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        WITH A 

      She's cold💧, he's rude😡


                Episode Five 

          Audrey's POV

   I knocked on my father's office when I reached there and COME IN shouted from inside .

    I sighed heavily, my pride really don't want this but I don't have a choice at all
    I wish I had, I won't have been standing here trying to get or eve beg to be given some by a father who got me out from where I was on my own 

     I opened the door and came into his office, he looked up from his laptop so shocked to see me
    "Hey"I cooed coldly before settling down on a chair opposite him on the table .

   "Hey"he replied and I took my gaze to the floor .

   How do I even say it? How do I tell him that I need some money when he clearly knows that we really need it? 
   What if he refuses? I will get on my knees and plead to be given some by my own father! 

    This is insane! 
  "What brings you here, you've been silent for atmost five minutes now"
    I bit my lower lips, so he can't get why am here? 

   "Well... Urm.. "I cleared my throat 
   Calm down Audrey, I got this 
  "... Urm... My mom needs a kidney transplant... "

   "And... "He cut me out leaving me short of words about what I wanted to say earlier.

"She needs surgery"I finalized, no more explanation if he really wanted me to go straight to the point 
    He sighed rubbing his bald head 
      "What do you want me to do? "He asked and I almost hit him for that question
   What would I need him for? If not for money what else!! 

     "I need some money"I said coldly and he smirked 
   "Some money or a whole lot of it cuz that surgery and getting a donor cause a fortune"

  So? He won't do it? So my mom should die cuz it causes a fortune 
  Isn't it? 

     "That's why I said I needed some to add to the one I have "I replied coldly again 
    He gave me a stern look
  "That's why I said you should come stay in the house but you vehemently... "
   "Are you giving me or not? "I interrupted him
   I hate long talks, why bringing all that up all of a sudden? 

     "You're still rude like I knew you, you're my heiress Audrey... "
   "I'm no heiress Mr. Duke... "I called him by his name
  I hate calling him father sometimes, cuz he doesn't deserve me call him that
     He's so bad towards me like I wasn't his flesh and blood .

   "... Mr. Duke, I'm born out of wedlock! 
   Am a bastard! "

I took a breath rolling my eyes at him.

    "I didn't say so"he replied .

I calmed down my vibrated body caused by anger .

    "Let's not talk about that now, are you giving me some money or not? "I asked pushing the other talk aside .

    "I will, I won't let your mom die cuz she's so precious to... "
   "Thanks Mr. Duke"

"Will you call me Mr. Duke forever? Aren't I your dad? My sp*m got you out here"

    "Mr. Duke thanks so much "
I appreciated ignoring his earlier speech 
   "On a condition "

  "What condition? "
 "Follow me to somewhere now, "

"Somewhere? Why would I? I have a class to attend "
  "Then forget about saving your mom "
    Like I had a choice 
I bit my lower lips rolling my eyes at him
    "I will go with you but where? "
  "To companies conference "
  "That should be Junior going with you, how will he feel when he gets to hear this? "

  I dont want problems at all, soon Junior his son, will come at my neck calling me names for pestering my dad for being a heiress 
    "This is my life Audrey... "
"let's go please, I need to come with my mom in the hospital after classes "

  I cut him out, it pisses me off being around them so much 
   His wife is the worst of them all and like I thought

    I heard her voice as she came into the office
   "Audrey? Really? I know you would be here! "


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