too* and zoomed off

     "Chloe "David called as he went to his friend 
   He turned his direction to him 

"What is it David? "
He asked advancing towards him

    "I like Ariana, make it slide and allow me have her"he said calmly
   Chloe scoffed

   "Dont even think of doing what you did last time with my ex,got it? "
    "You kissed my crush once and even slept with her and i let it slide!! "
He half yelled suddenly loosing his temper 

  He wanted to be cool about this he never wanted Ariana to see the bad side of him at all

   He likes her alot and wouldnt want her to hate him.

"I like Ariana too and she likes me so? "

   He gulped hard, he was going to have her the hard way and Chloe will get hurt, he wont care at all

  He brushed past him walking away
  He bumped into Ariana on his way

    He jerked a bit and she smiled
 "David! Its been long I saw you,"she said happily and he beamed

  All he could do, why can't he have this beauty? 
   Why can't she be his? 

   He always lose, such a loser he is

    She giggled watching the expression on his face
   "You are hungry? "She asked and he was about answering when she grabbed by his arm and running over to the cafeteria with him

  Chloe was still where he was waiting for Ariana and she never came
   He was worried for a bit

 So he texted her again
💬Where are you? 

💬At the cafeteria 

💬Cafeteria!!?? Why? Are you alone? 

💬No am not alone

💬With Gabriele? 

💬Nope, am with David

   My eyes widened and I gasped as if I lost my breath 
  She's with David, doing what! 

I made to leave but something stopped me
   My phone was ringing and the call was from the young teacher

   Its high time I ended things with this teacher



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