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(He is in a meeting)

Edward understood that Gary did not harbor any ill-feelings in doing all that he did, but he strongly believed that they all misunderstood Rachel. He thought they would all get along well with Rachel as long as they spent more time together.

While Rachel was bubbling with happiness of watching them argue with one another, she was also worried because Gary wanted to cut his ties with Edward.

She grabbed Chris by her hand immediately and said, "Chris, your father and I have come here to invite you to our wedding. I know you do not like me, but soon we will become family. I hope with all my heart that you give me chance to start our chapter afresh."

Rachel paused for a moment to compose her thoughts and added, "You are Edward's only child and after our wedding tomorrow you will be my daughter, with that said I have never meant any harm to you and I never will.

I don't care how other people think of you and me. I just want you to attend our wedding and support us as we begin our journey together. I will prove to you with my actions that I'll treat your father with all my heart has to offer."

"Really?" Chris sneered and said, "So what do you want me to do tomorrow? I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'm afraid I have no time to spare for your wedding."

Then she sarcastically added, "I don't think famous Miss Bai would care to receive blessing from a girl whom none of her friends know. Did you forget what my grandpa just said?

From now on, we are strangers. Remember that!"

Rachel looked at Chris with embarrassment, and then she said, "No matter how or what you think of me, I will always be your stepmother, so I really wish you reconsider your decision and come to our wedding..."

Edward remained silent and listened to every word Chris said very carefully. As he looked at Chris and saw a reflection of her mother, he didn't have the heart to blame her or even remain angry with her. After thinking for a long time, he asked Chris, "Are you saying that going shopping holds more importance than attending your own father's wedding?"

"Yes, you got it right!" Chris said affirmatively. And then she added, "Also please don't tell others that you are my father. For the world and for, my father died a long time back."

"You..." Edward was losing patience and his cool but Rachel supported him immediately and asked, "How are you feeling? Is this uncomfortable?"

"I'm just fine!" After a few moments, Edward calmed himself and addressed Chris, "Always remember what you said and one day you'll realize what a big mistake you've made!"

"Really, is that so?" Chris sneered. Then she added, "I will be looking forward to that day."

Chris drove them out of her home. Before Rachel left, she let out a malicious smile. Right after they left, Chris started to sulk in silence as she sunk into the sofa.

Autumn offered Chris a glass of juice and said, "I can see you care about Edward, so why don't you change your attitude towards him? It does not have to be so hard and complicated."

"What? No, I don't care about him." Chris shouted to affirm her point, "I don't care about him at all! Please don't utter nonsense, Autumn."

Autumn looked at her seriously and said, "You know very clearly yourself whether you care about him or not. It is another matter that you just don't want to admit it."

Chris was speechless for a while, then she said abruptly, "Probably... I do care about him."

She sighed and added, "My parents passed away when I was very young. I was always really jealous of children who could sit on their dad's shoulders or play with their fathers who also bought them beautiful clothes and cute toys. So I always wanted to love my father."

Chris added, "Once I found out that Edward is my real father, I was honestly happy even though I couldn't accept the truth immediately. Just like other girls, I also want my father's affection and support."

"I understand that completely." Autumn nodded slightly. She still distinctly remembered the happiness when her father hugged her, the first toy he bought for her and his strict instructions for her when he taught her how to play the piano even though all these memories had blurred with time. These formed her childhood and she could never forget them.

"Can you tell me why God gave me such a wonderful gift yet hurts me with it?"

Chris asked Autumn with disappointment, "There are so many women in the world. Why did he choose to marry Rachel? I hated his stubborn nature but couldn't stop worrying he would be cheated on by that devious woman."

"Please don't overthink, I am sure he can handle it. Even if he does get cheated on, I believe you'll help him." Autumn consoled Chris, "We all know Rachel's real nature. We should be careful with her."

"Okay." Chris realized she couldn't treat Edward in this manner any longer. Clearly Rachel also tried to create a rift between Chris and Edward. But Chris would not fall into her trap or else Rachel would be the only one Edward would trust and he would leave all of his fortune to her. Chris won't let it happen.

"So... What have you decided? Will you attend their wedding?" Autumn asked her with hope glimmering in her eyes. No matter how Chris felt, Autumn hoped Chris wouldn't regret her decisions.

"Can you come with me?" Chris was scared to go alone so she hoped Autumn would give her company.

Autumn was a little taken aback but, then she nodded in approval and said, "Ok, sure I'll come with you."

Chris smiled happily. Autumn urged Chris to take some rest and she also retired to her bedroom. She tried to call Charles but he did not answer. She called him again and just when she was about to disconnect, Leila answered from the other line.

"Mr. Lu is in a meeting. Can I take a message? I'll tell him right after he finishes his meeting." Leila asked politely. But Autumn couldn't help wondering what Leila's intention was.

Autumn thought for a while and then frowned. She was always unsatisfied with evil tricks and now she couldn't find Charles, so she began worrying about what had happened.

But all she needed to do was to believe in Charles and herself. Later, she told Leila, "Please tell him to call me right after the meeting."

"OK, " Leila answered. She then tried to explain to Autumn about what happened a few days back, "Did you argue with each other for what happened that day? Please don't misunderstand it all. It was just an accident."

"Why would you ask that?" Autumn asked her indifferently. Leila was slightly shocked because she asked Autumn that just to check whether Charles and Autumn's present relationship was strong or not.


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