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(Attending the wedding)

"I noticed Mr. Lu looking cheerless lately which led me to think that maybe you guys had a fight," Leila said.

"What happened that day was a grave mistake. I thought Mr. Lu must be feeling drowsy after working so many hours so I poured him some coffee. But I accidentally spilled the coffee on his lap.

I was just trying to clean up his pants when you entered the office. I never meant to cause some misunderstanding," she added, trying to explain.

Despite her apology, Autumn couldn't help but imagine her gloating deep inside.

'She doesn't feel sorry at all. She kept on reminding me of what happened. Is she expecting that my suspicions would destroy the relationship between Charles and me?

She must think that the more she tries to explain, the more skeptical I become. That's exactly what she wants,' Autumn wondered.

"There's no need to worry. We've been married for a long time so I know him more than anybody else. He's a faithful husband and I know that he'll never betray me. I might have gotten angry when I saw that scene but I've already forgotten it," Autumn said, looking as if she had read Leila's thoughts.

"If I were you, I wouldn't really think too much about this. Besides, we wouldn't be fighting over such a small thing. He just really works hard. Trust me, he's not upset or anything," Autumn added, sounding sure of herself.

Leila's face turned red in anger upon hearing this.

'She's obviously trying to play it down by reminding me not to think too much about it. It's almost as if she's saying I'm not capable of turning them against each other,'

Leila thought to herself.

"Really? I even lost sleep just to think about this!" Leila responded, laughing casually.

"You can finally have a good night's sleep tonight then,"

Autumn said with a contemptuous smile.

"I hope so," Leila said meekly. "Anyway, I'm hanging up the phone now since I still have some work to finish. Don't worry about Mr. Lu. I'll make sure to keep an eye on him so he doesn't have the chance to cheat on you."

"You don't really have to. But thanks," Autumn said, gritting her teeth.

If anything, Leila was her biggest concern.

"You're welcome,"

Leila responded as she ended their conversation.

Autumn heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed to the bed. She was extremely worried that Leila might do something immoral just to get Charles.

She might have pretended to be cool but she felt relentless deep inside.

Not wanting to miss Charles' call, she stayed awake the whole night, staring at her phone. Even a small noise woke her up despite being extremely drowsy. Unfortunately, Charles hadn't called that night.

The next morning, Autumn came across Chris the moment she got up. "Hey, what happened? You almost look like a panda with those black eyes,"

Chris remarked, taken aback by the dark circles under her eyes. Autumn's white skin highlighted her under-eye area even more.

"I wasn't able to sleep well," Autumn replied, yawning as she sipped a bottle of milk from the fridge.

"Hold a sec. Let me just change my clothes," she added, going upstairs to dress herself.

By the time she went downstairs, Chris had already been waiting patiently. They left for Edward's wedding while Chris remained silent on the way. Autumn couldn't even start to imagine how uncomfortable Chris might feel with her father marrying a woman she didn't like.
"We're here," Autumn said, looking at Chris.

"You can go out now. I'll just park the car," Autumn said as they arrived at the hotel.

"Sure," Chris replied.

Chris stood in front of the hotel, waiting for Autumn. She looked around, catching Edward and Rachel's wedding photo. The photo showed Rachel putting her head on Edward's shoulder, smiling casually.

On the contrary, Edward's eyes narrowed into a line, showing a sincere laugh. Feeling uncomfortable, Chris stared at the photo with a serious expression.

"What are you looking at?" Autumn asked, walking up to Chris after parking the car.

"They look nice," Autumn said, catching a glimpse of the photo.

"Shall we go inside? They had already been waiting for us," she urged, grabbing Chris' hand as they entered the hotel.

Edward was the CEO of Sun Company while Rachel was known as a top star.

The wedding had a grand ceremony attended by a huge number of influential figures both in the business and entertainment industry.

This led to the wedding attracting a lot of media attention, with many reporters eager to acquire some gossip.

The reporters were most looking forward to seeing Charles at the wedding. They were mostly interested in the fact that Rachel and Charles had previously dated. Once he appeared, they could ask some questions and publish some stories.

Unfortunately, Charles hadn't shown up even after they had waited for so long. Instead, they were able to spot his wife and sister.

This led the media flood Autumn along with their cameras, making use of her presence to acquire some news that could be useful.

The reporters wasted no time as they bombarded Autumn with a lot of questions.

"Mrs. Lu, can you tell us why is Mr. Lu a no-show tonight?"

"What do you think of Mr. Lu and Miss Bai's past relationship?"

"Is it Mr. Lu's personal decision to not attend this occasion?"

"Mrs. Lu, do you have any words to say about Miss Bai's marriage?"

The questions continuously came in, all sharp and meant to spark controversy. Fortunately, Autumn was able to prepare for the barrage of questions.

"Everyone, please stop speaking at the same time. I am faced with a lot of inquiries that I even don't know which one to answer first, "

Autumn said, smiling as she tried her best to entertain all of the reporters.

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