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(Marriage certificate (2)

"Is it what? You're confusing me, little thing," Cherry was concerned, with Jackson so overbearing and Joe's cuteness she was at her wit's end.

"Mommy? Am I expecting a little sister?" asked Joe firmly.

Just as Joe finished asking, Lily came from the kitchen and when she heard Joe, she gave Cherry a look of surprise.

"Nonsense! How can we know if it's a girl or a boy. We'll talk about that later," Cherry stated and shyly bowed her head.

She didn't dare to meet her son's gaze. "Really, Mommy? So you're pregnant, after all? Wow, I'm so happy," Joe shouted joyfully and he jumped around. He gave his Daddy a thumb's up praising him, "Daddy, you are awesome. You are the best Daddy in the world!"

"What on earth are you talking about? Joe, don't say that!" Cherry rushed to stop him, but, she couldn't get things back under control when father and son teamed up to make fun of her.

Lily approached Cherry smiling and asked, "Ma'am, are you really pregnant?"
Cherry looked over a Lily and nodded, "Yes, I went to the hospital a few days ago."

"Great! You need to pay closer attention to your health and get to sleep early, from now on. Don't worry about your diet, I will make sure you have precisely what is needed for pregnant women to ensure your nutrition and the health of the baby," prattled Lily while she thought of what to do to take good care of Cherry in the future.

Cherry stood up, took Lily's hand and said gently, "Lily, thank you. I know everything you've done for our family, and I'm really grateful."

"Ma'am? Aren't we a family? Don't say that! Why would you say something like that? Please, just tell me what you need me do or I've done something wrong, I will correct it," Lily gushed.

"Okay, I'll," Cherry was saying.

But Joe was still chattering excitedly about the sudden news, "Daddy, do you think I will have a brother or a sister?"

"I don't care because when that happens your Mommy will belong to me alone," said Jackson indifferently as he ate. He was only saying things blithely to get Cherry's attention, whether they had a boy or a girl, he would love the baby.

"No way! Mommy won't belong to you until my brother or sister is grown up enough to keep me company!" rebelled Joe. There was no way he would give his Mommy to Daddy all the time. He had to fight for Mommy still.

"Son, aren't you asking for too much? Didn't we have a deal? As long as you get a younger brother or sister, your Mommy would be mine alone!" Jackson was getting slightly angry that his son was still arguing with him, if it was not for him, Cherry would belong solely to him and he wouldn't have to work so hard for her attention.

"Ask Cherry, see if she agrees?" Joe acted like a boss as he looked at his Mommy, and in a strong domineering tone he asked, "Cherry, do you agree or not? Jackson says you belong him only now."

"Joe Shen! Why did you call me by my name?" Cherry glared angrily at her son, thinking how he dared refer to her by her name.

"Your name is for other people to call you? Right? Jackson?" asked Joe as he shot his Daddy a look. Since he knew his Mommy was already angry, and couldn't piss her off anymore, he looked to his Daddy for help.

Jackson said indifferently, "Joe, you can ask your Mommy. She'll give you an answer."

"But, I don't dare!" Joe feigned a pitiful look for his Daddy and then glanced at his Mommy quickly, only to find Mommy was still shooting daggers at him, so, he lowered his head to escape his Mommy's glare.

The atmosphere in the dining room turned dull. Lily smiled but didn't talk. She knew the three of them were joking, and Joe was so cute to watch.

"Mommy, I am sorry, I will accept my punishment," Joe gave in finally. In his heart, his Mommy was the greatest person, and he should consider her feelings.

"Joe, you're a very naughty child! Tomorrow, you will go to the account registration office to change your name, so it is no longer the same as my last name," said Cherry angrily. Then she looked at Jackson and in a serious tone said, "We talked about changing his name before, why hasn't it been done yet?"

"I...I..." Jackson stammered, not knowing what to say. Although Cherry and he had discussed changing Joe's name in the past; Jackson had been so busy with other things, that he hadn't found the time to do it, yet.

"Mommy, please, don't do that. I'm used to the name, Joe Shen, and it's such a nice name. If you change my name now, I won't be used to it!" Joe's eyes grew large as he pleaded with his Mommy.

Conquered by Joe's puppy eyes, Cherry didn't say a word, but breathed out a resigned sigh.

Seeing that Mommy was giving in, Joe rushed to her and took his Mommy's hand, "Mommy, please, don't change it.

Besides, Dad doesn't care who I am named after, so I should still use your surname."

"Wait a minute! Who said that I didn't care! As my son, and a descendant of the Chu family, you should definitely have my surname!" uttered Jackson passionately. This time he had a say in the matter, and he knew who would win in this confrontation.

"But, I am Mommy's son too, I am allowed her name," Joe stood his ground, unwilling to lose to his Daddy.

Within a few minutes, Joe was struck with an idea, he puckered his lips and widened his eyes to two huge dark pools. He used all his cuteness on his Father, "But Daddy, you should let me keep Mommy's name. If Mommy is all yours in the future, then I have nothing.

So, please, won't you let me keep Mommy's name. That way even though Mommy is yours alone, my name will be Joe Shen, and then we are all related to Mommy. That's a good idea, right?"

It didn't take Jackson long to reflect on his son's words before he nodded and told him meaningfully, "That sounds reasonable to me."

Cherry was fuming because these two people regarded her as a thing, not a person. They were fighting over her!

"Enough!" Cherry said loudly

Her voice startled the two who had moments before been bickering and bartering over pieces of Cherry, and Jackson and Joe went silent immediately.

Cherry decided to educate her son, first. She studied Joe's face as she asked in a grave tone, "Joe, are you going to call your father or I by our first names again?"


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