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(Shocking News (1)

As soon as Selina heard her phone, she answered it.

"Hello, Derek!" Selina said in a cheery voice.

"Selina, are you at the office?" Derek asked her.

"Yes, I am. Why, what's up? Where are you? I have an important announcement, and you are nowhere around!" exclaimed Selina sounding bubbly and ready to burst.

Confused, Derek knitted his brow, "What up?" He questioned Selina about what she wanted to announce as he wondered, 'What could her announcement be? I haven't even gotten to tell her I also have good news, yet."

"Well Derek, how about you come to the JS Group? I will fill you in," urged Selina as she giggled slightly wanting to tell him, but wanting to surprise him at the same time.

"You sly little lady! Why are you being so mysterious?" Derek chuckled as he asked before adding, "I have something I want to tell you too. Amy and I are on our way over now."

"Oh good, you are with Amy? I'll be here waiting," Selina responded warmly.

"Alright, oh, give Jackson and Cherry a call to have them join us," Derek added hurriedly.

"Oh, thanks for reminding me! I meant to invite them too. I'm going to hang up on you now, so I can call them. Hurry up and get here already!" Selina barely contained her mirth as she eagerly urged Derek.

"Yes, okay, we are on our way!" Selina's exuberance was so infectious that it had Derek still smiling after clicking to end the call.

"What's happening? What did Selina say to you?" asked Amy, as she gazed into Derek's cheerful face, she couldn't help but smile back at him.

"It turns out that Selina has some news to share too. She wants us to meet up with her over at the JS Group immediately. She is asking Jackson and Cherry to meet us all there as well," Derek clarified.

"Well, then, let's go!" Amy stated nodding.

"Mmhmm, so get in the car!" Derek laughed as he headed to the car.

Meanwhile, on a sidewalk near the Chu family home, Cherry and Jackson strolled along hand in hand relishing the beauty of the scenery around them.

"Hon, I never realized how lovely the landscape was around our home. Why didn't I notice all this before?" Cherry's mood was light, her step and smile matching as she looked around her entranced, as though seeing for the very first time.

"True, the view is stunning. You couldn't have noticed earlier because we never had time to go for walks, Babe," Jackson pointed out.

"Well then, Mr. Jackson, you should spend more time taking me for strolls like this. After breathing in the fresh air, seeing how beautiful the flowers and grass are along with how wonderful the scents are, my spirits are lifted, and I am feeling pretty good," Cherry stood there after she finished talking with her eyes closed, listening to the quiet sounds of nature, breathing in the fragrance of the blossoms, and enjoying the tranquility of the moment.

While Cherry was busy breathing in the scenery around them, Jackson was gazing at her, mesmerized by the pure joy she was getting from the sights and scents, and glow of contented happiness on her face, "Oh, I think I can manage to find time to accompany you on walks," Jackson said smiling.

Just then Jackson's smartphone started ringing.

When Jackson took his phone out he saw Selina's name.

"Why's she calling?" Jackson scowled and rolled his eyes complaining.

"Answer it. It could be important," urged Cherry.

"What's up Selina?" Jackson said into the receiver.

"Hey Jackson, are you at the bar?"

Selina's voice was pleasantly perky.

"No, I'm home with Cherry," Jackson replied coolly.

"Cherry's there too," Selina murmured in surprise. "Good, that's good. I want to tell you something. If you and Cherry aren't too busy, please come to the JS Group now. Wilson, my brother, and Amy will be joining us too. We can make it an intimate party. Wilson and I have news to tell you guys," Selina shared.

"You have news?" Jackson repeated.

After pausing a moment, Jackson asked, "What news?"

"Come on Jackson, can't you let me keep a little suspense and mystery? When everyone gets here, I will tell you. This is very important, so, you must come," insisted Selina.

"Well, alright, we'll be there shortly," replied Jackson.

"Good, then we'll see you soon!" Selina said excitedly.

"Okay, bye!" Jackson stated as he ended the call.

"What's wrong? Where are we going?" asked Cherry pensively.

"Selina wants us to meet her at the JS Group. She asked Derek and Amy to go as well," Jackson said softly.

"Did something happen to her?" asked Cherry guessing why Selina would want them to all meet now.

"She wouldn't say what she wants to tell us," replied Jackson thoughtfully.

"We should go, after all, we haven't seen them for a while," suggested Cherry.

Jackson gave Cherry a serious look as he proposed, "Babe, while we are there, why not tell them you are pregnant?"

Cherry had a look of astonishment when she turned to Jackson.

In an attempt to persuade Cherry, Jackson said, "There's no reason to keep it from them. It's good news, not bad." He watched Cherry's expression, fearful she might be opposed to it thinking, 'This is the first time for a while she hasn't been down and emotional. I should ask her opinion on this.'

Looking Jackson in the eye, she smiled brightly and said, "Fine, I will take this opportunity to tell them and then drop in on mom and my uncle. Will you have time to come with me to see them?"

"Sure, we can pay a visit at the Yuwen's family home, as long as nothing comes up this afternoon, " Jackson replied.

Cherry was delighted as she hugged Jackson spontaneously.

"Let's go home and change before we head to the JS Group. We should hurry, Selina is waiting for us, " said Jackson.

"Okay, " Cherry responded.

When they reached the JS Group, Jackson parked his car outside. The instant they got out of the car, they saw Derek and Amy.

"Amy!" Cherry called out happy to see her friend.



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