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(Let have a baby)

Autumn was happy to receive a call from Charles. However, soon after she heard what he had said, her face turned sour. She gripped the phone tight as she asked him with a trembling voice, "Why?"

Charles did not notice the change in Autumn's tone and continued, "There's an emergency that needs my immediate attention. I have to stay here to deal with it. But rest assured, Autumn. I will try to come back as soon as I can."

"I..." Autumn fought back the urge to call him back, for she knew that Charles wouldn't leave the work unfinished and come back for her at this point. Also, even if he did give up him work and come back on her calling, she was afraid he might resent her.

She just sat there perched on the corner of the bed all alone, in a room full of silence.

The dim yellow light seemed to spread across all corners of the room. There she was lonely and sad inside this big room.
"Autumn, is something wrong? You seem unhappy."

Charles finally realized that something was bothering Autumn, so he immediately asked her, "Are you upset because I can't come back soon?" Sure. That must be it!

Even though Autumn was thinking about it, she didn't share her thoughts with him. Instead, she forced a smile and said, "No, I'm not upset. I attended Rachel's wedding with Chris today. It was rather odd."

"Why did you attend her wedding?" Charles waved his head unconsciously as his curiosity increased.

Autumn simply narrated the entire story of what had happened today and then she said, "Charles, Chris is Edward's daughter. Nothing can change this fact. I think this was her attempt to save Edward's fortune..."

"I understand." Charles took a moment before he responded, "But if the same thing happens again, Just be careful. Don't be impulsive, just be prepared. Rachel is not so easy to deal with."

"I know what you mean." Autumn nodded quietly as she introspected.

"Once I come back, I will take a break and take you out. What do you think of that?" Charles comforted Autumn softly.

Autumn finally seemed happier with the hopes of tomorrow glimmering in her eyes. She hesitated but, then determined to express her feelings to Charles she said, "Charles..."

"Um, yes?" She felt assured of telling him how she felt once she heard his mild response.

"I... I miss you so very much." Even though she was all alone in the room, Autumn's face still flushed pink as she thought of Charles in silence.

She held the phone anxiously, hoping that Charles would give a loving response.

Charles paused with surprise upon hearing her, soon he began laughing out of sheer happiness. He recalled the smell of her skin as he fiercely said to her, "If only you were here..."

He then reminded himself of long distance separating them, he sighed sadly, and then whispered, "All right, wait for me at home!"

Autumn giggled, as she decided to surprise him, "Dear, why don't we have a baby? It feels like the right time to start a family..."

She heard nothing from the other end of the call, for a second she thought the call had disconnected. As she grew anxious and upset over his apparent silence she cautiously asked Charles, "Why you are so silent?

Do you not want to have a baby now?"

"No! Definitely not! Why do you think I'm unwilling to do that?" Charles laughed loudly as he continued, "I just feel you brought up this topic rather abruptly. Why do you want to have a baby right now?"

Autumn sighed, and replied in a low tone, "I know you always wanted to have a baby. But at that point in time, I thought it was too soon since our wedding to have a child. But now, I changed my mind. It makes no difference whether we start our family sooner or later. Also, every time I see Cindy, I cannot help wondering how our baby would be like. Will she or he be as lovely as Cindy?"

Autumn said to Charles as she was losing faith, "It's just a suggestion. If you do not agree we can revisit this topic later..."

"You foolish girl, I'm extremely keen to start this chapter of our lives." Charles smiled, for he actually longed to have a baby with Autumn. Earlier even though Autumn hadn't made her thoughts clear, he could figure out that she didn't want to have a baby so soon into the marriage.

This was the perfect opportunity for him, and he was definitely going to seize it.

He could not wait to come back home and hug her.

But he hid all his excitement and said to her, "Wait for me. Once I complete this work, I will rush back to you."

"That sounds perfect." Autumn nodded. Just as she was going to add something, Leila interrupted their conversation from the other side as she called out to Charles. "Mr. Lu, it's time to go."

Autumn's smile disappeared. What was happening? Was Leila standing beside him all this while when they were having this rather intimate conversation?

Autumn was disappointed about this. But indeed Leila felt more malcontent.

Leila felt uncomfortable as she heard Charles and Autumn speak so sweetly with each other. As the time for a meeting was approaching, Leila could not bear their flirting anymore. She urged Charles to leave soon, because on one hand, she did not want to hear their chat anymore; and on the other hand, she wanted to remind Autumn, she was accompanying Charles and was always lurking in the shadows.

Upon hearing Leila's voice, Autumn stopped in her tracks. And Charles did not wait for her to react and quickly said to her after looking at his watch, "Dear, I have to hung up now. There is a meeting scheduled for right about now. I will call you later."

Charles then hung up the call almost instantly, without waiting for Autumn to say a word.

She forced herself not think about this. After waking up the next morning, she went to work and called Rachel.

"Miss Bai, will you please tell me if you have fit up the hotel? When can we come and measure the entire place?" Autumn asked in a rather indifferent tone.

Rachel sneered and impatiently replied, "I'm afraid we will need more time to finish it. Miss Ye, don't you think it's too unprofessional for you to push me in such a manner? I mean I just got married."

Rachel was still angry about what had happened yesterday. She believed it was Autumn who was to blame. That's why she was constantly tried to embarrass her.

"If you can accomplish it before your wedding, I will not interrupt you now." Autumn said that without any emotion. "I am asking you one last time, When will you complete it?"

"Wait for my notice." Rachel smugly said to her, then hung up the phone rather abruptly.

Rachel felt better seeing that Autumn was controlled by her.

As for Autumn, she definitely knew Rachel was making things difficult for her. She had another idea. She instantly called Andy, "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but I really cannot handle this. Could you please help me?"

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