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(Worrying about mummy (1)

Holding Cherry back, Mond tightened his grip enough to keep her but not enough to hurt. "You're pregnant. This is not a suitable sight for you to see," he told her calmly.

Cherry struggled against Mond's hold. "No, no!" she shouted. "She is my sister, I need to save her."

Still keeping his grip on Cherry, Mond held fast. "Don't worry," he comforted her. "I've called an ambulance." He could understand her urge to get to her sister, but how could he in good conscience let her see all that blood? She was pregnant, after all.

Cherry managed to wiggle a little to be able to see a small sliver of her sister. Jean was still lying in a pool of blood, her face the image of stillness.

Sobbing, Cherry shouted at Jean," Jean, how could you be so silly? Why did you save me, sister?" She kept on struggling and trying to wriggle out of Mond's hold, desperately needing to get to Jean.

Finally, Jackson arrived. Mond released Cherry into her husband's comforting arms.

Jackson consoled and cuddled her. "Baby, calm down. The ambulance is on its way. She'll be in the best medical care soon."

Cherry couldn't control her feelings at all. She kept shivering and her hands trembled. She stared up at Jackson, bewailing," I can't calm down! My sister is different now. She's not a bad person anymore. Why would this happen to her? Why?"

Gazing sympathetically down at his bawling wife, Jackson felt helpless. "This was an accident." He knew it was hopeless to try to get Cherry to calm down now, so he turned to Mond. "Let's take her to the hospital."

Mond agreed. Leaving Cherry to wail in Jackson's arms, Mond carried Jean out of the pool of blood and to his car.

Gripping Cherry's hand with one hand and gesturing at Joe with the other, Jackson looked at his son. "Joe, get in my car, we'll be going to the hospital now."

"Okay, Daddy," Joe replied obediently. Completely freaked out by what had just happened, he simply did as he was told.
Cherry wasn't walking properly, so Jackson held her as they headed to the car. "Baby, it's okay. We'll get to the hospital and have the doctors help Jean. They'll give us a prognosis."

Blinking, she seemed to understand. "Okay, let's go quickly," she replied quietly. They rapidly got to Jackson's car.

Driving his car, Jackson followed Mond's car to the hospital.

On his way, Mond called the hospital to alert emergency workers to wait at the hospital gate for Jean.

The moment Mond stopped the car when he arrived at the hospital gates, a team of doctors collected Jean onto a hospital gurney and took her into the hospital.

As soon as Jackson had stopped his car at the hospital, Cherry got out and ran into the hospital.

Jackson worried about her, but he took responsibility for his young son still in the car. "Joe, let's get out of the car now," he directed as he got out of the driver's side.

Obediently, Joe got out too and approached his Daddy. "Daddy, let's go find Mommy," he said, bottom lip trembling. It wasn't difficult for Joe to realise his Mommy was very upset.

Her husband and son following, Cherry ran ahead to the emergency department.

They finally saw Mond at the emergency room door and walked to him hastily. Cherry looked in through the window but didn't dare enter the room.

Breathing fast, she felt the pain in her gut and the dizziness in her head. But she forced herself to put those aside: Jean was hurt here. She worried terribly about Jean, hoping her sister would be okay. 'I'll never forgive myself if Jean doesn't come out of this okay, ' she thought to herself desperately.

Jackson and Joe quietly approached her. Noticing his wife's anxious expression, Jackson decided to calm himself down. He glanced at Mond and asked," What's going on?"

Shaking his head, Mond stared helplessly through the window. "I don't know. The doctors are trying to rescue her now." He had always ignored Jean, taking her for granted like oxygen.

Recently though, he had been intending to open up to her and reveal his feelings. But now she had been hit by a car.

Falling silent, Jackson put his hands on Cherry's shoulders gently, pulling her away from the door.

"Honey, calm down. She is in surgery, and the doctors are trying to save her."

He wanted to assure her with his own emotion and hoped that she could calm down.

"I can't calm down right now!" Cherry cried. "Jean is my sister, my dear sister.

She has hurt me before, that's true, but she has changed now! She is really nice to me. She loves Joy. Jean is my family."

She had actually hated her own sister not that long ago. But Cherry could tell that her sister had changed. Especially from her time in Mond's house, Jean had taken amazing care of Cherry. So she was very grateful to Jean.

Jackson sighed patiently. "I know, I know. But baby, Jean would be one of the first people here to tell you: you need to take care of yourself. You're pregnant. Do you understand?"

Staring at the door, behind which her sister was fighting for her life, Cherry nodded, trying to gradually calm down.

Joe noticed that Mommy was beginning to settle down, so he approached her gingerly.

"Mommy, my Aunt Jean will be fine," he told her, looking up at her with caring eyes.

Nodding again, Cherry looked down at her beautiful boy. "Joe, are you alright?" she asked, finally having the presence of mind to think about something other than Jean.

Joe replied gratefully," I'm fine, Mommy." Somehow, that made Cherry feel better.

Her son's safety and wellbeing was a very important thing for her, now especially.

She stared ahead firmly, realising something. "Sally was driving the car," she spoke seriously.

She was sure she had seen that woman driving the car. There was no mistaking the hate in Sally's eyes and her distinct facial features, so Cherry was certain.

Mond had already known this, so his expression didn't change.

Jackson, however, was astonished. He kept his face neutral though. He had already guessed Sally might have been the culprit. Process of elimination led to her. Mond was the only other person capable of doing such a thing, but he had been with Jackson at the time. Thus, Jackson had concluded, it had to have been Sally.

Looking first at his Daddy's face and then at Mond's, Joe grew curious. Since neither showed surprise on their faces, he decided they must have already known what his Mommy had revealed.



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