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(Wish you happiness (1)

She shook her head. It was impossible.

It shouldn't be possible! Cherry tried to dismiss her feeling, telling herself that she was just overthinking things. Mond couldn't possibly have that kind of relationship with Jackson. The Chu Family was a military family. It couldn't happen, absolutely not!

Cherry was suddenly thinking of her sister, the relationship they had together. Cherry definitely oddly tolerated her sister for a long time. And Jean seemed to have a strange hatred of Cherry for a long time too. But what about Mond and Jackson? Are they acting the same way like she and Jean did?

Breaking her from her deep thoughts, Cherry's cellphone began to ring. She looked at the screen to see it was Amy calling.

'That's right, ' Cherry realised silently. Joe was coming to stay with his mother tonight and so wouldn't be taking his piano class tonight. She had forgotten to contact Amy about this, so it was fortuitous that Amy was calling now.

Cherry answered the phone, "Hello, Amy!"

She smiled and put on a cheerful tone, to avoid Amy hearing that something might be wrong. Even if Amy was her friend, Cherry didn't want her to worry.

"Cherry, how are you doing these days?" Amy asked hastily in response.

"I'm pretty good, thank you," Cherry replied, her voice upbeat.

"I haven't seen you the past few times I've come to teach Joe. Have you quarrelled with Joe's Daddy?" Amy asked, concerned.

Cherry smiled a little wistfully. "It's no problem, Amy. I went to the bar to see him this morning."

Hearing Cherry so cheerful reassured Amy that there weren't any problems between her and Jackson. "I know it'll be alright for you. I can see Jackson really loves you, and I know you well.

If something does happen, as long as you two sit together and have a good talk, it'll be no problem in no time," Amy replied.

"You're right, I know that." Cherry took a deep breath before she continued. "Amy, I want to thank you for your concern. I really am fine. Don't you worry about me!"

"That's a relief, Cherry," Amy told Cherry.

"Lily called me just now and she passed on the message from Jackson that Joe won't be having piano class this evening.

I was worried about you, that's why I called you."

Realisation dawned on Cherry. "Oh, I see. I arranged for Joe to stay with me this evening, so he won't be able to have piano class tonight. I'm sorry I forgot to let you know. Is that okay? Will you be able to spare some time next time to make up the missed lesson?" Cherry asked, a little apprehensive. She wasn't sure about Amy's course arrangement and she was worried the missed class would unduly influence the class plan.

"Oh, that's all fine for me. I just tutor Joe in my spare time, so it's no problem for me. I can make up the lesson for Joe next time," Amy asserted.

Cherry breathed a sigh of relief. "That's good, thank you Amy!"

Since Amy could tell Cherry was in a good mood, she thought she might tell her some more good news. "Cherry, I'd like to tell you something personal about me."

Immediately interested, Cherry sat to listen. An opportunity to chat with her good friend was rare these days, and she couldn't miss this opportunity.

"What is it? Tell me, quickly," Cherry's curiosity made her hasty.

Amy let out a breath she'd been holding and spoke: "Well, Derek and I have decided to be together." Her voice was shyer than she intended, but she finally said it with determination.

"Is that true?" This was indeed surprising and good news. She could barely contain her glee as she spoke: "That was fast!"

Her voice held a small tinge of hesitation and disbelief, as she did think it was a little too soon for Amy and Derek. They hadn't known each other for long and they didn't know each other well. On the other hand, Cherry knew both of them well, and she didn't think they'd have problems together. She just felt it was a bit too fast.

"Cherry, do you believe in love at first sight? "And do you believe one person could just show up in your life and change your perspective?" Completely immersed in her sweetness, Amy continued: "Perhaps, Derek is the right person I've been looking for. Though we haven't known each long or well, my instinct doesn't lie. I feel that he's my Mr. Right."

"Amy, I do believe that! Oh, it sounds like you've completely fallen in love. Oh, I can't wait to call Derek and ask him how he feels," Cherry gushed. She was so happy that her good friend had finally found her soul mate, and that Amy's soul mate was Derek! She knew the two well enough that she felt reassured that they would both be happy. At least they would never cheat on or hurt each other.

"Oh, Derek feels the same as I. Perhaps, we may get our marriage certificate some day, and Cherry don't be surprised then! I'll happily treat your family to dinner," Amy promised, a little giddy.

"That's for sure. And if you don't, Derek should. He's Jackson's best friend and we'll probably gather together a lot in the future. Oh, how wonderful it will be," Cherry eagerly looked forward, for the future looked fantastic.

"And Amy, do be happy! Derek is a good man that you can rely on," Cherry reminded her friend.

"You think so? I think so, too. I do feel he is a very trustworthy person, one I can spend the rest of my life with," Amy bubbled delightedly. She was even more sure of her decision now that she had heard Cherry agreed.

"Amy, I do feel that good things happen one after another around us. After my brother and Selina hold their wedding, it'll be yours and Derek's turn. I'm afraid that we'll be quite busy these days, but we're all so happy to have so much happiness around," Cherry beamed.

"Yes, I've already met Selina. She's such a lovely girl, and it's always enjoyable to talk with her. No wonder Derek always praises his sister," Amy agreed. Selina had left a great impression with Amy who really did think Selina was excellent.

"You're right! Selina is a good girl. It seems the three of us could get along quite well in the future." Cherry smiled as she thought of the good times she might have to look forward to with her friends. Since it seemed the three of them could get along so well, their future life would be filled with joy and happiness.

Amy also looked to the future, imagining. "We three can get out to have afternoon teas, and chat together. Oh, it'll be so exciting!"

"Yes, it's going to be great! Joe, I know, will be overjoyed when he finds out you and Derek are together. He likes Derek a lot, and if he knows you'll be his aunt, he'll be quite overjoyed," Cherry thought of her darling son, warming her heart with even his mention.

"Really? Then I will certainly give him a big red packet when I get married," said Amy.

"It's a must! Joe is so looking forward to the red packet! I still remember when he urged my brother to marry Selina so that she could be his aunt. Now they're getting married and soon you'll be his aunt too. I can't imagine just how happy he'll be."

"You're so lucky, Cherry. Though you married at a young age, you are blessed to have a lovely son and great husband.

They both love you very much. Did you know I envy you? You must enjoy your life and grasp your own happiness," Amy reminded Cherry. Amy was right. She really felt that Cherry was happy.

"Thank you, Amy! And you'll be very happy too! Derek is a great guy, and you certainly will be a happy woman," Cherry returned the compliments.

"Ah, we women don't want that much from life, do we, Cherry? We only want a warm family with a man who loves us and our own child. That's enough for us," Amy remarked.

"Absolutely. Family means everything to us," Cherry agreed.

"This is really our dreams come true," Amy noted.

"Yes, our dreams are coming true!" Cherry echoed.

Cherry and Amy continued to have a surprisingly pleasant chat. Once they were finished and Cherry had said her goodbyes, she sat on the sofa. The apprehension and bittersweet feelings stirred in her once again. Life is beautiful yet painful. She wanted badly to see the bright side of life, but so many things had happened. How could she possible deal with them? How could she face them?

She snuggled on the comfortable sofa as she untangled her thoughts, trying to make sense of them all. She became determined that she would take responsibility for every decision she made. Cherry was now brave enough to undertake the consequences!



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