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(The Talk(2)

Susan hastily walked over to Cherry upon noticing her. "Here you are!" she smiled.
"Is my husband in?" Cherry asked shortly and calmly. It was hard to forget what had happened last time she had seen this woman, so her good mood had plummeted.

"Yes, Mr. Jackson is in his office. Would you like me to lead you up there?" Susan asked cautiously. Cherry was obviously not happy to see her, so Susan tried her best to be polite and humble.

"That's unnecessary. I know the way," Cherry responded quickly before turning away.

Watching her walk away, Susan curled her lips and stared. 'Look at the arrogance on her face! You are Jackson's wife, but only for now. How can your husband stay pure and loyal to you when he works here, among so many beautiful women?' Susan taunted in her heart.

'Even if Jackson is indeed cold and difficult to approach, I'm going to do what it takes to get close to him. Such an exceptional man will be mine.'

Jackson's eyes widened in astonishment as Cherry came into his view.

He stood from his chair hurriedly and walked to his wife's side. "Babe, what are you doing here?" he asked in concern. He took her hands and led her to sit on the sofa together.

"I'm here to check up on you. I want to see if you have other women hiding around here," Cherry teased him slyly. In reality, she hadn't had anywhere else she'd wanted to go and she had wanted to see Jackson. What's more, she deeply missed him because she hadn't seen him for three days.

"Of course, anytime you wish," Jackson replied quickly. It pleased him greatly to see Cherry visiting him. As long as she was willing to come and stay with him a while, he was a very contented and satisfied man.

Cherry habitually snuggled into Jackson's arms as they were sitting on the sofa.

Feeling a lull in the conversation, Cherry thought to fill it. "Honey, I went to JS Group today. I saw Selina and talked with her for a while," she said tenderly.

"Oh, what made you think to see her?"

Jackson asked. He felt surprised that Cherry would visit Selina before him.

"I just wanted to see her and find out how she's going," Cherry explained.

"Fine. Wherever you want to go," he replied, a bitter taste to his words.

"Speaking of, do you know where Derek is?" Cherry tried to ask casually.

"I'm not sure. He wasn't at JS Group?" Jackson replied truthfully. He didn't know much about Derek's comings and goings these days. He knew that Derek was picking up Amy and sending her home every night, but Jackson knew little more than that. They hadn't spoken for several days now.

"Hmm, Selina said he was out and she had no idea where he had gone either," Cherry mused.

"Do you have something to talk with him about?" Jackson asked dubiously.

"Oh, I just wanted to ask him how he and Amy are going together. And then I was thinking of going back home to see my mother and Uncle Jacob. If Selina and my brother's wedding date has been set, I'll pick a wedding gift when we have the time," Cherry told him.

"That sounds like a good idea. I'm free any time you like. Whenever you want to go shopping, I'll be with you," Jackson smiled at her. He was happy to spoil his woman and he wanted to do anything to make her happy. That was his biggest wish now.

Cherry's eyes flashed flirtatiously. "Honey, call Derek now. Ask him where he is. Tell him I have something to talk with him about," she breathed.

"Okay, I'll call him." Jackson pulled out his phone and dialled Derek's number. It didn't take long for Derek to answer. "Hello, Jackson! What's up?" Derek asked.

"Where are you now? Cherry wants to see you." Jackson replied.

"What's this about? I will have to pick Amy up from work this afternoon," Derek suggested.

Glancing at his watch, Jackson noticed there was still quite a while before school ended. "There are still a few hours before school is over. Come to see your sister-in-law now," Jackson commanded.

"Okay, fine." Derek conceded.

Surprised at this exchange, Cherry snatched her husband's phone. "Derek, you don't need to come here, I will come to you. School will be over soon enough and I want to see Amy too. What's more she will have piano lesson with Joe this evening. We can all go to my home together."

Derek pondered over this for a while. "Okay," Derek agreed. "Cherry, I will send the address to your phone. There is a cafe nearby and I will be there waiting for you."

"Okay, I'll be there," Cherry confirmed.

As she hung up Jackson's phone, she couldn't wait to see Derek. She desperately wanted to make things clear. She wriggled out of Jackson's arms and picked up her handbag before looking affectionately at her husband. "Honey, I'll be leaving now."

"You don't need to be in such a hurry! Stay a little longer, please!" Jackson pleaded, reluctant to let her leave.

Cherry couldn't help but giggle at his adorable face, which was full of love for her. She wrapped her arms lovingly around his neck. "Come home early tonight. I'll be home from now on," she told him with a smile.

"Really? You're not going back to your sister's?" Jackson was stunned. He wasn't sure whether to be excited or confused.

"Oh? You want me to live with my sister instead?" Cherry pouted playfully at him.
"No, no, no!" Jackson waved his hands quickly. "I'll go home as soon as I finish my work," Jackson told her. A smile adorned his face.

"Okay," Cherry smiled. "I'm going now. Remember to pick up Joe from school today," she reminded him.

"Okay, I will," Jackson agreed gleefully.

He watched his wife leave, but he was overjoyed. Cherry was coming home now! Nothing would be a big deal now.

Cherry drove her car to the cafe Derek had mentioned. As she found a park, she noticed he was waiting there, just as he had told her he would be.

"Cherry, there you are!" Derek greeted his sister-in-law happily.

I'm sorry to be late. I got caught in the traffic jam, " Cherry apologised, sitting opposite Derek.

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