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                 Episode Nine 

                Derek's POV

   Next day, 

   I woke up with a slight headache on my head, I wasn't sure if I had to go to school but what I knew and what that have been keeping happy for a while now is that am moving to my new house which was near my campus 

     I yawned loudly getting out of my bed and trudging into my bathroom to see that my maid were still doing a job on it 

    "What! You guys are just taking care of my tub??!! "I nagged 
  "We're sorry! "
  "Sorry what! When you knew you would say that huh! Why is it always sorry huh!I hate this sorry so much 
  My tub should always be ready before six'O clock everyday "

    "But sir, you fired Maddie last time for barging into your room and waking you up from sleep... "

    "Are you saying that am wicked or something 
  I fired her because she was too noisy if you have to know and you're fired too for putting words into my mouth!! "

  She fell to her knees, the other three continued with what they are doing not even looking at me or her 
   Ofcus, if they had said something, their job will pay for those trash they will utter 

     "I'm sorry sir"she pleaded almost at the verge of tears 
   "Sorry! You're fired!! "

I finalized turning my attention to the other three.

  "All of you, get the hell out of my bathroom now!! "I yelled and they all rushed out of my bathroom 

   I sighed heavily getting out of my clothes and climbing into my tub to relax a little before washing up
     Whoa! I mumbled happily when the warm water caressed my skin
   "This is cool! "I muttered playing with my legs inside the tub 

    Five minutes later, I finished bathing, I tied my large white towel around my tiny waist loosely and then came out with my hand shoving my wet hair to get the water out of it 

   I met my mom in my room
  "G'morning mom"I greeted and made to peck her but she pushed me away 
   "Why did you fire one of my precious maids? "
  I scoffed 
  "First thing you say to your son in the morning is that? You can't even ask if I slept well... "
    "Why did you fire her? What rights have you?! "She half yelled at me making me tensed up

   "What rights have I? Am I no longer a son in this family!! Am an heir... "
   "What heir?! Derek what heir!? Gives you no right to fire any maid which I employed on my own
   You get that! You know those maids your dad got for you? Fire them as you want but one more hand to my maid and am gonna tell you how am like"she raged 

    My anger increased
  "What's wrong mom? Why are you so angry with your own son? Cuz of a maid?? Huh!! Damn mom! You've gone nuts!! "She slapped me immediately she heard gone nuts from my lips.

"One more harsh word from you again "she gritted 
   I'm leaving this house today! Nothing will make me not to go.

    "I hate you mom! "I yelled and she smirked before getting out of my room

    I bit hard rubbing my cheeks before I called all my bodyguards into my room 
    "Start packing all my things now
    I give you guys twenty minutes else all of you are gonna be fired! "I ordered and they scurried for my things packing each of my every property 

Twenty minutes later, we were ready to move 
   I gave them my house key so they would take all the things to the house 
   I climbed down the stairs and I met my mom in the living room

   I hissed walking past her going out but then stopped briefly when I remembered something 
   I need a maid or someone to stay with me

    Since childhood, I hate being alone in the house
  It gets me scared and creeps me out and she knew that cuz she laughed at me when I turned to her to ask for something 
    "Mom... "I stopped talking when she started laughing at me
  She's just so annoying today 

I forgot about it, I will cope anyhow 
   Soon, I will be used to being alone 
   I will get used to it.... 


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