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(A murder(2)

"What's wrong with having the desire to lead a better life?" Wendy looked at Simon, puzzled. "As the old saying goes, 'Man struggles upwards; water flows downwards.' With my own efforts and persistence, I had the chance to live a happier life. Is there anything wrong with it? Would you rather see that, I made every possible endeavor to marry Bowen just to live a painful and miserable life with him?"

Simon didn't say a word. Wendy would never understand the definition of true love. Whatever he said to her fell on deaf ears. On second thought, he had better keep silent.

This insane woman would be difficult to have a dispute with.

"Why don't you say something?" Wendy sneered at him, and said, "Simon Gu, don't be a hypocrite. You and I are one and the same. You decided to marry Aron's mother just because of her family's wealth, am I right? Weren't you also trying to give yourself a more comfortable life? You do not have the right to look down on me, you know."

"I'm totally different from you." Simon knew that his son, Aron, was listening on the phone this whole time. Unfortunately, he had run out of chances to make a clear explanation to his son. So at this untimely moment, he choose this way to tell him that he loved his son all his life.

"At that time, when I fell in love his mother, I didn't know who she was and what family background she had. I decided to court her as dictated by my true love for her. I really loved her. I still do, even though it's been many years.

And I still feel sorry for what I did to her and our son." Simon smiled bitterly. As men speak kindly in the presence of death, he continued saying, "One thing that I regret most is that I was once obsessed with you. And that I helped you hide your crimes in order to get the shares of the company. Wendy Ye, you are a deluded and shameless poor excuse of a human being, with a general lack of emotion, remorse, kindness and love. You are a curse to humankind. How could I possibly have anything in common with you?"

"That sounds like a good explanation, right?" Wendy smiled with irony. "My beloved husband, at that time, to be able to take over the company, you did help me hide my crimes. But later, you connived with me, letting our daughter marry Charles just to get the financial support from his company. In your heart, money and business have long been more important than family bonds. You had better admit that you and I are of the same kind."

Wendy's words got Simon as he lost himself in his thoughts. Yes, she was right. When did he become as evil as her?

He felt so terrible as he realized it.

He could not find a good enough reason to forgive himself. He responded in a cold tone, "There is no denying that I have done a few wrong things. But now, I have seen and done enough in my life. Wendy Ye, please hurry up. Just go ahead if you really want to kill me. Stop talking all this nonsense with me."

Aron, while listening to Wendy's revelation of her atrocities, had rushed off from where he was, all the way to the Gu family house. When Aron heard Simon's words on the phone, he finally understood that Simon only sought death in his mind because Simon did not want any more tragedies to fall on him.

But at that moment, he drove at top speed, terribly fearing that he could be too late to save his father from certain death.

Only then did he realize that however he said that he hated Simon, he couldn't helping crying now that he had found out that Simon could be slipping off to his death right at that very moment. Don't people say that 'blood is thicker than water'?

He dared not make any noise. He was afraid that Wendy would do harm to his father if she found out that he had been listening.

Then he heard Simon continue speaking to Wendy, "Everything ought to come to an end, especially with me. Wendy Ye, stop hurting other innocent people.

Simple as that."

"Did you know? I really don't want you to fall into the wrong path." Wendy's smile was bitter. "I have been married to you for so many years. I still love you, but why have you given up and wanted to leave me? And why won't you leave all of your property to Yvonne. Is it just because she is not a boy?"

Wendy continued, "But it doesn't matter. After you die, the three of us can divide your property equally. At least, we can get more than half of it with our combined shares. That's enough for me."

As Wendy touched Simon's face, she said, "Simon, we could have lived a peaceful life. But it is you who screwed up everything, so don't blame me for it."

Wendy saw Simon close his eyes. She said to him, "Yvonne is also your daughter. Hadn't you been so cruel, how could I have planned to kill you?"

She kissed Simon on his cheek without any nostalgia on her face. "Good bye, my love."

After hearing Wendy's words, Aron no longer heard Simon's reply. Then Aron understood that he was likely already killed by Wendy. Aron stopped his car on the roadside. He bent over the steeling wheel and lost his control, "Nooooooooo...." he screamed and broke down.

There was no time to tell his father that he didn't hate him at all.

He had no chance to tell that he had forgiven him.

He had a lot to say to Simon, but Simon would never hear what he wanted to tell him.

When Yvonne came back home, she only saw the delicious but stone-cold dishes on the table that hadn't been touched. She then saw Wendy sitting on the sofa with a silly smile on her face, reading a magazine. She sat beside her mother with curiosity and asked, "Mom? Where is my dad?"

"Buried in the backyard." Wendy answered calmly. Barely looking up, turning the magazine, page after page.

Yvonne knew what would happen today after her mom ordered her and everyone else to get out of the house. Even so, she still felt very horrible. She asked warily, "Then... Just buried in the backyard?"

Wendy looked at Yvonne coldly, and asked, "What are you afraid of?"

"No, I'm not afraid. I just ......" Yvonne regretted asking the question. She now noticed that her mother looked so dreadful. But it was too late to stop her.

She could only force herself to ask, "Mom, then ...... What should we do next?"

"Next..." Wendy was about to say something when the doorbell rang. Hearing the bell, Yvonne quickly rushed to open the door to get away from the strange and gloomy atmosphere.

Aron stood by the door, out of breath and with an insidious expression on his face.
"What brings you here?" Yvonne blurted with hostility, acting as a cock in high spirits the moment she saw Aron.

"Where is Wendy Ye? Where is you mother?" he panted. "Let her come out here to face me!" Aron shouted at his sister. But Yvonne stood in the doorway deliberately to stop him from coming in.

She shouted in return, "Who do you think you are? Is this a place where you can come at will? Get out of here now!"

Yvonne ordered him arrogantly but with a guilty conscience. Wendy just killed her father. If she let Aron come in, he would, no doubt, find some clues that lead to the murder of Simon.

"Get out of my way!" Aron's eyes were red with fury. Ignoring Yvonne, he directly shouted into the room, "Wendy Ye, you evil bitch! Come out and face me!"

Wendy didn't want to come out, but when she finally heard Aron's voice, she came out and stood in front of Aron calmly and asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Where is my father? What have you done to him!?" Aron came close to Wendy's face. "You had better show him to me right now. Or else, I will make sure that you suffer."

"What did you mean by threatening me like that?" Yvonne started shaking out of fear and guilt. She was too scared to say a word. But Wendy remained calm. For her, killing someone had gotten as easy as winking. How could she act so composed? She said to Aron, "He is a man who is restricted by nothing. He can go anywhere he wants. How can I stop him? Just ring him up if you are looking for him."

"I,m asking you what you have done to
my father!?" Aron asked out of rage.


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