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(Wedding (4)

"I'm telling you that I am now Edward's wife, his rightful wife. There is nothing you can do to change this. As long as I serve him well, do you think... that you can drive me away from him?" Rachel said confidently.

"We will find out soon," Autumn retorted with a sniff. "Let me remind you to behave yourself. Otherwise, you will end up with nothing," she added.

Autumn walked away, leaving Rachel standing there, seething in anger. However, she couldn't lose her temper now. She had to pretend to be happy and smile throughout the entire occasion while burning inside.

Chris grabbed Edward's arm and they walked towards the lawn. They didn't stop until they came to the edge of the lawn. "Chris, just say it. I'm your father and I will try to satisfy all your wishes," Edward began in a soft tone, looking at Chris.

"I..." Chris muttered hesitantly. She dragged Edward here to give him a warning. 'After all, he is my father. I can't just watch him end up with nothing. If he is willing to follow my advice, Rachel won't be able to swindle his money even if she leaves him in the future.' "Dad, here is the thing..." she continued after a pause.

Edward still could not believe what he just heard. "What... did you just call me?" he asked. It sounded better than hearing his name pronounced the winner in a competition.

Edward couldn't believe his ears. Therefore, he wanted Chris to say it again.

"Dad..." Chris said shyly. She knew that Edward would listen to her as long as she softened her attitude.

"Could you... say it again?" Edward sobbed out emotionally, his eyes filled with tears.

"Dad..." Chris frowned at Edward. "I have something important for you." She glared at her father.

"Well, go on," Edward complied, wiping his tears away. Only one word from Chris let down Edward's guard. 'She isn't my foe but my dear daughter. I am willing to do anything for her,' Edward thought.

"I know that you always hope that I can get along well with Rachel, but..." Chris' voice became more serious. "But you know that she used to be Charles' girlfriend as well. I have seen that she tried everything, all means to get his money. Dad, I'm not trying to turn you against her. I just want to remind you and warn you. Keep your guard up at all times."

Chris continued calmly without a shiver nor hesitation in her voice.

Edward understood Chris' misgiving, so he didn't get annoyed. "I understand your concern. But after being with her these days, I could see that she has changed a lot. That's why I wanted the two of you to spend some time getting to know each other. Perhaps this is just a misunderstanding," he said with a calm expression.

"Perhaps you're right." Chris nodded. "But dad, we all have our own opinions. You are convinced that she is a kind and tolerant woman, but I think she married you for reasons other than love. I can't force on you, my opinion of her. Likewise, it will be difficult for you to change what I think of her."

"Okay." Edward agreed. 'We have enough time in the world for that. As long as Chris speaks to me calmly, I will try to listen to her,' he thought. "So what's your plan?" he asked.

"Well, because you really like her, there's nothing I can do about that. I won't interfere with your decision anymore. I'm cool with her as long as she treats you well." Chris replied. "I won't try to break you up as you have resolved to live with her. Well, you have just gotten married."

She rolled her eyes. "But this is my serious reminder. I heard that you transferred all of your shares in one of your hotels to her. I hope that you won't do it again," Chris said with arms crossed.

"You can't and you shouldn't entirely trust her for now. You can give her anything you want once she has your baby or if you think that she can really be trusted in a couple of years. By that time, you have my confidence and I won't stop you," Chris concluded. Her argument was pretty convincing.

"What you said... makes sense," Edward admitted. 'Chris must have already accepted me as her family to be concerned like that. Otherwise she wouldn't have come here and warned me. She is doing this for my sake, not for anyone else,' he thought. "Well, I will remember everything you said. What else do you want to say to me?" he asked with a satisfied smile.

"Well, I have big news for you. Dad, I'm also going to get married." Chris said, as her face turned red.

"Get married? Already?" Edward was stupefied. 'I have just acknowledged my daughter. But now I am going to have to marry her off so soon,' he thought bitterly.

As the old saying goes, a daughter is her father's lover in his past life. Edward was not ready to see her get married so soon.

Suddenly, Chris being opposed to his marriage with Rachel made sense to him. 'Now I finally understand her feelings when she learnt that I was going to marry Rachel. I can afford to take care of her and give her anything she needs or wants. Why does she want to get married at such a young age?' he thought.

"Yes." Chris smiled at Edward. "We have just settled it a few days ago. You have met him before. His name is Sam."

"I know him." Edward said with a tone of jealousy. 'I remember him. He is a handsome young man. I heard that he ran his company well. Well, if that little brat can take care of my daughter, then he deserves her.' Edward raised his brow but nodded in approval inside.

"Dad, you will be there at my wedding, won't you?" Chris asked with expectation.

"Of course I will!" Edward exclaimed. "How could I not? You're my daughter. I should be the one to give you away. When is the date?"

"Next spring," Chris replied. "Sam and his parents wanted to do it before the New year, but grandpa insisted on delaying it.

He said that he needed some time to prepare for my dowry and the wedding dress, book the hotel and finish a ton of other trivial matters."

Chris added, looking at her father.

Edward frowned when he heard this.

'I know how important the dowry is, as I have just prepared that for my own wedding. Sam is from a respectable family. If we don't prepare a handsome dowry for Chris, his family might be resentful against her after marrying him.
Chris is my only daughter, and I don't want to see her living a tough life after getting married,' Edward told himself.

"I hate to see you get married so soon. But as long as you love him and he loves you, I won't get in your way. Tell Gary when you get home, that he doesn't need to take care of your dowry. I'm your father and I will be the one to prepare it for you. And it will be a handsome dowry.

It won't let others look down upon you. You have my word on that," Edward told Chris confidently.

"You don't need to bother with that," Chris refused immediately. "Grandpa said that he had already prepared for my dowry including the house, a car and so on, since I was born. Charles said that he would transfer some of his shares in his company to me. That's enough. I don't want to cause you any trouble."

"You're still too formal to me," Edward complained. "You're my daughter and it is my duty to do these for you. No one should think that it is troublesome."

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