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(I believe you (2)

He didn't have to speak. Cherry knew why he was concerned.

"My sister has changed a lot," Cherry avowed. "She's nothing like her former self. She doesn't do anything driven by vanity anymore. From what I've seen, she is more willing to try new things and attaches less importance to wealth and fame. I'm proud of her."

Jackson still remained quiet in concern. 'I will never forget what I did to Jean for what she had done to Cherry. I do believe she's become a good person. Perhaps she has indeed fathomed more than she used to, after experiencing what she has, ' he ruminated.

"You know what? Jean is very fond of our little Joe." Cherry exclaimed delightedly. But soon she frowned and her tone grew sombre. "Perhaps she knows she won't have a child, so she gives Joe all her love and cares for him like he was her own. Joe likes her just as much. These are some of the reasons I'd like to spend more time getting to know the new her."

"My sweetheart, I'll allow you to live here a little longer, but you must protect yourself. If you get into any trouble, call me at any time. I don't care when it is. Do you understand?" Jackson reluctantly conceded, his face still covered with his concern.

"I will," Cherry reassured him. "I am safe here. Jean and Mond treat me nicely.

Don't worry, they won't hurt me." She understood Jackson's misgivings, but she had a hunch Mond wouldn't lay a hand on her.

He took a deep breath and let it out. He was still very worried, but he nodded approvingly finally.

Cherry rejoiced and snuggled closer to him, wrapping her arms around him.

"Honey, while I'm away, look after yourself and supervise our son. Make sure he finishes his homework and practises the piano. Pay some more attention to him," she urged.

Growing with confidence, he looked over his beautiful wife. "Don't worry, I can handle it," he assured. He then noticed just how much thinner she was than she used to be. 'I'm sad to see how thin she's become. Has Mond been mistreating her?' he wondered.

"Of course, I trust you. I know you can do it well."

"Just take good care of yourself. Look, you've been getting thinner," he embraced her, concerned.

"Hum, I will," Cherry agreed.

Cherry's look of obedience forced Jackson to explain. "My sweetheart, I swear that I've been clear with Sally.

Don't misunderstand me. I only want you to trust me. You're always the one I love. You will be the only woman in my life. I'll never cheat on you."

His explanation grew Cherry's confidence in her husband. His eyes didn't lie. 'Of course, I believe him.'

"I see. That's why I didn't give much thought to this. You heard what I said to Sally. You're my husband, and Joe's father. Having been with you all these years, I know you better than anyone else. I know that you will never betray me," Cherry replied compassionately. She truly did trust her husband. 'He's my husband, so I should have faith in him.

Just as Joe told me his wonderful father would naturally attract other women.

Such as Susan who works in the bar. If I observed her more carefully, she might even be more dangerous than Sally. But I trust my husband and I believe he will never cheat on me. As long as I have faith in him, nothing will destroy our relationship, ' she mused to herself.

"Cherry, you're much stronger than you used to be," Jackson told her seriously. 'She's become surprisingly stronger and more confident than before. But I'm more glad than surprised.'

"I need to learn to be strong, so I can protect myself, our son and our family. Honey, Joe said that the three of us should guard our family and not let anyone spoil it," Cherry replied proudly.

A bright smile spoiling his serious gaze, he gazed lovingly upon his wife. "Well, I shall shield our family. As long as my kind wife and dear son need me, I will show up every time to help them solve problems." 'I only wish she can be happy, ' he thought. 'Once she's happy, my life will be filled with sunshine.'

"Oh, my dear husband," Cherry praised him.

"Oh," she suddenly remembered. "Did you know Amy and Derek are dating?" Jackson nodded. "Yeah, I know. Derek told me."

Pursing her lips, anger bubbled beneath the thin woman's expression. "You're true buddies. You work together to keep me in the dark!" She shook her head. 'He already knew what was going on between Derek and Amy, but did he ever think to tell me? No! If Amy hadn't told me, I'd be ignorant of it forever, ' she thought bitterly.

Jackson raised his hands in surrender. "Babe, I'm innocent. Derek and I are good friends and we share everything about ourselves. He knows about our matters," he explained quickly. 'I can't let Cherry think I've done wrong. I must keep a good image before her. If I can do this successfully, I'll be able to take my advantages and dote on her. She needs to know she can rely on me.'

"You've told him everything about us?" Cherry asked sternly. 'He confides even our private life to Derek. He doesn't care about his own image, but I do. How can I face Derek later? she thought angrily.

"What? Of course not. I definitely didn't tell him about our personal life. Those are our secrets, together, ' Jackson replied calmly. 'It's funny, ' he noted. 'I just want to amuse her and make her angry at me.'

Cherry stared at him with displeasure wordlessly.

Seeing her expression, he sighed. "Honey, I'm not lying to you. I never have and never will tell him our private things between us. I usually just share my thoughts or ideas on how to deal with things. For example, he told me that he fell in love with Amy, she agreed to see him and he planned to marry her. That's all. He didn't mention how he pursued Amy. So did I,"

Jackson explained patiently, hoping she wouldn't get angry.

"Jackson, if you tell our private affairs to other people, I won't have it. I won't just let you off the hook," Cherry lectured, as though she were a teacher lecturing her student.

Jackson's sly smile returned. "I see. I've never told anyone about that. Besides, Derek is my brother. He'll know even if I don't tell him."

"Jackson, you're bullying me," Cherry fumed, crossing her arms.

"Oh, don't be mad at me. I'll listen to you," Jackson coaxed, holding her to his body.
"Sweetheart, it's getting late. Maybe you should head back inside," Jackson suggested.

He was afraid she would be too tired, since they'd been there for quite a while now. So he hoped she could still get to bed somewhat early.

"Just stay here for a little longer. Joe's still asleep. It's okay. Besides, I don't need to go to work tomorrow, so it doesn't matter if I go to bed later. Please, I just want to stay with you a little longer," Cherry pleaded, putting her head on his shoulder. They sat on the edge of the car and looked at the beautiful starry night sky.

"Honey, I swear to the sky that I will love you for the rest of this lifetime and never have a crush on other women," Jackson promised firmly.

"Oh, you silly sweetheart, I believe you," Cherry began to smile. "Do you know when I started to trust you the first time?"


"When you took me with you before we even got married."

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