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(Explain this to me)

"It will be my pleasure." She would do anything as long as the release conference wouldn't be held in Rachel's hotel.

Autumn and Isla went to measure the dimensions of the new venue with great interest. After Andy hung up, he turned to call Edward directly. It was Edward who he called to book the hotel, so he had to inform Edward as he canceled it.

But the most important thing was that Andy attached great importance to his family; he would never bear to let his little niece getting upset. He would also have a hard time if his wife found out.

"Mr. Xu." Edward was always nice and polite as long as the phone was connected. Both of them did things in a similar manner, but if people really wanted to compare them, Edward would not dare to offend Andy. Although knowing that Andy was younger, Edward believed him for dealing with things in a much sharper way.

"Mr. Lu, I'm calling you regarding something important." Andy said in a cold tone, "I booked the holding location of the release conference at your place earlier, but..."

"What is the matter?" Edward frowned slightly, as he had a gut feeling this had something to do with Rachel. After all, Rachel was heading all operations and management of the hotel now.

"It seems like as the date for the conference is close approaching, the company I worked with has been receiving news that your hotel has been redecorating, so I only found it fit to change the venue to avoid being too late and running into some troubles." Edward frowned after hearing what Andy had said; he knew it must be Rachel playing tricks. Edward sincerely apologized knowing he was responsible for the loss, "I am so sorry. I have been so busy preparing for my wedding recently. I didn't have the time to take care of the things in hotel. I apologize for this neglect from my side. Please do accept my apology, Mr. Xu."

Edward maintained his calm as he said to Andy through the phone, "How about this? I will invite you to dinner later and also return the deposit to you, in a bid to make up for my mistake."

"That's not necessary!" Andy continued, "I'm not that poor, Mr. Lu. But since you did think it necessary to extend such a gesture... I don't think we are able to corporate with each other anymore."

Andy sneered, "Take care of yourself and your affairs then."

A fire of rage was rising in Edward's mind, as his grip on the phone got tighter.

He would have let it go had it been someone else, but it was Andy, someone he could not tread on his toes.

Edward went for jog every morning. After receiving this phone call, he suddenly felt a pang of depression and stress. So he turned around and jogged back in the direction of his house.

Autumn's phone call woke Rachel up and she could not fall asleep after that. She wore a pair of pajamas as she walked downstairs to get something to eat. As soon as she opened the refrigerator and prepared to fry an egg, she spotted Edward coming back.

With a rather confused look she asked him, "What's wrong? Why did you come back so soon? I'm going to make some breakfast. Would you care for some?"

Edward did not answer Rachel, but walked straight to her in anger and grabbed her by the wrist, "So what trick did you play this time?"

"Get away from me! You are hurting me!" Rachel frowned as she struggled to free herself from Edward. She thought she had done nothing wrong for him to react so harshly. So Rachel retaliated with confidence, "Let me go. What did I do or rather what do you think I did?"

Finally she got rid of his grip and said, "What are you doing? Are you crazy?"

She stroked her swollen wrist and raised her head to look at Edward's red eyes. Rachel was now beyond scared to say anything, "Why... are you looking at me like this?"

"l will ask you one last time, are you playing tricks again?" For a moment, Edward felt Chris had said nothing wrong about Rachel. Rachel was not a simple woman as she appeared.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Rachel frowned, "How can I possibly know what you are referring to if you don't tell me what happened?"

Edward snarled, "Well, now I will be more direct. Did I not explicitly tell you not to offend Andy while I let you take control of the hotel's management? But look at what you have done instead..."

Edward went on in an angry tone, "I reminded you on numerous occasions that Andy was our most important client and that you must meet all his requirements, Rachel. I also told you he booked the meeting hall in our hotel, so why then were you in such a haste to redecorate it like an idiot?"

"I..." It did occur to Rachel not once that Edward was angry about this. With a rather embarrassed expression, she looked at him as she did not know how to explain the situation.

She never expected it; all she wanted was to insult Autumn a little, but it just went to get so bad.

Edward looked at Rachel coldly and said, "Well, Andy Xu called me now to withdraw the release conference. Even worse, Giant Promise Company would now never corporate with my company from now on. Do you have any idea how much of a loss that is?"

Edward asked, "You'd better have a sane explanation for this, Rachel. Why would you do this?"

"What are you doing? You are grabbing the first chance to fight with me on the very next day after our wedding?" Rachel was unwilling to show weakness as she said to Edward, "Do you think it is a foregone conclusion since I married you? Don't forget, I had your permission... before the hotel got redecorated."

"When was that? How could I not remember such a crucial thing?" Edward asked with a frown.

With a sly smile, Rachel said, "When you transferred the hotel to me, I told you that day that I wanted to make a few small changes in the hotel. You agreed with it at that time. How could you forget so soon?"

"But you didn't mention redecorating the meeting hall?" Edward regretted his hasty words so much, if he knew that such a thing would happen. Maybe he shouldn't have given the hotel to Rachel.
"But you did not say that I cannot." Rachel grew upset as she did not expect things to escalate so far ahead. She was just trying to embarrass Autumn. Edward had suffered a loss and he fell into silence.

Rachel couldn't figure it out. The purpose of her actions was only to let Giant Promise Company be disappointing at Autumn for a planning company could not even do such a small thing. She even thought Giant Promise Company might replace Cloud Advertising Company.

In this way, Cloud Advertising Company would have no chance of standing up again to such a situation.


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