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(Spranked ankle)

"Yes, I've taken enough photos," answered the man by the door, who was Roger's assistant.

Looking at all the high definition photos, he pointed out excitedly, "These photos will be sensational if they get out!"

But Roger warned, "We'll hang on to these photos and play it by ear."

The game plan was to keep taking advantage of Rachel, who even if she was married, was an easy prey.

Since she was still of use to him, now was not the time to publish any photos.

His assistant, however, thought differently.

He couldn't understand why Roger refused to publish the photos, knowing it would make him an instant overnight sensation.

But Roger shushed him. "It's settled. Just do as I say."

"We'd better head to the audition," Roger said, getting ready to leave.

Roger was determined to be as famous as Rachel one day. When that happened, he thought people would condemn the woman for paying for his being a gigolo instead of laughing at him.

The audition venue was the same hotel where Autumn and Isla had an ongoing project. The women just completed measuring space and were on their way out. At the lobby, Roger and Autumn crashed into one another.

Roger's assistant swore angrily at Autumn. "Hey! What is wrong with you? Are you blind?

You do not want to hurt Roger Han!" he snarled.

Autumn was shocked. It was obviously Roger who wasn't looking. She ended up sprawled on the ground, unable to avoid him. Despite this, his assistant had the gall to snipe at her.

As Isla quickly helped Autumn to her feet, she shrieked, "He ran into her first. You're the one who's not looking!"

Unconcerned about the bickering, Roger looked at Autumn more closely. His face suddenly lit up at seeing a very attractive woman in jeans and a white T-shirt.

Shifting to gentleman mode, he admonished his assistant, saying, "What is wrong with you? She was the one who fell!

You should be helping her up!" Roger snapped.

Momentarily stunned at his boss' words, the assistant moved to help Autumn but Isla pushed him away. "Spare us your false kindness," she spat.

Then she turned to Autumn, asking, "Are you all right?"

Still miffed over the incident, Autumn replied she was fine.

Autumn thought she might have sprained her ankle, but brushed it aside as nothing serious.

"Miss…" Roger trailed, fishing for a name.

He decided to block Autumn's path and apologized earnestly. "I'm really sorry about what my assistant said. Let me apologize on his behalf."

Bowing before Autumn, he implored, "Maybe I can call you later, so I can make up for it with more than just an apology?"

"There's no need for that," Autumn replied coldly.

"I'm good."

She side-stepped him and left. Though she admitted Roger was attractive, she sensed a very unpleasant aura surrounding the man, making it difficult to talk to the guy.

With a protective arm around Autumn, Isla grunted at Roger and his assistant as they walked away.

Once out of earshot, Roger's baffled assistant asked cautiously, "What was that all about? Did I hear what I think I heard?"

Roger sighed, patted his assistant on the head and quipped, "Tsk. Tsk. You're not very perceptive, my boy." Then he ordered, "Now, go find out who she is."

"Right, right! Okay…" He bobbed his head, still baffled at his boss.

The audition went well. But even if it didn't, Director Zhang would have cast Roger, as a favor to Rachel.

"Congratulations, boss!" his assistant raved, handing him a bottle of water. He thought fame was within reach now that Roger had been cast in a drama supporting role.

Roger threw him a sidelong glance. "Me, not far from fame?" he laughed, but with eyes minus the glee. "But it isn't just five minutes of fame that I'm after," he stressed.

"It's to be famous all over the country!" Dramatically, he continued, "Just you wait and see. I can feel it won't be long now."

Then he remembered. "By the way, what did you find out about the woman I ran into before the audition?" he demanded as he took a sip of water.

"Er… uhm…" Somewhat embarrassed, the assistant reported that the mysterious woman was not among Director Zhang's staff. "The hotel doorman said she worked with an interior design company. They were doing preliminary work for a project. I still don't get it why you're interested in finding out who she is," he asked.

Irritated, Roger snapped, "Just do what you're told and enough with the questions. Find out who she works for."

"Okay, boss,"

His assistant quietly replied.

In the car, Autumn's sprained ankle began throbbing. Seeing her friend ride out the pain, Isla couldn't help but curse Roger. "I knew at first glance that guy was bad news." She turned to Autumn, "You know what? When he was really close, I caught a whiff of his perfume which was obviously for women. He probably slept with some rich lady," Isla snorted, adding, "And he had the gall to hook you up! Talk about pompous and self-absorbed!

But you brushed him off," Isla laughed. Autumn laughed, too, and felt the pain in her ankle ease a bit.

Still worried about her friend, Isla decided, "We'll head to the hospital to get that treated."

She then drove off, anxious to get medical help.

After being seen by a doctor, and receiving instructions on caring for the injured foot, Autumn insisted on going back to work. But Isla would have none of that and drove her home.

"You stay home and rest," she admonished Autumn. "Don't worry about work, I'll take care of it. You come in once you're feeling better."

Gary spotted the two women as Isla was helping Autumn inside the house. Worried, he asked, "What happened, Autumn?"

Mustering a smile, Autumn replied, "I'm okay. It's just a sprain.

Nothing serious, really. All I need is some rest. Don't worry, grandpa."

"Are you sure?" Gary looked her over then said, "All right then. Be careful and get some rest." He was a good elder, always considerate and thoughtful.

Isla helped Autumn get settled in the bedroom. Looking around the empty room, she quipped, "Charles should have been home already, based on his itinerary, right? He's not back yet?"

"Nope," Autumn sighed.

"We spoke on the phone and he told me he was staying for another two days," she added, sounding depressed. Isla frowned, trying to keep a straight face. "Oh?"

In her last video chat with Aron, Isla mentioned that Autumn missed Charles. Then Aron dropped a bomb that he saw Charles in Europe while at a jewelry store where he was getting Isla a gift.

Charles was with Leila shopping for jewelry together. From where Aron stood, it looked like Charles was consulting Leila before he finally picked out a necklace.

Aron never approached them and just watched the pair from afar.

Isla had decided to keep all this from Autumn. What did she know? If she ended up mistaken, she would still end up hurting her friend.

But with Autumn's news about Charles extending his stay in Europe for a couple more days, Isla felt she owed it to her friend to share the secret. She'd leave it to Autumn to find out the truth herself.

Autumn sensed something was bothering her friend. "What's wrong, Isla?"

She noted Isla's worried look and became concerned.

After hesitating for a few moments, Isla sat down next to Autumn and gently said, "There's something I have to tell you.

You decide what to do after listening, and remember I'll always be here for you."

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