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(Wedding (1)

"Firstly, Miss Bai and I are good friends. Though she has a history with my husband, that is all in the past now. And it is still not proper for you guys, the journalists who came here today to bring it up. Today is her wedding day, the most important day in a person's life. Don't you think we should also be sensitive to the groom's feelings?" Autumn said half-jokingly.

"We heard that Mr. Lu had a fight with Rachel. Is that the reason why he doesn't come here today?"

A frown appeared on her face. "I don't know from which channel you heard this, but there is no truth to it. Do not believe everything you hear. The truth is, Charles is on a business trip that he could not get out of. It is impossible for him to come in time, that's why he sent me and Chris to attend this wedding.

I sincerely wish Miss. Bai a wonderful and happy marriage that she can cherish the rest of her life. Some people may never meet their destiny, but she surely has met her true love. I sincerely hope that she will be happy forever." She had said everything on her part and she didn't want to waste any more time with the journalists. Seeing Autumn and Chris arrive, Rachel was quite surprised. She instantly approached them while holding Edward's arm. After having a few photos with the journalists, she welcomed them enthusiastically. "Autumn, Chris, I am so happy that you two are here."

Rachel warmly hugged them. Anyone watching would easily believe that they were good friends. Only they knew that this was all for show. As for their true feelings for each other, they would never let other people know.

Edward kept looking at Chris. Indeed, he was very happy to see her here.

"I knew that you would come." Rachel was teary eyed, exciting the journalists.

The rapid and loud clicking of their cameras could be heard and flash bulbs went off endlessly. For them, seeing Rachel getting along well with her ex's wife was major explosive news.

"Don't cry. Since it's your wedding, remember to not let those tears ruin your make up." Autumn smiled deliberately.

She knew that she had to act well. As the wife of Charles Lu, she must represent their relationship well.

If evidence of any trouble in their relationship was caught by the reporters, they would be shown in all media for everyone to see. Then their life as a couple would definitely be affected.

Wasn't that just acting? Very much so. But everyone could do it, including her. Autumn softly wiped the tears from Rachel's face and comforted her, "Today is the most glorious day of your life.

You have to keep your make-up fresh and intact. Don't cry anymore. I don't think Edward would want a bride with a smudgy face."

Rachel laughed and said to the two, "I know. I know. Come inside."

"Yeah." Autumn and Chris then went into the hotel. They were brought to a garden behind the hotel.

Rachel and Edward had chosen to have a garden wedding. Also the banquet was served as a buffet. All guests could freely choose whatever they want.

There were chairs, which had balloons tied on the backrest, neatly placed on the grass. A pavilion which had elegant flowers decorated all over it was the center of the whole set up. The scene was both luxurious and and breathtaking.

However, Autumn and Chris did not care about the decorations. They barely noticed it as it had nothing to do with them.

After about half an hour, the wedding ceremony began.

They had to admit that Edward was really into Rachel, seeing that the arrangements were all according to Rachel's style and taste. Even the wedding gown she was wearing was customized by a world-famous designer.

With the sunlight shining on her, she was undeniably beautiful.

It was a forest-style wedding. It seemed like at any moment, the Wizard of Oz would suddenly appear. The scenes from the movie, The Wizard of Oz, were subtly implied in the theme and decoration of the wedding. Green carpet and purple wisteria were used in the front area.

As for the bridal bouquet, eustoma was used as the main flower, with cute, yellow buttercups surrounding it. It was simple yet prominent. The Welcome Board's theme was also forest-inspired.

Green carnation was mainly used, with generous inclusions of white orchid. The small ornaments on the tables were so lovely that many guests would take a picture of it upon seeing them when sat down. The windows and other decorations were all very natural, the materials of which were imported from the west. All these design and decorative elements combined to form the perfect wedding scene.

Autumn and Chris sat near the pavilion, giving the the best view of the event.

The host, invited by Rachel, was a very famous person in the entertainment circle. ''Ladies and gentlemen, let's enjoy this event in the pleasant outdoors, especially with this gentle breeze blowing. Let's all wish the couple a happy wedding! They will soon step up on this stage! All the best wishes to the future, aspirations to their perfect marriage and the rest of their lives, full of love, begins here."

The voice of this host was full and sounded great. Because of his introduction, the guests' attention focused on Rachel and Edward.

"Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, a wonderful day to all of you! It's a lovely day. Flowers are blossoming; birds are singing in the trees; everything is perfect.

I'm honored to be the host of Mr. Lu and Miss Bai's wedding. I am happy to announce that the ceremony shall now begin.

Dear friends, let's all focus our attention to the front as the handsome groom walks down the aisle. The dashing groom is now making his way towards us, in a classy suit.

Mr. Lu must be the happiest man today. We know that though he is a successful businessman, Mr. Lu is not a playboy. Mr. Lu, do not take offense, but how do you feel about marrying your true love at this age?"

The host gave the microphone to Edward for his reply. He smiled, while looking towards the direction where Rachel would soon appear. "I have done many things in my life and I have had many achievements. But they all pale in comparison to the day when I met Rachel. I look forward to the rest of our days when we can love each other forever and enjoy a happy life in the future."

The host politely smiled and said to the guests, "We can understand the excitement of the groom. And now ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to the dream door and welcome the beautiful brides! Now the bride is enchantingly walking to the dream door! She looks all mystical and classy in that white wedding dress.

Oh she's like a fairy walking out from the forest."

Their wedding was special. No seniors were in the ceremony. Therefore Rachel walked to the groom by herself. She was still calm after walking a long distance and stood opposite Edward. Edward couldn't help but give a wide grin, unable to contain his excitement.



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