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(Rachel dirty secret)

"Honey, you're so hot," Roger Han said, fawning over Rachel.

He picked her up sideways, throwing her on the bed. He looked at her intensely, pulling the towel off as he ogled her body. He made sure to take in charge, roughly losing himself inside her as he rocked back and forth.

Rachel lay in Roger Han's arms after being spent, running her fingers seductively across his chest.

"Roger, I can't help but notice you seem... to be more aggressive than before," she praised him, overwhelmed with satisfaction.

"Really?" he asked, suddenly grabbing her by the fingers.

"Are you implying that you want one more round?"

Appalled by what he said, Rachel scoffed in return. "You wish!"

"You have no idea, aren't you?" Roger Han said, acting miserable.

"I'm a man in my prime, but I haven't had sex for days. You're not even here for long. This is the only chance that I have."
"I can't stay here," Rachel said as she sat up, getting serious.

"Today is the second day of my marriage. How could you ask such a thing? Do you want Edward to divorce me?" she asked.

"Why not? File a divorce if that's what you want."

Confused, he asked her, putting his arms around her waist. "I don't get it. What's so good about him?

He's such an old man. He can't please you as much as I do, right?"

"You don't understand," Rachel said, frowning slightly.

"He can give me what I want."

"I don't know what you're talking about," he said, getting angry.

"How long are you going to keep our relationship secret?" he complained further.

Realizing that he was getting furious, Rachel quickly turned in an effort to comfort him.

She was a woman who had her own needs. Now that Edward was too old to satisfy her sexually, she needed to use another man to satisfy her lust.

Despite being unknown and new from show business, Roger Han had a good physique and looks to note for. Getting rid of him was not something she thought of doing any time soon unless she got tired of him.

"Haven't we talked about this before, sweetie?" Rachel gently asked him, her soft palms touching his face.

"You need to relax and be easy on this please," she added with a shy smile, her eyes imploring.

"Rachel…" Roger Han started quietly. "As a man, I would like our relationship to be out in the open for everyone to know about. I just can't keep hiding all the time. Do you understand?"

"I do. I clearly get your worries," she assured him helplessly.

"But you have to put in mind that our social classes differ. Even if my marital status was out of the question, having you in public will be a total disgrace to you. Or do you want people to turn you into a laughing stock?"

This made Roger Han grimace.

"It's not exactly what I want. But I'm not comfortable with you being with Edward all the time."

"You have to be patient," Rachel said, trying to calm him down with a mocking smile.

"I'm a bit disappointed that Chris is the one getting the majority of his inheritance. You do know that I married him for his fortune, right? I don't know what to do," she said, confused.

Roger Han had gotten his information about Rachel and Edward on television.

"Did you honestly got married to him only for his fortune?" Rodger asked. "Yes, I did,"

Rachel answered quickly with no hesitation.

"So... Does that mean that by the time you get his property, you'll still be with me?"

Roger Han asked with a cunning smile.

He felt he needed to assist Rachel at her time of need. He initially met her at a commercial shoot and eventually found her interesting. His main motive was to use her in order to find his way to success.

"Do you have any clue how I'll get through this?" she asked, quickly noticing the assurance on his face so she went on to give him a promise.

"Find a way to convince Edward not to give most of his fortune to Chris and I'll be yours when I acquire it."

Just when he saw Rachel expecting something, Roger Han took the chance to ask her something he always wanted to ask.

"There's news going around that Director Zhang wants a supporting actor for his drama. Since you're well acquainted to him, do you think you could give me a recommendation?"

Rachel thought her answer through before responding. "If you can help me with my problem with Edward, I'll promise to help you with your request."

This put a smile on Roger Han's face.

"Don't forget the promise you just made to me now."

He then threw himself at Rachel but she immediately turned and pushed him away. "What are you doing? I only need you to help me figure out a way," she yelled, surprised.

"Don't worry. I got this," Rodger said, giving her an assuring smile.

"Being Edward's daughter, Chris will surely get most of her father's fortune," he said, trying to form a game plan.

"If you don't really want her to get all of his fortunes, you should consider giving him a baby so that he gets happy about being a father. This will automatically give your child a huge amount of inheritance. It would also be best if the child is a boy."

Rachel smiled upon hearing his suggestion. 'It will make him realize that I'm still in my youth if I give him a baby.

This will make it easier to get his fortune and make my reputation better,'

She thought, hugging Roger Han out of pure joy.

Then, the two started making out, giving in to their body desires.

When it was all over, Roger Han lay in the bed as he stared at the woman he just made love to. Having been there for quite some, Rachel needed to get dressed.

"If you really want the pregnancy to happen, we need to be together much more often," he said with a light smile on his face. "This is how it works, you know. We have to work a little bit harder." "How about I call you when I get the time?" Rachel asked in return.

It was quite obvious that Edward was getting old already. It would then be difficult for him to acquire children so it had to be Roger Han himself.

"How about Director Zhang?"

Roger Han asked, leaning over the bed.

She laughed, bearing in mind that what she and Roger Han had was something they both enjoyed and benefited from.

She knew she had to help him just as he did, too. Without thinking twice, she got her phone and called Director Zhang.

After a few moments, Rachel could be heard thanking Director Zhang. "Thanks so much for this! If you want, I want to treat you to dinner later on," she said in a happy voice.

Turning to Roger Han, she asked, "Did you hear that? Your audition is happening this afternoon!"

Glad to hear the news, Roger Han tried to hold Rachel to express his gratitude, only to be stopped. "Thank you, honey," he said, voice full of appreciation. "Don't celebrate so soon. My part is to get you to Director Zhang. Now the rest is up to you," she said coldly.

"Just keep in mind that you can't blame me if things get wrong. If you fail at this, it's all on you," she added further.

"I know. Don't worry, it's never your fault if it doesn't work out," Roger Han said, clearly excited.

Rachel left afterwards. A few moments later, Roger Han heard someone knock. "Have you taken any photos?" he opened the door and asked the person by the door.


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