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(A visit)

"She is my wife, of course I will devote all my attention to her. What would you like to eat? Please order it. It will be my treat as a gratitude for your work yesterday," Charles said with a warm smile.

After choosing several dishes, Leila took a seat next to Charles and chatted with him. This meeting was purely a coincidence. However, for Leila it seemed like destiny to meet him in such a fateful manner. She was truly happy.

"Well, Mr. Lu, how is Autumn feeling now?" Leila asked abruptly.

"She is just fine. Just some small issues. She will recover soon," Charles answered with optimism. "Now I should head back to the hospital to check on her. Until she was discharged from the hospital, I will be absent in the company.

I hope that... you can help manage all business affairs."

"Mr. Lu, don't worry about the company. Everything will be just fine," Leila responded with an assuring smile. 'This is a good chance for me. I should not let it go,' she thought. "Mr. Lu, how about I come to the hospital with you? I'm worried about Autumn's health too. After all, she is my savior," she casually mentioned her idea.

"That seems absolutely fine," Charles agreed to her request. As the food Charles had ordered was packed and ready to go, he also prepared to leave.

"How did you get here?" he asked Leila. Leila had driven there but since since she could not find a parking spot near the restaurant, she had to park it slightly far from there. "I grabbed a taxi," she lied conveniently as she tried to conceal her delight as to how well the day was going in her favor.

"Well, then I can give you a ride till the hospital," Charles suggested immediately. Just when he drove past a flower shop, Leila asked him to pull over and wait for a second. As she insisted, Charles had no choice but to make the stop. She then got out of the car and came back with a bunch of beautifully fresh and fragrant flowers. As she entered the car, she wore a content smile on her face.

"Actually you really didn't have to bother with such a gesture. She will be released from hospital quite soon," Charles said.

"It's impolite to visit someone empty handed," Leila responded with a bright smile. "Autumn has always treated me so well and she even helped me find this job. Now she has fallen sick, how could I possibly visit her empty-handed? After all, she is hospitalized now."

"It is true that she introduced you to my company. But you have stayed on working with us owing to your excellent work performance," Charles said as he praised and appreciated her work.

Leila let out a sweet smile as she heard him acknowledge and appreciate her efforts. As they arrived, Charles parked his car right outside the hospital building. He then walked upstairs, as he lead Leila who was right behind him.

"What took you so long?" Abby asked with a frown, as Charles entered the ward.

"I went all the way to Autumn's favorite restaurant and bought her favorite food.

Grandpa, grandma, please have some food too. There is some for everyone," Charles explained. "Well, Autumn..." he turned to Autumn, as he took out the food and helped her sit up.

"Do you know who I ran into at the restaurant?" he continued, maintaining suspense.

"Who?" Autumn asked. Autumn was feeling much better and stronger already after Arthur comforted her.

"Please come in," Charles said as he glanced at the door with a grin.

Leila entered the room with the giant bouquet in her hands. "Autumn, how are you feeling now?" she asked, looking at Autumn with a big wide smile.

"What are you doing here?" Autumn snapped immediately with a displeased expression. Abby could sense Autumn's displeasure, but she remained silent and continued to observe her.

"I happened to meet Mr. Lu and heard that you were not keeping well. So I came here to check on you. I hope that is okay," Leila replied. "How are you now? Are you feeling better?" she asked again with a slight smile, as she put the bouquet down on the side table.

"Don't worry. I'm still alive and kicking," Autumn answered sarcastically. Leila's face flushed red with embarrassment as she did not know how to respoond. "I'm tired. And I would like to get some sleep," Autumn said, as she turned her face away.

"Autumn..." Charles called out, raising his eyebrows in shock. He could not understand why Autumn was so hostile towards Leila. "Please don't be like this," he continued, trying to speak in Leila's favor.

"Well..." Abby said to Leila, glancing at her. "Thank you for visiting and also for the thoughtful flowers. But Autumn is tired now and would like to rest. How about you... come some other time?"

Leila gave Charles a pitiful glance. When she sensed the guilt in his eyes, she felt content. "Autumn, please do take rest. I will leave now," she said to Autumn.

Charles escorted Leila to the entrance. Before Leila left, he said to her apologetically, "I'm sorry for that, her behavior was uncalled for. She has been very emotional lately. Please don't mind her."

Since a few days Autumn had been bad-tempered and paranoid, which was starting to bother Charles.

"I'm fine. Mr. Lu, please get back to Autumn. She needs you. I will see you later!" Leila responded, looking at Charles with apprehension.

"Bye!" Charles replied with a weak smile. As he turned around, he was stunned at the sight of Abby furiously standing across him. "Follow me," Abby said before Charles could utter a single word.

Abby took him to the end of the corridor near the window. "Who is that woman?" she asked with growing concern and anger.

"Her? She is Autumn's former colleague. Later, Autumn introduced her to work in my company and now she is my secretary," Charles replied. "Why would you ask me that?" he asked in confusion.

"Secretary?" Abby responded with a sneer. "Charles, don't think Autumn is a fool. It's very evident, that woman is harboring feelings for you."

"That is not possible," Charles said with a confident smile. "Autumn knows Leila very well actually. She wouldn't have introduced Leila to my company if she didn't trust her."

"Didn't you just notice the tension in the room? Autumn clearly did not want to see her," Abby said as she furrowed her brows. "Anyway, there is one thing that I hope you can remember at all times.

Autumn isn't an orphan. You better treat her well. Otherwise, I won't forgive you," she warned him.

"Besides, if you are ever caught having an affair with Leila, I will not let you go," she added.

As soon as she finished her sentence, she headed straight to the ward. Charles stood there still, lost in thought. 'Leila and I? How could that be possible?

But now that Abby mentioned this to me and Autumn does clearly dislike Leila, I will try to avoid Leila under every circumstance except work. In this way, Autumn will not be bothered.'

Just as he was heading to the ward, he received a call from David. David told him that there was something important waiting for him to deal with. "I will come back as soon as possible," he agreed after a long hesitation.

He went to Autumn's ward and said he had some business to deal with immediately. With her permission, he rushed to the office.

He called Chris and asked her to give Autumn company. Chris arrived within a few minutes at the hospital with Sam.

To ensure Chris and Autumn could speak freely, the Zhao family left the ward. "Autumn, why are you in hospital again? What did Charles do now?" Chris sobbed, her eyes full of tears and fear.

"It's not his fault at all." Autumn defended him. "Please don't cry. I'm fine, really," she assured Chris with a reassuring smile.


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