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(the only condition)

"Come here, Yvonne." Wendy waved at Yvonne to come closer. She said to her daughter, "I want to ask you. Am I a good mother to you?"

"Mother, what are you talking about? Of course you're a wonderful mother."

Yvonne felt goose bumps all over her. She wasn't used to Wendy talking this way and it was a bit scary. Something was wrong but she couldn't tell which. All she could do was walk towards her mother.

Simon was good to her before, but everything had changed since Aron reappeared in their lives.

"Let me tell you, your father now has Aron back in his life. He does not want us any more," she said gloomily. "Not only that. He is going to give everything, the house, the car and the company... all to Aron."

"How could that happen?" Yvonne frowned and she said to Wendy, "Who does he think he is? All these things were supposed to be mine. I'll never let him have them. Over my dead body."

"That's it. That's my good girl." The conning mother pat the back of her daughter's hand and said, "Yes, mom will take all these things back for you."

"Mom... What did you mean?" Yvonne looked at Wendy nervously. Wendy whispered something to her ear. Yvonne freaked out, almost jumping away.

"Mom, are you crazy? How would you do this?"

"Don't blame on me for his unkindness. That's not my fault. Don't you want the family fortune for yourself?" Wendy sneared, "If you want it... this would be the only way. You just need to be tough and make the decision."

Yvonne fell silent and thought about it long and hard. Finally she nodded, "Okay, let's do this."

The next morning, Wendy called Simon to come home for dinner, saying there was something important to discuss with him. She said it sincerely and convincingly on the phone, that Simon finally agreed to it, for the sake of their marriage all these years.

Wendy swore to him, "I will agree to the divorce after dinner. No excuses, no conditions.''

Towards noon, Wendy dismissed all the servants and even Yvonne was asked to leave them. She set a table, full of dishes and waited for Simon.

Wendy did not show anything different when Simon arrived. She greeted him as usual and said, "Go wash your hands and let's have dinner."

"What are you doing?" Simon looked at Wendy and frowned. "Don't think that this could get us back together."

Wendy lowered her head, smiled bitterly at Simon and said, "I know. I only wish to see you so that we can say goodbye to each other in person. This is not an attempt to win you back. Yes, we are getting a divorce after so many years of marriage. Don't you think this is the perfect way to end it?"

Simon was speechless when he heard this from the woman he was about to leave. He sighed in frustration. They would not get to this point if Wendy had been a bit considerate.

He looked at Wendy, and said, "Let's eat dinner."

After taking a seat, Simon noticed there was no other person in the house. He was confused, so he asked, "Where is everyone else? Why is there no one at home?"

"I let them take the day off, because I wanted to talk to you and have you to myself. It's just two of us." Wendy said casually as she filled a bowl with spareribs soup and handed it over to Simon.

"Here. I know that it's your favorite." Wendy smiled sincerely. She tried to savor the moment, as if they were just meeting each other for the very first time. Even Simon felt like time turned back to more than twenty years ago.

When he first met Wendy, she often invited him to her place to have dinner. At that time, his favorite dish was spareribs soup.

"How is it?" Wendy smiled as she watched Simon take a sip of the soup. Simon nodded slightly. He put down the bowl and said, "It's hard to remember after all these years how much I love this."

He looked slightly at Wendy, and asked, "Didn't you say there was something important that you had to tell me? Why don't you tell me now?"

This man's warmth was only for his wife from twenty years ago. But as time passed, he could no longer remember the love and affection he had for this woman, whose heart was so malicious that snakes and scorpion paled in comparison.

Wendy fell silent and hung her head low. Simon frowned. "If you don't want to say anything, then I'll speak first. Just sign this agreement."

He took out a document from his briefcase and said to Wendy, "You have devoted a whole lot of your days to me so I won't be too harsh with you. I have prepared an apartment for you and Yvonne to live in. And here is a bank card, which has a million dollars in it. In addition, I will be providing you 20, 000 dollars alimony every month.

That should be enough for you and Yvonne to live comfortably. And... You may take your cars. You can also take with you all the clothes, jewelry and bags that you own. This is the biggest provision that I can make."

Simon considered this a very generous offer, but obviously the greedy wife was not all satisfied.

There was no change in the expression on her face. "Are you... in that much of a hurry to divorce me?"

Although she didn't admit it, Wendy was still trying to win Simon back. Twenty years of being together was extremely difficult for her to just throw away into the gutter. But unfortunately, Simon had made up his mind. "I thought we had made a deal."

He pushed the agreement towards Wendy. "Let's not waste each others' time. Please just sign it now."

"Don't worry. I'll sign it a bit later." Wendy sneered, as she said, "You hold my handle in your hand... How dare I not sign it?"

The man who was all but fed up looked at her coldly. "I hope you understand. It would not have come to this if it was not necessary."

"Actually, I called you today to have a nice dinner with you. We have been so busy that I can't remember the last time we had the chance to sit and chat like this... And what's more, I just want to ask you how you knew about that." Wendy thought that she had kept many secrets and concealed a lot, but now, after twenty years, she realized that she was really naive, expecting them to remain secrets forever.

"There is a saying, 'If you don't want people to know what you do, don't do it.' How did I get to know things that happened for so many years? Does it really matter?" Simon scoffed.

"Yes, it does." Wendy looked down at the spareribs soup and gently said, "If you want me to sign it, my only condition is this..."


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