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(Wedding (2)

"Mr. Edward Lu, the road to happiness is the road to your well-being. This road may be rugged and bumpy. Or it may be flawless and smooth. From now on, as the man in this relationship, you are supposed to stick to your responsibility and obligations.

You have to take care of everyone you love and build a happy home with your heart. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am ready." Edward replied in a resonant voice. Filled with excitement, he approached Rachel and knelt on one knee. In full view of all the people present, he asked Rachel, "Rachel, the love of my life and my forever, do you promise to be my wife?"

The host then told Rachel what she should do. "For the beautiful bride, if you accept the bridegroom's proposal, please take the flowers from the bridegroom's hands and gently hold him up."

Rachel took Edward's flowers and held him up as the host instructed.

The host continued, "Love is a kind of fate. It is a gift from God to let two people who are strangers to each other, unexpectedly meet during an ordinary day and eventually get closer. Your marriage is a boon from God. Now, I do advise the bride and groom to stand face to face, hand in hand, look in each other's eyes, and answer these questions."

Then the host asked the groom first, "Mr. Edward Lu, do you promise to take Miss Rachel Bai as your wife? As her husband, do you promise to forever love her, protect her, encourage her? Whether in prosperity or adversity, whether for richer or poorer, you will never give up to share hardships and difficulties, and live together for the rest of your days. Do you promise?"

"Yes, I do."

After the groom's reply, the host turned to the bride, "Miss Rachel Bai, do you promise to take Mr. Edward Lu as your husband. As his bride, do you promise to forever love him, support him, understand him, encourage him.

Whether in prosperity or adversity, whether for richer or poorer, you will never give up to share hardships and difficulties, and live together for the rest of your days. Do you promise?

" ...... "Yes, I do." When Rachel said those three words, there was an evident flash of unwillingness in her eyes, but she still said yes.

"It's well-known that Miss Bai has a quite special characteristic. As a popular star in the entertainment circle, your choice of such a man as your husband really surprises us. On behalf of the the industry, mass media and fans, I would like to ask you a question: What do you really think of him?" The host asked with a smile on his face.

Rachel smiled in return. Who would like to marry a man like him if there was another way out?

She took over the microphone and graciously answered, "I can understand why you are curious with my decision to marry him. Actually, the answer is quite obvious. I have taken a tortuous course before, so I now clearly know what kind of man is most suitable for me in a relationship. As you can see, despite his age, Edward really values and cherishes me. I think it is my destiny to be with him and it... is the best thing that ever happened to me."

Rachel's words moved Edward to tears. He held Rachel's hands tightly, and swore to himself, he would be good to her all his life.

After taking back the microphone, the host continued, "Today is a big day for Miss Edward Lu and Ms. Rachel Bai.

Their love ends up in perfection. But as with any other marriage, I believe that there will be more suspension points instead of just a full stop in their love story. They still have a long way to go.

They also need to remain in good company of each other to face unforeseen difficulties. Now, Mr. Edward Lu, please part the veil from your bride. I believe the moment when you part the veil is the start to your new life as husband and wife. You have to work together, hand in hand, to create a happy life as one."

The next part of the ceremony was to exchange wedding rings. Edward had ingeniously prepared for a drone to carry the ring. As the drone hovered close, he caught the drone, detached the box hanging from it and took out the diamond ring.

" 'I love you' is more important than 'I do', but inferior to 'staying together'. Only by staying together can I get the chance to love you, as well as to fulfill this promise all my life. In this happy married life, it may be far from being sweet, in which responsibilities and commitments are part of the package.

Two small rings reflect these responsibilities and commitments. As a symbol of your love for each other, you are wearing your rings on the left ring finger. It is said that the ring finger, which is also called heart finger, can closely link your hearts as long as you wear it."

The arrangement of the wedding was brief and meaningful. The whole ceremony ended with the kiss of the new husband to his wife. Edward held Rachel in his arms with the biggest smile on his face. He thanked the guests who came.

"Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules and coming to witness this most important day of our lives. We have prepared for you a banquet full of the best dishes to partake. Let us now celebrate and enjoy the rest of this day together.

Again, many thanks to you all." Edward, together with Rachel, took a deep bow to the guests. And then they went back to the hotel to change into a more comfortable attire.

Chris sat at a table with boredom, drinking red wine, one glass after another. Autumn slightly frowned at her, and said, "Hey! I think you've had enough. Slow down on the drinking!"

Autumn grabbed the wine glass from Chris' hand, "Don't forget why we came here today."

"Yes, of course. Sorry about that." Chris smiled wryly at Autumn, "Autumn, I just feel awful."

"I see that." As Autumn comforted Chris, she saw Rachel come out with Edward, all smiles. She nudged Chris, "OK. Get yourself together. Here they come!"

The fact that Chris came to attend the wedding really pleased Edward. No sooner had the wedding ceremony finished than he came out with Rachel to look for her.

Chris turned around and wiped her tears, waiting for them to come.

Rachel opened her mouth before Edward. She said to Chris, "I know that what you said yesterday was a genuine mistake. No matter what happened, you still care about your father, right?"

Rachel said those words on purpose and intently. As was expected, Edward's face turned pale.

Sure enough, what Chris said yesterday was so offensive that he again doubted the intent of Chris's presence. Rachel noticed Edward frown, and continued to add fuel to the flame, "To our surprise, you show up today. You have no idea how your dad has been looking forward to your coming. Thank God, you finally decided to come."

"So, what are you here for?"

Edward asked Chris with suspicion, "Did you come here to make trouble?"

Rachel immediately stopped Edward, and said, "Edward, don't say that. Chris is not a spring chicken anymore. She knows better than to do such improper things."

"Yes, you are right. She is not a spring chicken any longer." Edward sneered, "But she did speak some extremely hurtful and inappropriate words yesterday."

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