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(Something was wrong)

Letting out a sigh, Autumn told Isla what happened in the last few days. Isla got furious as she got to know how Roger was so callous and shameless. "I never expected that there would be such a disgusting person. It seems that I shouldn't be so polite to him. Just wait and see. If I meet him next time, I would definitely beat him up and I would not be forgiving next time."

"Calm down. He is gone. What's more, he has received a just punishment, so you don't have to get so irritated for such a shameless man. Remember that he has nothing to do with us. But thanks for stepping up for me," said Autumn with a smile. She tried to calm Isla and let her cool down.

Getting close to Autumn, Isla shifted her attention to her and exclaimed, "Wow, Autumn, you look great today! Are you back in good terms with Charles?"

"Isla, you are teasing me again!" Autumn blushed since she was embarrassed to hear this from Isla.

"Autumn, I am not teasing you. I am so happy for you," explained Isla with a sincere smile. "Well, I'm gonna go. I still have a lot on my desk today," she added.
"Okay." Though Autumn replied briefly, she was moved by Isla's sincerity. She was thankful and fortunate to have such a good friend. When Autumn finished the proposal, she felt dizzy. Perhaps it was because she just recovered from a severe illness. She even felt like she was going to lose her temper though she was frail at the moment.

"Manager Ye, may I come in? I have here the summary of all of our business this month." As Autumn was about to have a rest, she heard the voice outside her office. "Come in," said Autumn. The door opened and Yoyo walked in and put the files on Autumn's desk. "Manager Ye, here are the papers. Please look through them," said Yoyo then turned to leave.

"Yoyo, wait for a second." Autumn, confused, stopped her and asked, "Why did you hand this to me?"

Obviously, Yoyo was shocked about her question. "Manager Ye, you asked me to hand it to you after putting the papers in order yesterday." She gazed at Autumn, the astonishment visible in her eyes.

"You said that you wanted to have a look at the business achievement for the last month, so you asked me to give you the files. But I was managing the proposal at that time, so I said I would hand it to you today."

Confused and puzzled, Yoyo tried her best to recall their conversation yesterday and tried to figure out whether Autumn was losing her memory or not.

'Did it happen the day before yesterday? No, I am pretty sure that it was yesterday's conversation,' Yoyo thought to herself.

"Really? Did I really ask you to hand it to me?" Autumn tried for a long while to recall what happened, her eyebrows furrowed. But she still couldn't remember if she said this to Yoyo. All of a sudden, she felt a severe headache. staring at Yoyo, Autumn said very impatiently, "Well, I will look through it later. Go back to work first, Yoyo." She was terribly upset.

After Yoyo left, Autumn leaned forward, hunching over the desk to relieve her pain. She didn't sit up until she felt better.

When she was about to get off from work, Autumn made a call to Charles and asked him if he would be home for dinner. Charles told her that he still had work to do. Hanging up the phone, Autumn packed up her stuff and drove home.

As she got home, she found Sam and Chris sitting in the living room. Sam felt something weird when Autumn was in the hospital, so after some thought, he decided to come to check if Autumn was fine. Sam was relieved when he found Autumn was as good as new.

"Autumn, you are back! Come here. The dinner is well prepared," said Chris. Chris greeted Autumn cheerfully as she was setting the tableware with Nancy.

Autumn nodded slightly with a soft smile. "Okay. I will go and wash my hands first," replied Autumn.

When she came out from the washroom, Autumn was surprised to find that Sam was waiting for her outside the door. Confused, Autumn furrowed her brow. "Sam, what are you doing here?"

Autumn misunderstood that Sam was going to talk about something with her, so she looked anxious.

However, Sam did not care about that at all since he was here to see if Autumn was all right. Though they could not be lovers in this lifetime, Sam would like to treat her as his own sister, so he had to protect her from all the time.

"Autumn, are you fine? You are green around the gills." Sam asked her in a low yet caring voice.

Upon hearing this, Autumn nodded her head. "I am fine. There is no other problem with me. I have just recovered from a fever. Don't worry.

Let's go. Chris must be waiting for you," replied Autumn casually. Then, she turned to leave Sam out in the hall.

However, Sam was still worried about her. "Autumn, you have to tell me if you don't feel good. You have to take good care of yourself," said Sam worryingly.

"I am fine, Sam. Don't worry about me." Autumn replied with a grin and then went on to add, "Well, Sam, I think you'd better give more consideration for Chris, after all she is your girlfriend now. Have you decided on the date of your wedding? I am really looking forward to it."

When she finished, Sam gazed at Autumn, shocked. 'Doesn't she remember?' Sam wondered.

"What is wrong? Why are you looking at me so surprised?" Autumn asked with great embarrassment as she found Sam staring at her motionlessly. "Is there anything dirty on my face?"

"Autumn, you really don't remember?" Sam asked, his eye brow furrowed into a frown.

The date of their wedding had been decided on the day when they dined together. And it would be held at the Day of Vernal Equinox while Sam still remembered that Autumn even said it would be a nice day. However, now it seemed that she had forgotten it completely.

"What did I forget?" Confused yet nervous, Autumn asked Sam since she was unable to recall anything.

"Nothing." Though Sam was unsettled, he kept calm and just smiled, shrugging his shoulder. "Our wedding date has been fixed. At the Day of Vernal Equinox next year. Don't you forget about it again." Sam replied calmly.

"The Day of Vernal Equinox? I agree, that is a good day. Congratulations, Sam."

Autumn said while she sat down.

"Charles said that he still had work to do, so he won't come back for dinner. Where is grandpa?"

Handing the chopsticks to Autumn, Chris replied, "Grandpa has gone out to meet his old friends, so he also won't come back for dinner. It is just the three of us today."

During their meal, Sam felt even more worried when he saw Autumn chatting with Chris cheerfully. Everything seemed to be normal as before while Autumn looked even more optimistic than before.

However, Sam just felt weird and he thought Autumn was different than before though he couldn't tell exactly.

"Sam, enjoy your meal. Well, when shall we pick up the wedding dress?"

Sam stared blankly and was absorbed in his own thoughts until Chris patted his hands gently.

Smiling softly, Sam then turned to Chris and responded, "I am available at any time. You decide, Chris. We can go any time if you want."

Autumn felt good to see that Sam cared so much about Chris. She was pleased and hoped for their continued happiness. Sam, on the other hand, was extremely worried.

After the meal, Autumn excused herself and went back to her room to have a rest, leaving them alone in the living room. Chris gripped Sam's sleeve and said, "I am stuffed. Would you like to take a walk with me in the yard?"

"Of course, I would love to." Hand in hand, they took a walk in the yard leisurely, enjoying the beautiful moment that belonged only to the two of them. Taking a glance at Sam, Chris felt that he had something serious in his mind.

"What's wrong with you, Sam?

Something seems to be bothering you. What happened? Tell me. I am willing to share your worries."

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