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(A terrible dream)

Sam's face dimmed as he came out of the doctor's office. He was worried about Autumn because she always had to endure attacks, hatred and bitterness from so many people. Despite all that, she never complained to anybody about it. Her mild mannered nature was an open invitation to those who wanted to cause her trouble.

"Is she all right? What did the doctor say?" Chris asked him with much worry. "Is Autumn going to be okay?"

"She'll be fine." Sam added, "The doctor told me that she was overwhelmed by work and caught a cold. But don't worry. She will get through this. It will be easier to recover once the fever is gone."

He didn't tell Chris everything. Chris felt better after hearing his reassurances, but Sam remained wary of Autumn's condition.

"Mr. Lu." Sam approached Gary and said, "It's getting late. You should go home and rest. Chris and I will stay here and take care of her."

"Okay." Gary nodded and said, "Thank you."

"You are welcome." Sam asked his driver to drive Gary home, then he said to Chris, pointing at an empty bed, "Stop crying. If you won't, your eyes will be swollen in the morning. You look really tired. You can have this bed and rest here."

"I'm fine." Chris said wiping the tears from her eyes. "Please stay and watch over Autumn for a moment. I am going to wash my face."

Thenn she left the ward. After washing her face, she called Charles. She wondered how Charles could fully concentrate on his work while his wife was so sick.

Did he know that Autumn was rushed to the hospital?

Chriss was ready to lose her temper, ready to give him an earful. Charles had better answer the phone immediately.

Charles had just lost a program that day.

To drown his disappointment, he had drunk some wine at a party. That was when his phone rang. Unfortunately he couldn't hear it because of the loud music.

Leila was enjoying the situation and persuaded him to drink a lot of wine, making sure that his glass was never empty. By the time the party was over, he had gotten quite drunk.

Leila took a lot of her strength to carry Charles back to the hotel. Looking at his handsome face, she wanted to stay with him in that moment forever.

"You know what? I love you so much." She lay beside Charles on the bed and lightly ran her fingers on his face, from his forehead, along the bridge of his sharp nose, down to his irresistible lips.

Then she said, "I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. And I've been in love with you since. I have made great efforts to stand by your side and I won't give you to anyone else."

Leila looked at Charles affectionately. Charles was drunk and almost completely unconscious. She took this chance to voice our her feelings for him.
"Charles, I want to call you this way instead of calling you 'Mr. Lu.' I am jealous of Autumn every time I see you two together." Leila stretched out her arms and unbuttoned his shirt. "Charles, I have waited for this moment for a long time. Now... I have the chance to lie beside you while nobody bothers us."

Leila removed all her clothes and Charles'. Then she kissed him. Although Charles was drunk, he could tell that the woman beside him was not Autumn, so he pushed her away and fell asleep.

Charles pushed her so hard that she landed on the floor. Extremely frustrated, Leila picked herself up and yelled, "Autumn! What did you do to him to make him so loyal to you?"

She had tried so many times but failed every single time.

Charles' phone rang again. It showed on the screen that Chris was calling. Leila took the phone and turned it off.

She had in her hands the most perfect chance to finally realize her plans but she still failed. Here she was, alone in a foreign country with the man she loved, and still nothing was happening.

Chris was furious when Charles hung up on her and then turned off his phone.

Not knowing what was actually happening to Charles, she sent him an angry message and exaggerated Autumn's illness before she went back to the ward.

Meanwhile, Autumn had a very long dream in which what she feared the most had happened.

In her dream, Charles and Leila were walking together hand in hand, looking at each other in the eyes and smiling. She tried her best to catch up with them but she couldn't, no matter how hard or how fast she ran.

She yelled at Charles until she lost her voice but Charles didn't turn around to look at her.

Then she saw Leila, wearing makeup and looking sophisticated. It cast a sharp contrast against herself, a simple, dirty and tired woman. Leila sneered and said coldly, "Autumn, you have failed.

It is time to give up. I am now the only woman Charles loves. No matter what you do, he won't be with you anymore..." "Autumn, Charles chose to be with you just for fun. He has never loved you. You have no right to be his wife, so you should get a divorce as soon as possible. Oh, and I'm pregnant. I will soon be Mrs. Lu and we will make many happy children together."

She saw Leila's swollen belly. Charles stood in front of Leila and touched her belly gently and affectionately, like it was the most important thing in the world. Then he put his ear against her belly to listen to any sound coming from it.

Autumn grabbed his hand desperately and cried, "Charles, this is not true, this can't be true..."

She tried to pull Charles back to her side but he pushed her away heavily and said seriously, "Autumn, I want a divorce. I love Leila. She is the one I should have married."

"Noooooo!" Autumn woke up with a scream. She found her clothes drenched in sweat and tears flooding her face. The dream was so clear that it almost felt like it really happened.


"Little Ye." Chris and Sam were glad to see her awake. They had just recovered from the fright they got when Autumn woke up screaming again.

"Are you all right? Did you have a nightmare just now?" Chris wiped her face with tissue and asked with concern, "How do you feel now? Do you feel better?"

"I'm all right." Autumn calmed down as she realized that Chris and Sam were keeping her company. She told her that it was just a dream and it wouldn't happen in the real world.

"Little Ye, are you sure you are fine? Do you feel any discomfort in any part of your body?" Sam asked. He worried that Autumn couldn't get over the mental and emotional distress.

"I'm fine, really." Autumn slightly shook her head and said to Sam, "I'm thirsty. Could you get me some water, Sam?"

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