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(A change of heart (3)

All the sudden, he was startled from his thoughts, as his assistant knocked at the door and came in. She approached Mond's desk and said, "Mr. Mond, there's someone here to see you."

"Very well, let him in," Mond said casually. He could probably guess who the person was. At the moment, there was only one person who would come see him.

"Okay," the assistant replied spinning on her heel and walking out of Mond's office.

A short time passed and a middle-aged man dressed in a casual, simple outfit came in.

"Mr. Mond, long time no see," the middle-aged man said walking into Mond's office. He looked around the room as he continued, "Nice office. Worthy of the boss of the ZM Group."

"You didn't come all the way down here today to give me compliments, did you? Please, sit down," Mond said with an indifferent look gesturing for the man to sit.

The middle-aged man sat in a chair opposite Mond. He looked at Mond and said, "Mr. Mond, you should know what brings me here. Didn't we have an agreement? Our agreement was to announce the news, but you delayed things saying you intended to publish the news later. So, I want to know, what are your present plans? Are we giving up the plans of destroying the JS Group?"

"We can't make the announcement just yet, so, we will wait a little longer," Mond said calmly. He had no intention of quarreling with the man.

"But, you know how smart Selina is! She will discover our plans if we don't move on this now, or, when she learns what we are planning, our plan, will fail," the middle-aged man was worried, huffing, and sputtering as he spoke hurriedly.

"But, Mr. Mond, it's too risky to delay the plans. We can't wait any longer," the middle-aged man threw up his hands and screeched helplessly. He narrowed his eyes and glared at Mond, "Have you changed your mind, Mr. Mond?"

As soon as the visitor finished speaking, Mond's face darkened. He looked at the man angrily and said, "You are not entitled to speak to me like that! Every part of this plan, is up to me to decide!

You'd be wise to remain silent since I haven't determined the next step yet, and, if you dare disobey my orders, you will pay for it! All of you!"

Seeing Mond enraged, the middle-aged man hastily said, "Alright, alright! I'm just worried that Selina will find out about our plans, and everything we have worked for will be in vain."

"Keep quiet and do as I say, and she won't find it out," Mond said firmly. No matter how clever Selina was, she couldn't possibly learn of their plans if they haven't done anything.

If no measures were taken, Selina couldn't know it. Besides, her wedding to Wilson was just around the corner, so she was far too busy to exert energy on the JS Group. Mond felt that logically, her marriage would take precedence over her career.

"Well, perhaps you are right, and they aren't suspicious since we didn't do anything immediately," replied the middle-aged man. Worry still etched his face, and in his gut he was worried, but after he thought about the situation, he agreed with Mond and didn't think Selina would realize their plot against the JS Group for now.

"Well, if that's all, you can leave now, and don't come back, unless there's something important," Mond waved him away impatiently, while his mind was a flurry with chaotic thoughts.

"Yes Sir. Mr. Mond, I'll leave you with it," replied the middle-aged man, leaving Mond's office promptly.

Mond leaned back in his chair, his heart was heavy as he wondered what he should do next. He had no inkling what his next move should be.

After sitting there, staring blankly and thinking for a long time, Mond got through the intercom and called his assistant into the office.

His assistant appeared almost right away, and respectfully asked Mond, "What can I do for you, Sir?"

"How has business been recently?" Mond asked.

"Well, although you are not here as often, the company is running smoothly. Don't worry," responded his assistant.

"What about the other companies? Have there been any problems?" Mond questioned his assistant.

"No, not at the moment, everything is going well," the assistant replied.

Deep down, Mond felt relieved and nodded. He went on to inform the office worker, "Well, I won't always be in the office over the next month. You will need to inform the heads of each department that everyone is to fulfill their tasks dutifully and report to me at the first sign of any major event, got that?"

"Yes, Mr. Mond," his assistant replied respectfully.

"Even though I won't be here, I want to be kept up on company affairs immediately, and..." Mond paused for a moment and continued to ask, "What about Sally? Has there been any word of her lately?"

The assistant shook her head and said, "No, there isn't. Miss Sally hasn't been in to see you, and I haven't heard any news about her."

"Well, okay, I see. You will report back to me the moment you have any news about her," directed Mond.

With all the hatred she felt about Jackson not being dealt with right away, Mond was more or less worried about Sally, and what she might do to Jackson.

She would start with Cherry, except, Sally didn't know about Cherry's pregnancy, and he didn't know what Sally was capable of if she found out.

Of course, Mr. Mond, " his assistant told him.

After his brief discussion, Mond got up, and picked up his coat as he left the office.


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