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(Hideous wendy)

"If I were her, I would not acknowledge your existence and would break all ties," Simon said as he defended Autumn. All this while, Yvonne was hiding in a corner of the stairs.

The moment she heard Simon speaking for Autumn, she couldn't control her anger and dashed towards Simon in an angry stride.

"Dad, how could you speak in an outsider's favor especially after how she treated mom? Do you forget that I am your real daughter? Autumn is just a shameless bitch. She seduced the man I was to marry and now she is trying to disown us. There is nothing good associated with her," she exclaimed.

"Yvonne, why did you come downstairs unannounced?" Wendy asked as she yelled at Yvonne. "I am speaking to your father. You shouldn't come like this between our private conversation," she berated.

"Mom, I am not a child anymore," Yvonne snapped back. "If not for that ungrateful wretch, I would have married Charles and would have had my own child."

"Enough with you!" Simon shouted at both of them in anger. Simon was annoyed by their unrealistic expectations. "Just take a look at yourself. Do you really think that Charles would ever hit on you in a right frame of mind?" he berated Yvonne.

"Simon, what do you mean by that?" Wendy replied in shock and anger as to how he could say something like that to his very own daughter. 'Yvonne is not only my sweet little girl, but also his daughter. How could he belittle her like this without considering her feelings?'

Wendy thought to herself in disbelief.

"Did I say something wrong?" Simon asked sarcastically. "I arranged your wedding with a good boy and family, but you ran away with a cheap man instead.

Later, you came back alone and pregnant. Once you saw how handsome and wealthy Charles was, you started regretting your impulsive decision and tried all means to seduce him even though your sister married him. If I were Charles, I would have already taught you a lesson instead of letting you go time and again."

"Dad..." Yvonne called out as she looked at Simon in disbelief. She had never expected to hear such harsh and hurtful words from her father. "I'm your daughter. How could you insult me like this?"

Wendy started to feel queasy and anxious as she heard Simon go on...

"I shouldn't have showered you with so much affection and played along in your little sham. If I would have been a proper father then maybe you would not have become such an overbearing and unreasonable girl. Now it is too late, so from now on I won't interfere in your matters. Take care of yourself," Simon glanced at Yvonne with dissatisfaction. He did not care about what she thought, not anymore at least.

"What... what are you trying to say?" Wendy nervously asked him as her heart starting beating much faster. "She is your daughter. Who will teach and guide her if not you?"

"She has you, she always has," Simon snapped at Wendy. "When are you free? We can go to the Bureau of Civil Affairs and finish the procedures."

"Are you going to divorce me?" Wendy asked, dumbfounded as she did not see this coming. She almost broke down as she collapsed onto the floor out of shock. It had never occurred to her that Simon would really grow the spine to divorce her.

"Yes, I have every intention to divorce you," Simon said adamantly. "Wendy, I have grown more and more tired of you over these years. I don't want to live such a harrowing life. I am sure about my decision to get a divorce."

"No, but I don't want a divorce," Wendy retorted hysterically. In the past, she would have taken the money and agreed to divorce without hesitating for a second. But now she was old and that changed everything. The idea of losing everything after divorce petrified her. It was now impossible for her to marry another rich man as she was way past her charming youth.

After all she too was tired and all she yearned was to have a stable and comfortable life.

"Simon, I don't want to get a divorce. If you think that I have any shortcoming, please just let me know and I will change. Let us sort it out, we can't just end our long standing relationship like this. Please don't abandon me," she said in an imploring tone, as she tugged on Simon's clothes tightly.

"I will do anything as long as I can convince you to change your mind," she begged, gripping Simon's hand.

"It is too late to reconcile," Simon said coldly, as he shook off her firm grip. "I gave you many chances, more than you deserved. Wendy, we're over now and it is all because of you!"

"Simon, you have resolved to get divorced from me because of Aron, haven't you?" Wendy asked in an authoritative tone. "You saw Aron return from abroad, so now you are in a hurry to get a divorce. You intend to let Aron take over the company, hmm?"

"Does any of this really concern you?" Simon asked with a stern look. "The company is mine. I can give it to anyone I please. It is none of your business." "Simon, I served by your side as a loyal partner for so many years, but you have decided to desert me in times of need because of your son. You're so inconsiderate and cruel to me," Wendy whined, as she broke into tears.

"Stop blabbering. The reason why I am divorcing you has nothing to do with others. Have you ever paused to think that something may be wrong with you?" Simon snorted. "That is it. I will meet you at the Bureau of Civil Affairs tomorrow. If you don't come, I won't spare you."

"Dad! Dad!" Yvonne yelled out in disbelief as she grabbed Simon's arm in a hurry.

"This is all my fault. Please don't divorce mother. I will change, I promise to be a good person and will obey all you ask of me. I won't do anything that displeases you. Please!" she apologized sincerely in a bid to save her parents' shattering marriage.

"Let me go!" Simon yelled at her as he yanked his hand. Once he had made up his mind, no one could change it. His annoyance increased by manifolds just by hearing Yvonne's voice. He was resolute and no matter what happened, the divorce was final.

"Once we get divorced, I will have nothing to do with you. Just live with your mother," Simon said to Yvonne in a stern voice.

"Simon!" Wendy again grabbed his arm in an attempt to hold Simon back as he was about to leave. "There is no way I can agree for our divorce," she continued.

"Wendy, you disgust me," Simon responded in anger, as he had finally lost his patience. "Can't we just get a divorce peacefully? You know this is not working.

As for the death of Aron's mother... do you really want me to explain it to you?"

"What do you mean?" Wendy was petrified. Her anxiety crippled her mind. She was unable to breathe.

"The day has eyes, the night has ears. I will not tell anyone about what you did for now. But trust me when I say, if you don't show up in the Bureau of Civil Affairs tomorrow, I can't promise you that the police won't learn about it," Simon threatened her.

Simon walked out of the house without looking back once, leaving panic-stricken Wendy behind. "Mom, what shall we do now? If dad really divorces you, how will we sustain our life?" Yvonne asked anxiously, as she looked at Wendy sprawled on the floor.

Wendy was not even thinking about the divorce anymore. 'I didn't even tell Yvonne about this matter. How did Simon find out?' Her mind was brimming with doubts as she was about to have an anxiety attack.

"No, it is simply impossible. He cannot know it," Wendy murmured to herself in assurance. "He was just trying to scare me," she continued, shaking her head in disbelief.

"Mom, mom, are you alright?" Yvonne asked Wendy with a frown, "What shall we do now? Just say something... You are starting to scare me!"

"Now that he's so mean to me, he can't blame me for what I about to do with him. As long as he is alive, he has no choice but to be my husband. He can't think of divorcing me, but if... he is dead," Wendy muttered, as she let out an evil laugh, a hint of resolve flashing through her eyes.

"Mom... What did you mean by that?" Terrified by Wendy's plan, she stammered, "What... what are you planning to do?"


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