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              Episode Twenty three

           Audrey's POV 

I streched my body before yawning and then opened my eyes 
  Ouch! My head aches a lot, I was inside a duvet 
Hold on! I checked myself on the bed and my clothes was changed! 

At least I can remember what I was wearing yesterday 
  Crimson red top and a jean skirt 
  Where am I? At home? I looked around me it was Derek's house! If possible enough, I think this is his own room! 

Everything in here is different from the one I slept on two night away 
  Fear gripped me, how did he change my clothes? 
  Did some thing happen between us last night? 

  Why can't I even remember a thing? 
 Did he touch me?my fear grew the more, I sulked inside the duver still trying to figure out why am wearing a pyjamas instead of my yesterday clothes or did I pull them off myself? 

  I don't remember doing that... I mean why will I pull off my clothe and then come into his room?

My biggest shock and panic rode out from inside of me when I saw him come out of his bathroom with a towel tying around his waist 

    "You're awake, you can get off my bed now"
I didn't move, I wanted to ask him what I was doing on his bed instead of mine but it seemed like there's a question which is so much more important than this one 

   "Why am I wearing a pyjamas? "
  "My pyjamas "he corrected which left me coughing 
  His pyjamas!! anxiety waved in and out of me
   He smirked 
  "Does my great body move you that much to make you cough? "He smirked again 
  "Why am I on your pyjamas? "I asked ignoring his sarcastic remark 

  He scoffed 
    "Why do you ask? "He perked his brow which got my heart pounding 
   It shouldn't be what am thinking at all, I don't want it to be so at all 

    "Why am in your room and not mine? What happened last night? How did you take off my clothes? "I asked curiously as I couldn't bear the thought of him touching me for even a bit 

     He glared at me for a while and then busted out laughing.

It got me more scared and embarrassed 
  I changed position on the bed to check it there is any blood on my butts but there was nothing 

No way he didn't touch me, he can't deny that at all
   I know he did... At least something tells me he did

   He laughed for a while before he stopped 
   "You want to know what happened? Get down from my bed first "
I got down from his bed without wasting time

    "Kneel infront of me and say sorry for fifteen times"he ordered and I sulked at first until he egged me on
   "You're not serious, I won't tell you anything especially how so drunk.... Say fifteen sorries woman!! "

   Nobody told me to start saying them to him
 Damn! I didn't even know I got home drunk last night

Ahhhh! I promised myself before that I won't drink again but how did he find me? 
  What happened?? That's what am so curious to know!! 

   ".... Sorry 10,sorry 11,sorry 12,sorry 13,sorry 14 and sorry 15!! "I finished up and he still gave me a smirk 

   "Which one do you want to know first? How I took off your clothes or what we both did last night? "He asked with sheepish grin written over his lips which made more fear to creep into my tummy 

"What did we do last night? "
He scoffed 
   "Maybe we had s3x"he said with a shrug and I began to boil in anger.... 


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