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(Her leaving (2)

Unable to hold the tears back as he thought of Jean and her hopes, Mond began crying in earnest.

Mond crumpled in a ball, huddling himself, shuddering with sobs as he cried, with his head between his bent legs. All the sadness that had been pent up, pushed down for years and years came bursting out.

A few days later, dressed tastefully in black, Mond exited the cemetery and got into his car. As he drove away, he made a silent promise, 'Although I left you here, and can't be here all the time, I will come visit you regularly.'

When he returned to the ZM Group building, Mond was as collected and composed as always, and he treated everyone indifferently.

Sitting at his desk, Mond called the assistant and said,"Please, come here."

"Yes Sir, President Mond," the assistant said politely.

Within seconds there was a knock at his office door before the assistant opened it and stepped in.

"Mr. Mond, how can I help you?" asked the professional and polished looking assistant. She met with the detached demeanor from Mond she was accustomed to.

"Have you made any progress in the task of finding Sally that I assigned to you?"

Mond had a murderous glint in his eye as he demanded. Whether in the name of Cherry or of Jean, Sally would pay for what she did.

"Yes," his assistant nodded as she placed a slip of paper onto Mond's table adding,"This is Sally's residence now."

"This is where Sally is living now?" echoed Mond.

"Yes, it should still be her current address. She has been living there the past few weeks. I made arrangements for a security detail to watch her. At present, there's been no change," the assistant reported. Having worked for Mond a while, she knew his expectations well, and did her best to thoroughly assist him with this problem.

Jumping from his seat, Mond took the paper and grabbed his coat as he stormed out of the office.

After leaving ZM Group, Mond sped along, following the directions his assistant provided him. Soon, he found himself at a nice, yet out of the way place. He had arrived at the address written on the paper.

Mond got out of his car and walked into the apartment complex. When Mond reached the door scribbled on the paper, there was a fire burning in his eyes. He stood there regaining the tenuous grip he had on his fury and then jammed his finger to ring the bell.

After waiting for a long time, the door slowly opened.

Standing before Mond was Sally looking as though she expected Mond to be standing on the either side of the door.

No surprise registered as she waved him in, casually welcoming him in,"Come in."

Leaving the door open, Sally turned and walked further into the apartment with Mond following her.

Sally stopped in front of French windows, her nonchalance enraged Mond and he rushed up behind her. He yanked Sally's arm, pulling her back and into the corner. He hurried over and put his hands around her throat, choking her.

"Why did you do it?" Mond demanded. His hands were strong, and he could feel her trying to gasp for breath, her pulse throbbing beneath his fingers. How easy it would be to choke the life from her, to take Sally's life for Jean's. Since it was Sally who had taken Jean's life, it seemed right that Sally die as well.

Sally didn't resist. Mond stared in her glassy, dull looking eyes. He could see clearly Sally didn't care what happened to her, there was no strength in her to resist.

"Mond Xu, what Jean is to you? Who are you to seek retribution for her?" Sally spat giving Mond a contemptuous look.

If Mond told her he doing it for Cherry, she would know Mond was in love with her. She already knew Mond gave up his thoughts of revenge because of how he felt about Cherry. But now? Mond had gone to great lengths to find her, and for what? For the sake of Jean's death? Who was Jean? She was a mere woman who had many affairs with many men and didn't deserve anyone's pity. Why didn't Cherry hate Jean?

Why was Mond now treating her badly?

How could it be over Jean's death?

"Sally, do you mean to tell me that your goal was to kill Jean?" Mond asked enraged as he glared at Sally.

As Sally stared up at Mond's face, a twisted smile grew.

"Oh-ho," Sally laughed, looking up at Mond's eyes with hysteria and said,"The truth is that you are here for Cherry, isn't it?"

"Don't you know why I am doing this?

"Sally He, you are as mad as the mad hatter!" screamed Mond angrily.

Something about being called mad made Sally snap back to semi-reality and she found her fire shouting back at him,"Yes! Yes, I am. I am totally off my rocker! I loved Jackson wildly for so many years, and what do I have for giving my blind devotion?

I have nothing! That's what I have! When we were younger, Jackson would hold my hand like a brother. Now though? Now, I can't even get close to him. How could I stay sane?"

Sally's words struck a chord in Mond. He understood Sally's feelings a little. There was no doubt in his mind how deeply she felt about Jackson, but how she went about things was not tolerable.

Sally continued rambling,"Do you really believe that I aimed at hurting anyone else? Do you think it was my plan that things happened the way they did?

I did everything for Jackson, so he would care about me. I hoped that he would treat me the way he did five years ago, when he left everything behind, including Cherry, just to take care of me.

I don't care whether Cherry is his wife, I only want his love and attention, but, the reality turned out to be completely opposite to what I expected! His heart is full of love for Cherry! She is everything to him, and he cares little for me."

As to finish her tirade, tears poured from sally's eyes, streaming down her face.


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