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She's cold💧, he's rude😡


         Episode Twenty two 

             Derek's POV contd

Oh my damn! I nearly hit her but she fell into me sleeping 
   She was dozing like a sleeping dog on my body 

   I pushed her off with a disgusting look on my face, I tried to leave so I could change my clothes but she held my hand 

   "Aren't you gonna ask me if I'm really gay? "
  "Its not my business "I cut out already tensed up that she puked on me

   "Annie loves me so much but it doesn't mean she have to say am gay 
   That's making me so sad whenever I remember it"she rattled still holding my hand 

  Soon, she started sobbing uncontrollably, 
   "Why is my life like this? When will I stop running after something that am not getting huh! "She sprang up again throwing herself to the floor with fresh tears streaming down her face 

   I was surprised, this girl who's so cold and rude had so much bothering her? 
    "Being a bastard who's never wanted in a family of rich is so crappy"she said giving a short laugh.

I pitied her, she was crying non stop 
   "Having a bad start by coming into a family where am not wanted made everything worst 
   Having a sick mom to take care of and then my school life to take of too, part time jobs after part time jobs piling up for only me
   Its all getting off my head and then a crappy guy from somewhere... "She started laughing amidst her tears.

"Came out of nowhere acting rude and acting as if he owns the world 
   I don't blame him even one bit cuz he has never seen another side of life 
   I wish he has seen else he won't have been playing a hard guy who can deal with people the way he wants "she hissed 

  Her words touched my very soul, have I really seen another side of life? 
   I haven't 

   I had what I wanted at any time, I never saw or seen someone beside me suffering or maybe I believed that no one in this world is suffering, the ones suffering chose to be that way

   I have always reasoned but here, her message is hitting into me, directly into my very end 

    "He calls his name Derek but he's rude! I don't blame him at all... "
    "Do you hate this Derek so much? "I asked carefully and she smirked 
   "Why will I hate him when he's going to pay my mom's hospital bill? That's what holding me here in his house afterall"she said in a drunken way and I scoffed 

    "Does he hate you? "
  "He doesn't and am sure of it cuz he's a scaredy cat at night and might need someone's company every night till he gets rid of that sh*t off him"she explained and I smirked 

     I made to leave again but she gripped my hand firmly 
   "Don't go"she pleaded
 "Sleep beside me like yesternight, it made me feel warm all night long 
   I've never had that feeling before mr. "

    I didn't move, i just sat beside her on the floor and she leaned her head on my shoulder

    "Now I can sleep with no worries on my head"she yawned and all the horrid smell from her mouth flushed out  

   I covered my nose 
  "Oh my God, why am I so dizzy? "
  "Cuz you're drunk! "

  "Am I? "She giggled and then she puked on me again 

   I pushed her away almost immediately before yelling
   "What's wrong with you!!! "


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