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(Worrying about mummy (2)

Cherry didn't care about the others' expressions. She stared at Jackson seriously, trying to keep her composure. "She was aiming for me. But, my sister... saving me, my sister..."

Lower lip trembling as she spoke, she finally burst into tears, collapsing onto the floor in grief, guilt and worry. She kept telling herself that she should be strong for Jean, but she just couldn't hold on. Her tears finally couldn't be held back and fell down. The person lying on that bed in the emergency operating room was her sister. Cherry wasn't a cold-hearted monster, how could she possibly be calm about this?

Mond watched Cherry sobbing on the floor and decided to finish her sentiment. "That's true. She risked her life to save you."

Jackson also knew this, but decided to remain silent.

As they stood there feeling the emotional turmoil, a doctor came out of the emergency room.

Cherry stood quickly and hastened to the doctor, pulling her arm. "How is my sister now?" she demanded, tears streaked across her face. "Is she alright?"

The doctor looked at Jackson, realizing who he was. Then she glanced at Mond before she finally turned to Cherry.

"I'm so sorry. We've done everything we can. But the patient has lost too much blood. I.." She didn't finish her sentence.

In her experience, most families didn't need the direct statement to understand that a tragedy had occurred, and she didn't want to have to say that her patient had died directly. Staring sadly at the family, she walked away.

The doctor's reply knocked the wind out of Cherry. She breathed short and shallow for a few seconds before her mind went black and she began to collapse.

Jackson caught her and held her in his arms at once. "Doctor, help!" he shouted. "She's pregnant."

At this, the doctor rushed back to Cherry.

"Bring her. Follow me," she ordered. Getting a better hold on his wife, Jackson looked at Mond. "Please take care of Joe for me," he asked desperately.

Mond agreed quickly, feeling terrible about the situation.

Joe watched his Daddy carry his Mommy away, but he didn't follow them. His heart beat faster and faster, so he turned to Mond and took his hand for comfort. "Uncle Mond, I'm terrified." Joe's lip quivered.

Everything that happened today was harrowing for an adult, so it had to have scared Joe too. Only a little boy, how could he bear all of this at once?

Mond crouched down and stared into Joe at his height. "Joe, don't be afraid," Mond reassured him. "I'm here with you. Your Daddy is going to take care of your Mommy. We'll all be fine."

Nodding, Joe replied meekly," Okay." Mond looked very determined and Joe believed him.

Joe looked at the emergency room door, remembering his aunt. "But Aunt Jean..." he added sadly as he stared at the white door.

Unsure what to say, Mond remained silent at Joe's mention of Jean. Instead, he also watched the door, thinking about how Jean had been such a good woman.

Several doctors and nurses left through that door. "Shall we send her to the morgue or not?" one of the nurses asked.

"Please, wait a bit. Mr. Jackson will handle this," Mond requested. He didn't want to make the decision, and he'd preferred to hear Jackson's thoughts.

Mond had never really believed in Jackson, but he knew now that Jackson would be able to handle this well.

Understanding what Mond meant by Mr. Jackson, she nodded. "Okay," she replied.

In the wee hours of the morning, Cherry was still lying unconscious in a hospital bed. Her husband sat at her bedside, tightly holding her hand silently and helplessly.

Keeping the silence, Mond and Joe stood nearby and watched Cherry.

It suddenly occurred to Jackson that it was very late, so he turned to look at his son. Joe was struggling to keep his eyes open.

Jackson asked," Joe, you must be sleepy now, right?"

Joe blinked, trying to keep himself awake. "Yes, Daddy," he replied softly.

"But I want to be here with Mommy." He inhaled deeply. His Mommy wasn't awake yet, so he wanted to stay with her. He had promised her that he would always be with her.

Considering, Jackson suggested," I'll stay here with your Mommy, and your Uncle Mond will take you home to sleep. Is that okay?"

Joe's lips tightened defiantly. "No, Daddy," he refused firmly. "I want to stay here with Mommy." He thought it wouldn't matter if he didn't sleep, but he needed to stay with his Mommy.

It wasn't hard to see that Joe was fighting hard against the urge to sleep. Jackson gently countered," What if you go home with Uncle Mond and sleep now, and then he can bring you back here when you wake up. Daddy will be here with Mommy, don't worry. Nothing will happen."

Looking deeply into his Daddy's eyes, Joe finally agreed. As he nodded, his eyelids drifted closed and back open sleepily.

"Take good care of Mommy please, Daddy. I'll be back when I wake up tomorrow," Joe replied sweetly.

"Okay, son," Jackson nodded.

Turning to Mond, he sighed a little. "Mond, take Joe back to my house. Ask Lily to prepare a guest room for you. Then please stay there and look after Joe for me. Bring him back in the morning."

Mond nodded. "Of course."

Being his elder brother, Jackson trusted that Mond wouldn't hurt Joe, his own kin. They were all members of the Chu Family here.

Jackson's trusting eyes warmed Mond inside. 'Maybe it's because we're family. Jackson never suspects me. He trusts me. His trusting eyes make me feel that there is indeed love in this world.'

Mond gently took Joe home and then Cherry and Jackson were alone in the hospital room.

Leaning over his wife's bed, Jackson gently laid a hand on her face. His heart nearly breaking inside his chest, he spoke to her: "Baby, you need to be okay.

I can't do this without you. I can't live without you. You need to be strong, please," his voice breaking at the end.



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