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She's coldπŸ’§, he's rude 😑


              Episode Twenty -Four 

          Derek's POV 

It was fun seeing her act all scared and embarrassed, I smirked and smirked looking at her puzzled face 

     Does she think I will really touch her? Why will I do that? She's not my type so why will I sleep with her 

  I was being generous enough cuz I allowed her have my bed as she messed up hers yesterday, even her clothes, mine and almost the whole place 

 I wonder what she drank last night or is she always like that whenever she drinks? 
    Then she should stop drinking huh?! 

     "Do... Never mind"she waved whatever she wanted to tell me off with her almost getting out of my room
  "Don't you want to know how I wore you my clothe, "I added almost immediately she opened the door to leave the room

    "After you had s3x with me isn't it? "
  She asked in a slightly pained voice which made me scoff
   "What make you think am even gonna touch you? I didn't touch things like you
  And to cap it all, why will I sleep with bastards? "I scoffed again finding my words so grave that I don't think she might bear it

    She tilted her head so she could look at my face
    "You mean you didn't touch me? "She asked and I nodded my head
   "How did you put on my clothes? "She asked me again 

   "The way clothes are worn"I replied with a grin recalling how I almost went wild last night when I helped her out of her top to see the voluptuous beings hidden behind her bra.

I almost took advantage of her last night 
  What I could still not understand was why I of all people helped such a person out like that 

    "You mean... "
  "Audrey am hungry please "I cut her up 
  I really don't want to talk about it and she shouldn't push me at all

    She was mute for some seconds 
    "Did I talk too much? "
  "More than too much Audrey"
  "Did I cry? "
  "You didn't cry, you wept"
She gasped 
   "Did I.. "
  "Audrey I just said that am hungry! 'I reminded not wanting to get drawn into her conversation the more

     She kept quiet for some seconds again 
   'What stuff did I talk about? "
"Why do you ask? Does it bother you that much about what you kept making noise about? 
   Then don't drink next time cuz you're really a talker when you're drunk rather than when you're clear "I explained to her 

    She bit her lower lips
  "Did I puke or something? "
 "You did not only puke Audrey, you messed up mu clothes more than three times "

   "Lord have mercy"she excalimed and I scoffed again 
   "Yes that's it" 
  "Only on your body? I think you deserved it "she mumbled 
  "I know I deserve it Audrey that's why you messed up your room! your bed! Your bathroom!!! And your own clothe too!! "

    "My room! "
  "I didn't clean it Audrey, its still waiting for you, am no maid "
She scoffed 
   "Is that why you brought me into your room? "

"Nope, that's not the only reason"
   She smirked 
  "Cuz of your life nightmares? "
  "Don't joke with that huh? I brought you here cuz you kept pleading with me to do so"

She frowned 
   "Why will I plead? "
  "Are you asking me? "
  She bit her lower lips again before rolling her eyes at me
    "What did I say? "
"That I should not go and erm... Last time I slept beside you, you felt warm and you haven't felt that way all your life "

Her jaw dropped 
    "Did.. Did.. I say.. Did I say all that? "
 I nodded my head
   "You did dear"
  "Why? "
  "How will I know? Ask yourself that question "


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